18 Youthful Bob Haircuts for Older Women

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Older women want to look stylish too; that’s a fact of life. That sense of fulfillment that comes with getting a new haircut is very much present in old age, but older women can’t simply get any hairstyle out there for a couple of reasons.

For one, their hair is brittle, so no tight or heavy styles; their hair is mostly gray, so nothing colored, brown, or black; and finally, they typically have short hair, so you don’t want something that goes below the shoulders. One of the few hairstyles that fulfill all three criteria is the bob: it can be short, gray, and light, making it perfect for older women.

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With that out of the way, let’s consider some of the best bob haircuts for older women.

Best Bob Haircuts for Older Women

To know how great older women can look with bob haircuts, here’s a handful of examples, possibly with an idea to inspire your next hairstyle:

Layered Bob Hairstyles for Over 50

1. Gray Layered Bob Haircut

The gray layered bob haircut is a perfect fit for ladies looking to show off the natural color of their hair. This haircut gives you a good blend of white and greys, making it excellent for older ladies with multi-colored hair.

You can add some curl crème to shape the bangs of the forehead and keep everything together. It is a stunning natural lift and tone with a beautiful cut.

Gray Layered Bob Haircut


2. Chin Bob Haircut

The chin bob haircut has become one of the most popular short hairstyles for women over the years. This chin bob features layered bangs that lay softly across the forehead. There is usually plenty of volume at the back to enhance the stylishly simple cut.

Chin Bob Haircut


3. Chin Bob Haircut for Thin Hair

This haircut helps to add that illusion of thickness and texture to fine thin hair. Its short and choppy layers create artificial height in the crown of the head. A thickening spray can help give this cut some form of volume. Feel free to check out my post on pixie haircuts for fine thin hair for similar styles.

Chin Bob Haircut for Thin Hair


4. Bob Mullet Haircut

Whether it is a lunch date you have planned out with the girls or you just want to run some minor weekend errands, you can trust the bob mullet haircut to go with you all the way. It never disappoints you no matter the outing. The textured layers here makes it easy to confuse it for a shag haircut, but it’s adorable nonetheless.

Bob Mullet Haircut


5. Curly Bob Haircut

This curly bob haircut just as the name implies is full of curls that you can keep in perfect shape with curl enhancers. With a couple of highlights, you can even create a dimensional look that gives the styles a more interesting look.

Curly Bob Haircut


6. Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

The bob haircut for thick air can be seen as having soft, airy layers but it can be edgy too. This haircut is perfect for ladies that have thick hair as all the layers will evolve to create a beautiful feathery look.

Bob Haircut for Thick Hair

7. Graduated Bob

Unofficially, it’s called the Karen bob, but among hairdressers and hair enthusiasts, it’s the graduated bob. This style is a popular haircut that rarely goes wrong, regardless of your outfit. It features different seamless layers with a shorter back and it is ideal for all ladies, if you can handle the ‘Karen’ looks.

Graduated Bob


8. Short Blonde Haircut

The simple short blonde haircut makes a surprisingly pretty style, especially when you allow a center parting to run through. With its electric, adorable look, you’ll hardly find a hairstyle that adorns your gray hair better than this cut.

Short Blonde Haircut


9. Short Graduated Blonde Haircut

For women after a flattering lifestyle, graduated bobs are excellent choices any day of the week. When you throw in highlights in several shades like this model, the style complements your skin tone for an adorable look.

Short Graduated Blonde Haircut

10. Bob Haircut for Plus-Size Older Women

Voluminous bob haircuts are excellent hairstyle ideas for plus-sized older women, as you can see for yourself. However, you don’t have to be plus size to rock this excellent style; a round or chubby face will also bring out its allure.

If your face is round, you might as well head over to my post on low-maintenance haircuts for round faces.

Bob Haircut for Plus-Sized Older Women


11. Textured Bob Haircut for Older Women with Glasses

Glasses pair with bobs to create a perfect ‘nerdy’ look for older women. This textured bob comes with straight angles, supplemented with the smoothness and richness of the brunette hair color. With something this sophisticated, it would be surprising if it didn’t look good.

Textured Bob Haircut for Older Women with Glasses


12. Icy Bob with Bangs

Adorning icy bobs with bangs keeps you looking young and fresh forever. You can decide to opt for blunt bangs for extra flair, and if that’s not your thing, long-angled bangs are a classy and equally adorable option.

Icy Bob with Bangs


13. Thick Graduated Layered Bobs

This beautiful haircut beautifully complements any outfit or look, giving it a prime spot on this list. If a full and thick graduated bob with chop ends is your style, this haircut should be top of your list. While its fresh blonde and brown beautifully adorn the style, its unique thick design mimics a full look, creating the illusion of volume. 

Thick Graduated Layered Bobs


14. Thick A-line Bob Haircut

A-line bobs are always in style, which wouldn’t be surprising considering how great they look. Pair them with bangs and a few complementary colors and you can bring out an adorable style in older women. You can have blonde as the main color and work with some darker highlights to achieve an exciting, dimensional look.

Thick A-line Bob Haircut


15. Wavy Bob Haircut

This wavy bob isn’t trying to look full or thick; just adorable. The gray-brown blend creates an admirable dimensional look, with the wavy texture adding a bit of extra flair for an overall amazing look.

Wavy Bob Haircut


16. Shaggy Bob Haircut

For women with round faces, this shaggy bob haircut can make a relatively flattering impression. You can have your model throw in some short layers for that extra bit of flair. The short layers can be inserted an inch from the scalp till they run through the hairstyle, replicating this amazing look.

Shaggy Bob Haircut


17. Classic Bob Haircut

A simple classic grey bob isn’t the kind of hairstyle you’d expect to see here, but here we are. With its near-perfect length and the adorable side parting, the allure of this style is unmistakable.

Classic Bob Haircut


18. Short Gray Bob Haircut with Bangs

Here’s another grey bob hairstyle to consider for ladies looking to rock their natural grey. The bangs make the hairstyle pop, and you can also consider trimming the ends for a well-rounded look.

Short Gray Bob Haircut with Bangs


Bob haircuts for older women come in different styles, lengths, and sizes. You can also add tweaks in the form of layers, bangs, or highlights to alternate your look and create different styles from the same underlying bob style.

With our 18 adorable bob ideas, you have no excuse to wear the characteristic bland bob common among older women. Simply choose one that stands out to you, show up at your favorite salon, and have them replicate it; it’s really that simple.

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And finally, if you got questions or feedback, do not hesitate to let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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18 youthful bob haircuts for older women

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