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45 Best Summer Hairstyles for Curly Hair

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Curly hair is super beautiful when styled appropriately, and summer gives you the unique opportunity to let your natural curls shine with a range of stylish and practical hairstyles. This article contains over 40 summer hairstyles for curly hair you can explore this season.

Although curly hair can be challenging to manage, especially in the heat and humidity, it can also be a statement of beauty and individuality with the proper techniques and cuts. From short and sassy to long and luxurious, you can explore many hairstyles this season. Continue reading to find the best style that suits you the most.

Summer Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Here are the best timeless and classic summer hairstyles for curly hair:

45 Cool Summer Hairstyles for Curly Hair

1. Long Center-Parted Curly Hair

Let your curls flow freely down your back, parted down the center for a relaxed, natural look. You can hold the hair together with a pin when the weather gets too hot.  
Long Center-Parted Curly Hair


2. Messy Short Curly Hair

Embrace the carefree vibes this summer with a short, tousled, curly hairstyle that screams effortless chic. It is best for everyday looks and visiting the beach
Messy Short Curly Hair


3. Side-Parted Curly Hair

You can sweep your curls to the side for a playful summer look that adds beauty to your looks. It is simpler to maintain than long curly hair.
Side-Parted Curly Hair


4. Curly Bob with Bangs

Keep it sassy and stylish with a curly bob with bangs, perfect for beating the heat. You should keep the bangs light, as thick bangs might be uncomfortable because of the summer heat.
Curly Bob with Bangs


5. Neck-Length Brunette Curly Hair

Rock a neck-length curly hairstyle in a rich brunette shade. You can style it in several ways to suit each event you have.
Neck-Length Brunette Curly Hair


6. Mixed-Colored Loose Curly Hair

Are you thinking of how to style your hair for the summer party? Add some flair to your curls with a mix of colors for a fun look.
Mixed-Colored Loose Curly Hair


7. Curly Messy Bun with Tendrils

Pull your curls into a messy bun, leaving some tendrils stretching down your face. Enjoy the summer breeze without restriction with this hairdo.
Curly Messy Bun with Tendrils


8. Mid-low Sleek Puff

Keep it sleek by brushing your hair backward to form a mid-low puff that shows off your gorgeous curls while keeping you cool.
Mid-low Sleek Puff


9. Shoulder-Length Curly Hair

You can style a versatile shoulder-length curly hairdo that allows you to rock different looks all summer long. Although it requires more effort to maintain.
Shoulder-Length Curly Hair


10. Long Curly Hair Ponytail

Keep your long curly hair simple and stylish this summer by styling it into a ponytail and leaving some tendrils at the front. It is easy to style and maintain.

Long Curly Hiar Ponytail


11. Brunette Full Curly Bob Haircut

Look trendy with this timeless hairstyle in a rich brunette shade. When you want to add sophistication to your summer style, this hairstyle
Brunette Full Curly Bob Haircut


12. Blow Out Curly Hair with Bangs

Get ready to rock your summer with this blown-out curly hair with bangs that give you a glamorous look perfect for summer nights out.
Blow Out Curly Hair with Bangs


13. Classic Mid-Length Hair with Bold Curls

Elevate your confidence this summer with your bold curls. You can decide not to style it with the bangs if the weather is too hot. Either way, it will still appear beautiful.
Classic Mid-Length Hair with Bold Curls


14. Curly Shag with Fringe

Add more textures edgy summer look with a curly shag haircut featuring a fringe, adding texture and personality to your overall style.
Curly Shag with Fringe


15. Chic Medium-Length Curly Hair

Appear effortlessly gorgeous with this versatile medium-length curly hair; the best part is that it looks expensive.
Chic Medium-Length Curly Hair


16. Quick Curls for Mid-Length Hair

Get ready in a flash with quick and easy curls for your hair, allowing you to enjoy the summer sun without spending hours styling your hair.
Quick Curls for Mid-Length Hair


17. Neck-Length Dry Cut Curls with Bangs

Keep it simple yet stylish with neck-length dry-cut curls paired for a relaxed look. Suitable to style for a casual and everyday look.
Neck-Length Dry Cut Curls with Bang


18. Full Wolf Curly Hair with Bangs

Try something flamboyant this summer by making a bold statement with full wolf curly hair with bangs.
Full Wolf Curly Hair with Bangs


19. Short Curly Hair with Baby Face

If you have soft front hair, you can try out this short curly hair and carefully brush and style the baby hair to give your unique hair a unique look.
Short Curly Hair with Baby Face


20. Braids and Curls Hairdo

Combine braids and curls for a unique and bohemian-inspired, trendy, and beautiful hairstyle.
Braids and Curls Hairdo


