15 Youthful Bob Haircuts for Older Women

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The fact that women get older does not mean that they don’t want to look stylish. Women desire the fun that comes with having a haircut plus the benefit of the low maintenance cost too. This is the gap that these bob haircuts for older women seek to fill.

The bob style comes in short and flattering for all face shapes and you can style them easily whether you have the bangs to go with them or not.

Now let’s consider some of the best bob haircuts for older women.

Best Bob Haircuts for Older Women

To know how great old women can look amazing with bob haircuts, then, you need to take a look at the eighteen classy styles below.

bob haircuts for older women

1. Gray Layered Bob Haircut

The gray layered bob haircut is a perfect fit if you want to show off the natural color of your hair. This haircut will give you a good blend of white and greys.

You can add some curl crème to shape the bangs of the forehead and keep everything together. It is a stunning natural lift and tone with a beautiful cut.

Gray Layered Bob Haircut


2. Chin Bob Haircut

The chin bob haircut has become one of the most popular short hairstyles for women over the years. This chin bob features layered bangs such that they softly lay across the forehead. There is usually plenty of volume at the back but the cut is stylishly simple.

Chin Bob Haircut


3. Chin Bob Haircut for Thin Hair

This haircut helps to add that illusion of thickness and texture to fine thin hairs. There are short and choppy layers that create height in the crown of the head. A thickening spray can help give this cut some form of volume. Feel free to check out my post on pixie haircuts for fine thin hair.

Chin Bob Haircut for Thin Hair


4. Bob Mullet Haircut

Whether it is a lunch date you have planned out with your girls or you just want to run some minor weekend errands, you can trust the bob mullet haircut to go with you all the way. It never disappoints you no matter the outing. This haircut from another angle can be seen as shag haircut.

Bob Mullet Haircut


5. Curly Bob Haircut

This curly bob haircut just as the name implies is full of curls that you can keep in perfect shape with curl enhancers. With a couple of highlights, you can make sure your curly bob is far from boring.

Curly Bob Haircut


6. Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

The bob haircut for thick air can be seen as having soft, airy layers but it can be edgy too. This haircut is perfect for ladies that have thick hair as all the layers will evolve to create a beautiful feathery style.

Bob Haircut for Thick Hair


7. Graduated Bob

Some people call this the Karen bob while hairdressers call it the graduated bob. This style is a popular haircut that you never go wrong appearing in. It features different seamless layers with a shorter back and it is ideal for all ladies and faces.

Graduated Bob


8. Short Blonde Haircut

The simple short blonde haircut is still full of plenty of styles particularly when you allow a center part to run through. It will allow the color of your hair to shine through and it is a great style you can adorn anytime.

Short Blonde Haircut


9. Short Graduated Blonde Haircut

For women on a hunt for a flattering lifestyle, graduated bobs should be among their top picks. When there are highlights in several shades, it will help to complement your skin tone for a great look.

Short Graduated Blonde Haircut

10. Bob Haircut for Plus-Size Older Women

With this bob haircut, plus-sized older women can have beautiful transformations in their looks. I can boldly tell you that this hairstyle is just perfect and ideal for women with chubby or round faces. If  you got round face, you can as well check out my post on low maintenance haircuts for round faces.

Bob Haircut for Plus-Sized Older Women


11. Textured Bob Haircut for Older Women with Glasses

If you wear glasses, a bob of any kind will be a great fit for you. This textured haircut comes with straight angles yet with the smoothness and richness of its fine color, it is bound to bring out the best in your style.

Textured Bob Haircut for Older Women with Glasses


12. Icy Bob with Bangs

Icy bob with bangs is perfect for keeping you young and fresh. You can decide to opt for blunt bangs and for women who don’t like blunt bags, the long-angled bangs are a classy option.

Icy Bob with Bangs


13. Thick Graduated Layered Bobs

This beautiful haircut is something that can never misplace your style. If you would love a fuller and thicker graduated bob with chop ends, then, this is a haircut that should be top of your list. With its fresh blondes and brown, you can bid farewell to the roots. It is a perfect transformation.

Thick Graduated Layered Bobs


14. Thick A-line Bob Haircut

A-line bobs are always in style and when you pair them with bangs and a few complementary colors, then you will bring out the best style in older women. You can have blonde as the main color and work with some darker highlights to give the face a pop of framing.

Thick A-line Bob Haircut


15. Wavy Bob Haircut

Women with thick hair can try out bob styles for themselves. With the shorter and playful cuts that this style features, it is bound to bring out the stunning look you have been hiding beneath your hair. If you are just growing your natural hair color, this is also a haircut you should try out as it is an absolute game changer in that regard.

Wavy Bob Haircut


16. Shaggy Bob Haircut

For women with round faces, the shaggy bob haircut can come in quite flattering. You can tell your stylist to help put in some bit of short layers. These short layers can be inserted an inch from the scalp till it runs to the body.

Shaggy Bob Haircut


17. Classic Bob Haircut

The classic bob haircut is a perfect way to enhance the beautiful natural color of your hair. Even though it is straight and simple, it is still classy.

Classic Bob Haircut


18. Short Gray Bob Haircut with Bangs

The Gray Bob haircut is a perfect fit if you want to let your natural grey hair shine through. You can ask your stylist to help trim the edges for a perfect bob.

Short Gray Bob Haircut with Bangs


Bob haircuts for older women come in different styles, lengths, and sizes. You can also add tweaks in the form of layers, bangs, or highlights. You can switch up your haircut with any of the bob styles we have picked in this article.

Suppose you want some more haircuts inspiration? Then you feel free to check some of the posts below, And I do hope you find this compilation of these bob haircuts for older women helpful and inspiring.

And finally, if you got questions or feedback, do not hesitate to let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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Best Bob Haircuts for Older Women

bob haircuts for older women

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