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27 Youthful Short Haircuts for Women Over 50

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Are you looking for inspiration on short haircuts for women over 50? Then do not worry because this post got you covered with ideas you’ll love to recreate.

Most people pay so much attention to what they wear and ignore how important their hairstyle is to their entire outfit. Anyone who has average knowledge of fashion can attest to how important it is to have a befitting hairstyle.

That poses a fresh problem for older women. Since they tend to lose hair as they get older, it’s somewhat difficult for older women to copy any fashionable hairstyle available out there.

Thankfully, there’s almost always a short alternative for every fashionable hairstyle. If you’re looking for short haircuts for women over 50, here are some of the best options that work with most outfits.

Short Haircuts for Women Over 50


1. Textured Pixie with Fringe

A pixie is probably the most common haircut for older women that don’t require so much hair. If you have enough hair to cover your forehead, you can keep the fringe for a refreshed look.

Textured Pixie with Fringe


2. Balayage Layered Bob

If you don’t mind a bit of dye on your hair, a balayage layered bob is another cool hairstyle idea for short hair. With how cool it looks on her, there’s no doubt that it’s perfect for women over 50.

Balayage Layered Bob


3. Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

If your hair color allows, you can get a pixie cut on a platinum blonde to create a visually pleasing mix of the two. The photo illustrates how you’ll look afterward, and it doesn’t look bad in my opinion.

Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut


4. Crow Buzz Cut

When getting hairstyles, you can always explore mixes between two cuts. Crow cuts and buzz cuts are popular among people with short hair, but why not mix both to create this masterpiece?

Crow Buzz Cut


6. Pixie Cut for Thin Fine Hair

If a simple pixie cut looks chic enough for you, there you have it. It’s more appropriate for women with superfine hair that will barely survive excessive hairstyling combinations.

Pixie Cut for Thin Fine Hair


7. Bob Cut

It shouldn’t take up to the seventh idea to suggest a bob cut, but here we are. It doesn’t matter how short it is; if it’s deserving of a cut, it can get a bob cut, and it never looks bad!

Bob Cut Over 50


8. Gray Neck Length Thick Bob Haircut

If your hair is a bit longer than what makes the regular bob cut depicted above, there’s the option of a neck-length bob cut. While it’s going out of the short hair territory, it’s not quite in the medium range yet.

Gray Neck Length Thick Bob Haircut


9. Short PixBob Hair Cut

You don’t need excessively long and thick hair to make the perfect hairstyle. With your regular blondish and fine hair, a short haircut should look just perfect.

Short PixBob Hair Cut


10. Short Wavy Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

Having wavy hair is an added advantage when it comes to getting haircuts. With a regular short haircut, the natural wavy look of her hair makes it look like a complicated style of some sort.

Short Wavy Pixie Cut for Thick Hair


11. Dimensional Layered Bob

How about layering a bob in dimensions? That doesn’t only sound good in theory, you can try it yourself, and as you can see on her, it’s a pretty darn good hairstyle.

Dimensional Layered Bob


12. A-Line Bob with Bangs

A-line bobs were never my thing until I saw this hairstyle. If I had short hair, I think I’d probably keep my hair this way 100% of the time!

A-Line Bob with Bangs


13. Edgy Cut with Grunge Bangs

Instead of leaving your bob cut to the end naturally, you could make their edges look better to automatically get this haircut. For a woman clearly around the age of 50, the hairstyle does look sick.

Edgy Cut with Grunge Bangs


14. Pixie Perfect Paula

If you’re looking to make your short hair look as thick as possible, there’s hardly a better way to do it. The pixie is naturally a good hairstyle for short-haired women, but when styled this way, it looks just perfect.

Pixie Perfect Paula


15. Chin Length Wavy Bob Cut

Getting a cut on wavy hair does make you look more dazzling and her look here is enough proof of that. A pro tip if you’re considering this: the waves don’t have to be natural.

Chin Length Wavy Bob Cut


16. Short Lob Haircut

Short lob does sound somewhat weird, given that lob is a contraction of long and bob. I guess it doesn’t matter what you call it as long as it looks this beautiful!

Short Lob Haircut


17. Textured and Layered Haircut

Making layers out of fine hair can be somewhat tasking, but she nailed them perfectly. In addition to being simply beautiful, I’d argue that this layered cut does make your hair look fuller.

Textured and Layered Haircut


18. Short Textured Pixie for Thick Hair

When making haircut recommendations for older women, it’s not uncommon to see those with thick hair being left out. If you feel left out, don’t be; simply make a textured pixie and you’d be thankful you did.

Short Textured Pixie for Thick Hair


19. Stacked Haircut

A stacked haircut is another one of the short hairstyles for women over 50 to try. Frankly, I’m finding it difficult to differentiate between the different kinds of layered hairstyles here because they all look similarly beautiful.

Stacked Haircut


20. Stack Short Bob for White/Gray Hair

If you have completely white or grey hair, here’s another hairstyle idea that might work for you. This time, it’s a bob, but with the color as one of the major defining features.

Stack Short Bob for White or Gray Hair


21. Messy Short Haircut for Over 50 with Glasses

Truth be told, this haircut looks somewhat complicated and will probably be tasking for the hairstylist. Getting the bangs seems like a pain in and of itself but everything comes together in the end.

Messy Short Haircut for Over 50 with Glasses


22. Short Shag Haircut

If you want to create more texture on your hair, you should probably consider going with this haircut. Use her bright smile and friendly look and you’ll always look great for the camera.

Short Shag Haircut


23. Bob Pixie Cut (Bixie)

It’s natural to want something between a bob and a pixie, and yes, it exists. If you’re in your fifties, you may want to add a bob pixie cut to the list of things you should try at least once for its sheer beauty.

Bob Pixie Cut


25. Shag Mullet

Shag mullets may look very alluring, but it has pretty steep requirements. Firstly, you need medium-length hair and the determination to look good. A few couple of minutes later, you’ll be left with this.

Shag Mullet


25. Short Thin Gray Hair Cut

For some reason, I do like this cut. Maybe it’s the simplicity of something without layers, maybe it’s part of her natural beauty, maybe because she uses masks out of consideration for others during these hard times. Either way, she looks chic.

Short Thin Gray Hair Cut


26. Gray Hair Undercut

The undercut sounds like a massive pixie, and I’m not a good fan of the short length. If it looks like a good idea to you, it’s objectively one of the better options in the collection.

Gray Hair Undercut


27. Sassy Short Haircut for Thin Hair

The best short haircut for thin hair sounds very vague, but trust me, that’s what it is. A bob cut for black hair isn’t what you see on a normal Tuesday, but it seems like this haircut is out to make waves. An excellent hairstyle for women over 50.

Sassy Short Haircut for Thin Hair


And that’s the end of the gallery, you want some more haircuts inspiration? Then you might be interested in some of these posts.

I hope you find this compilation of these youthful short haircuts for women over 50 inspiring.

Lastly, if you got questions or feedback, do not hesitate to let me know by leaving a comment below right now.


Short Haircuts for Women Over 50





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  1. Like the ideas but I have thin shoulder length straight hair. It does not hold any kind of curl. Will not be getting a perm…any thoughts

    1. I have the same problem. I think the only solution is to use quality product to create volume. Don’t perm your hair- it likely won’t hold.

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