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Scared to Cut Hair Short? Then You Need to Read This

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I never knew what it felt like to cut hair short until it was my turn. I can remember the feeling I nurtured for days.

Last week, I was reading through Quora when I stumbled upon a question titled ‘How does it feel to cut your hair short?’

It’s normal to feel scared and insecure after deciding to cut your hair short. We’re here to help.

In this piece, you’ll learn why you shouldn’t be scared to cut your hair short. Also, you’ll understand when you should get a cut and what happens afterward.

Signs You Should Cut Your Hair Short

There is one person you must consider before making any decision relating to your hair: yourself.

Ask yourself if you’ll like it in the long run. Are you cutting your hair because your spouse wants you?

Living for someone else is not worth it. Here are the real signs that show that you need to shorten your hair.

1. Your hair gets in the way very often

If you find your hair disturbing you way too often, it may be time to cut it short.

Depending on your daily routine, it may be getting in the way during a workout or even microscopic strands of hair tickling you, making you hunt invisible strands of hair around your body.

If you want to put an end to all of that, you should cut it short.

2. You want to minimize your morning activities

Do you know that cutting your hair can shave up to half of the time you spend on your morning routine? I’m not kidding here; I know what I’m saying.

Shorter hair is way easier to care for than long hair, and it’s not even a close call.

If you’re tired of spending hours trying to detangle the knots in your hair, you may want to try shaving your hair.

Also, make sure to check my post on long hair vs. short hair; I believe it would help you decide.

3. Because you want to

And this is honestly the deciding factor. All other reasons put together aren’t as powerful. The only thing that decides if you’ll cut your hair is if you want to.

If you think cutting some inches off your hair is the way to go, go for it!

What Happens After, and the Psychology of Cutting Hair Short

In a perfect world, your friends shouldn’t act surprised at your new haircut. Since we don’t live in that world, new experiences always come with a new haircut.

Firstly, society has made us believe that long hair is simply more feminine. Look in any illustration or cartoon; the princess always has ankle-length straight hair.

However, women who choose to cut their hair regardless are considered more confident.

Here are some other things you should brace for after getting a haircut.

1. ‘You look like a boy”

Depending on the length of hair you chop off, there’s a guarantee that you’ll be getting this frequently.

People don’t instantly blend into your new look, and they may leave awkward compliments at times.

2. You’ll have more frequent salon trips

And yes, whoever told you short hair is low maintenance wasn’t lying.

The fact that you may have to make more trips to the salon doesn’t mean your hair needs more attention; it only needs more trims.

You need to keep your hair short to preserve that look you had after your first cut. And, don’t think of doing it yourself.

3. You’ll thank yourself every morning

The best thing about cutting your hair short must be the less tedious morning routine.

Not only is short hair easier to wash and dress, but it also dries quickly, giving you more time to tend to other activities.


Why You Shouldn’t Be Scared to Cut Hair Short

It’s common to hear many excuses from skeptics who haven’t fully decided on cutting their hair.

It’s okay to worry. However, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t think twice before getting a haircut.

1. Hair grows back

Like seriously, why make a big deal of something that’s reversible?

If you don’t like your look in short hair, you can grow your hair back, albeit at the cost of time.

And then there are wigs.

2. Don’t obsess over other people’s opinions

People will still like you even if you get the cut. There’s no reason whatsoever to obsess about it.

Your partner doesn’t love you for the length of your hair. I’m yet to hear of a couple breaking up because one decided to get a haircut.

3. It’s a fun experience

Cutting your hair gives you a new perspective of yourself and confuses your friends for a while.

Overall, getting a haircut is more fun than you think, and it happens so suddenly that your friends will probably do a double-take the next time they see you!


How to Transition from Long to Short Hair the right way

Transitioning to shorter hair isn’t something you can start and complete at the salon. If you don’t prepare well, you may end up hating yourself for the decision.

The decision to cut your hair is hard to reverse. If at all, it may take months to grow your hair back to its full glory.

Here are some things you should do before and after cutting your hair to make for a smooth transition to shorter hair.

1. Try it out

Gone are the days when you get a haircut to see if it works for you. Thanks to technological advancements, some apps let you simulate how you’ll look on short hair.

Alternatively, you may try styles that make your hair look shorter or get a short synthetic wig on eBay or Amazon.

You can decide if you want short hair then and act appropriately.

2. Talk to a professional stylist

Cutting your hair yourself will almost always result in a disaster. The same goes for cutting without professional advice.

Before trying short hair for the first time, try taking a consultation with a stylist to see what length is optimal for you and if you need shorter hair in the first place.

3. Motivate yourself

You’re not the only person wanting to cut her hair in half. There are hundreds of strong girls like you who’ve done it without any regrets.

What’s more, you can find hundreds of pictures on the internet. Collect these pictures and check them very often before your haircut.

This strategy helps, at least to motivate.


Cutting your hair is a powerful personal decision, as it revamps your physical and psychological self.

However, if you have your heart set on getting a cut, you shouldn’t let anything stop you. This post helps you to deal with that fear preventing you from cutting your hair.

After reading this post, are you still scared to cut hair short?

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And if you got questions or feedback, do not hesitate to let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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Scared to Cut Hair Short

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