21. Double Bun and Half Down Curls

Try something unique by rocking double buns paired with half-down curls, creating a carefree vibe perfect for festivals and beach days.
Double Bun and Half Down Curls


22. Simple Brown Curly Hair

You can keep your hair simple and stylish with simple brown curly hair that allows your natural beauty to shine through your hair.
Simple Brown Curly Hair


23. Blonde Beach Curly Hair

Go for classic beachy curly hair that gives off a sun-kissed, laid-back aesthetic. It is stylish and yet easy to maintain.
Blonde Beach Curly Hair


24. Long Mermaid Hair with Straightened Curls

If you want your curls straightened out, you can opt for this hairdo, which gives you a unique and mesmerizing look perfect for summer evenings.
Long Mermaid Hair with Straightened Curls


25. Natural Curls for Medium-Length Hair

You can look natural and beautiful by styling your curly hair to showcase your texture. It’s super versatile and easy to style.
Natural Curls for Medium-Length Hair


26. Dimensional Curly Hair with Bangs

Elevate your curls with dimension and depth for a trendy look that adds flair to your style. It might require a little more effort to maintain.  

Dimensional Curly Hair with Bangs


27. Deep Curly Hair with Smooth Partings

Achieve a polished and sophisticated summer look with deep curly hair styled. This style gives you a sleek and refined appearance for a romantic night out.
Deep Curly Hair with Smooth Partings


28. Afro Curly Hair

Stand out from the crowd and express your individuality uniquely this summer by getting an afro curly hairstyle. It’s dynamic and bold.
Afro Curly Hair


29. High Ponytail Curls

Keep the hair off your face with a high curly that gives you a classic beauty look. This hairstyle is perfect for any occasion.
High Ponytail Curls


30. Curly Pixie Haircut

Go short with a curly pixie haircut that keeps you cool and stylish during the summer heat. It is easier to maintain than long, curly hairstyles.
Curly Pixie Haircut


31. Forward Curly Pixie Haircut

This forward-styled curly pixie haircut is a good option if you want something protective, simple, and stylish. It gives you a modern twist to your classic.
Forward Curly Pixie Haircut


32. Curly Hair with Mullet

You can blend classic and contemporary styles to create a daring summer hairstyle. It might take to style, requiring much attention to keep it neat and chic.
Curly Hair with Mullet


33. Capped Curly Hair with Bangs

Add a touch of elegance to your summer look with this capped curly hair. You can style this hair for official and casual events, including to work every day.
Capped Curly Hair with Bangs


34. Short Bob with Side Curls

Keep the hair off your neck while creating a youthful hairstyle that’s easy to maintain. It gives you a unique, laid-back cuteness.
Short Bob with Side Curls


35. Exotic Curly Bob with Double Bun

Try out a trendy Hollywood style today. The exotic curly bob with double buns gives you that fun and gorgeous look perfect for big parties and events.  
Exotic Curly Bob with Double Bun


36. Ginger Curly Bob Hairstyle

Add vibrant color to your curly hair by dyeing it with a good ginger color shade. This hairstyle speaks class and elegance.
Ginger Curly Bob Haircut


37. Very Short Curly Bob

Keep it fresh with a very short curly bob that is low-maintenance yet stylish. It is perfect for busy days and staying at home.
Very Short Curly Bob


38. Kinky Curly Hair

Flaunt your natural kinks with pride and confidence. You can style it center-parted or side-parted, depending on the shape of your face.
Kinky Curly Hair


39. Stacked Curly Bob

You can still look as modern and cute as an older lady with gray hair. This stacked curly bob is simple, stylish, and easy to style.
Stacked Curly Bob


40. Grey Curly Bob for Women over 50

As a woman over 50, embrace your natural beauty with this grey curly bob haircut that gives you a graceful look.
Grey Curly Bob for Women over 50


41. Messy Short Curly Hair

Messy short curly hair gives you a relaxed and cute look. The bangs help to add more flair to the textured curly hair.
Messy Short Curly Hair

43. Brunette Afro Curls

Rock a classic and timeless look with brunette afro curls. It gives you a cute appearance while allowing your face to enjoy the nice summer breeze.
Brunette Afro Curls


44. Curly Hair with Bangs

Frame your face with bangs on your curly hair to accentuate your natural beauty. Suitable for both young and older women.
Curly Hair with Bangs


45. Textured Bob

If you love bob haircuts and want something laid-back, this textured bob gives you the simple look you need. It is also low maintenance.
Textured Bob


Whether you prefer low-maintenance styles for lazy beach days or glamorous looks for evening events, there’s a perfect hairstyle to suit every occasion. The above list of summer hairstyles for curly hair. You can experiment with different cuts and textures to find the best style for your curly hair. You’ll feel confident, relaxed, and beautiful with the right hairstyle.

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Summer Hairstyles for Curly Hair

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