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50 Cute Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Summer gives you a unique opportunity to let your long hair shine with various stylish, classic, laid-back, chic, and effortless hairstyles. From beachy waves to chic updos, long hair offers endless possibilities for keeping cool and looking beautiful in the heat.

In this article, we’ll explore a collection of trendy and easy-to-create summer hairstyles for long hair. Whether lounging by the pool or attending a summer event, these versatile hairstyles will help you stay chic and comfortable all season.

Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair

Here are the best summer hairstyles for long hair that you can style for different summer events and occasions.

best Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair

1. Classic Loose Wavy Hair

This hairstyle featuring soft, flowing waves helps you gain a timeless and effortless look during summer. It is perfect for a relaxed summer day. It’s easy to create and maintain.
Classic Loose Wavy Hair


2. Balayage Beach Weaves

Balayage highlights paired with beachy waves create a sun-kissed, natural appearance, offering a carefree summer vibe. With a curlier, you can easily recreate it at home.
Balayage Beach Weaves


3. Glam Half Up Half Down

Upgrade your summer look with this glamorous style that combines sophistication with ease. The best part is that it is suitable for any summer event.
Glam Half Up Half Down


4. Swept Back Fluffy Wavy Hair

Swept Back Fluffy Wavy Hair

Achieve a breezy yet voluminous look with gently swept-back waves. Instead of carrying regular wavy hair, you can make it fluffy to stand out.

5. Classic Half Tucked-In Half Down

This classic style balances elegance and casualness with hair partly pinned back, leaving the rest flowing freely. You can accessories to the hair for a more sophisticated look.
Classic Half Tucked-In Half Down


6. Centre-Parted Layered Wavy Hair

If your hair is wavy, you can try a modern twist on it by cutting some parts into layers and separating the hair at the center so it can flow freely on both sides of the face.
Centre-Parted Layered Wavy Hair


7. Long Curly Hairstyle

This style is effortless to create if your hair is curly. It is suitable for all age groups. You can recreate this beautiful haircut with a curl-enhancing product, a curling wand, and a lightweight curl.
Long Curly Haircut


8. Messy Ponytail Cocktail

You can step outside the box by combining sophistication with a hint of playfulness by styling a messy ponytail. This is effortless chic and is suitable for casual summer occasions.
Messy Ponytail Cocktail


9. Voluminous Ponytail

You can upgrade your simple ponytail with added volume, creating a statement-making hairstyle that exudes summer flair and confidence. You can leave some bangs at the front for added beauty.
Voluminous Ponytail


10. Stitch Braids with Curls 

If you love stitch braids, you can make them more elegant by adding details, like curls, making them more creative, eye-catching, and unique. You can easily make it in a few hours.
Stitch Braids with Curl


11. Braided Ponytail

Merge style and practicality with a chic braided ponytail. You can easily recreate it at home. Just braid your hair and infuse it together with an elastic band.
Braided Ponytail


12. Bright-Colored Pigtail

Even as an older woman, you can infuse vibrancy into your summer look with brightly colored pigtails, adding a playful and youthful touch to your hairstyle.
Bright-Colored Pigtail


13. Chic Fishtail Hairdo

Rock your favorite summer wear with a chic fishtail braid. This gives you a laid-back, relaxed look suitable for casual summer events. You can turn it into an updo for a formal event.
Chic Fishtail Hairdo


14. Brunette Boho Braids

Instead of a casual braid, try intertwining simplicity, and intricate detailing for a relaxed and stylish summer appearance. By incorporating loose strands, you can create your Boho braids.
Brunette Boho Braids


15. Swept Back Balayage Wavy Hair

This style exudes naturality, style, and elegance. You just have to brush your hair all back and curl it loosely to achieve a wavy texture. You can style this hairdo with a dress for a classy event.
Swept Back Balayage Wavy Hair


16. Extra Full Long Wavy Hair

Make a statement with your hairdo this summer with extra full waves. Although it can absorb heat, it should be styled for events where you don’t have to be exposed to the sun.
Extra Full Long Wavy Hair


17. Half Up Half Down Waves

If you want an elegant, versatile, and effortless hairdo, this half up half-down wave is a good pick. It gives you a versatile look while retaining your femininity.
Half Up Half Down Waves


18. Classic Ponytail with Curtain Bangs

This hairdo is a nice one to style for beach and casual events. Its face-framing adds to the stylish and sophisticated look you get with a ponytail hairstyle.
Classic Ponytail with Curtain Bangs


19. Double Dutch Tight Braids

Get a simple but chic look with double Dutch braids, tightly woven for a sleek and stylish summer hairstyle that stands out. You can carry it longer than loose braids.
Double Dutch Tight Braids


20. Braided Bouncy Curls

Combine braids with bouncy curls for a playful and romantic summer hairstyle full of texture and movement. This ideal hairdo is a good style for formal and informal summer events.
Braided Bouncy Curls


21. High Half Up Half Down

Achieve a polished yet relaxed look with a high half-up, half-down hairstyle, offering versatility and elegance for summer events. It is easy to make, but you can’t carry it for more than a day without having to brush and cream it.
High Half Up Half Down


22. Messy Dutch and French Braids

If you are looking for a hairstyle to aid your casual look this summer, you can try it with messy Dutch and French braids.
Messy Dutch and French Braids


23. Dutch Fishtail Combo Braids

Add flair to your summer look with Dutch fishtail combo braids, showcasing intricate weaving. It gives you a unique and stylish appearance.
Dutch Fishtail Combo Braids


24. Natural Long Hair with Waves

You can effortlessly enhance your natural long hair this summer by adding soft waves. This gives you a laid-back elegant facial beauty for a cool summer day.
Natural Long Hair with Waves


25. Thick Brunette Wavy Hair

Flaunt thick waves with a brunette hue. This is ideal if you have long, thick hair and want to add some detailing to make it appear more cute and chic.
Thick Brunette Wavy Hair


26. Messy Pigtail Hairdo

if you are full of personality and want something playful, you can create a carefree vibe with a messy pigtail hairdo. You can allow some bangs at the front or tuck them in for a relaxed look.
Messy Pigtail Hairdo


27. Crimped Wavy Hair

Add texture and volume to your long hair by crimping sections with a crimping iron. This is a fun way to add a twist to your traditional wavy hair.
Crimped Wavy Hair


28. Smooth Glam Waves

Do you have a dinner party or a classic event to attend? Style up a classic Hollywood glamour with soft waves cascading down your back. This is perfect for special events in summer.
Smooth Glam Waves


29. Old Hollywood-Inspired Long Braid

Get a unique and classic beauty with an old Hollywood-inspired long braid, offering timeless elegance for summer events. This is a cool hairdo for a simple but classic, beautiful look.
Old Hollywood-Inspired Long Braid


30. Double Stitch Braids

Looking for a unique and stylish summer hairstyle full of texture and depth? You can upgrade your Dutch braids with a double stitch technique, creating a unique and intricate pattern.
Double Stitch Braids


31. Romantic Bridal Updo

Do you have a summer wedding to plan for? Combining elegance and femininity, this is an excellent option to try out.
Romantic Bridal Updo


32. Cute Hair Bun

Keep it simple yet chic with a pretty hair bun. All you simply have to do is gather your hair together into a bun and secure it with an elastic band or hairpins.
Cute Hair Bun


33. Blonde Wavy Haircut

This hairdo speaks freshness and sophistication. You can easily create soft waves and tousle with your fingers to get a beachy vibe.
Blonde Wavy Haircut


34. Half Updo Hairstyle

If you love updos, this is a unique way to rock it. Simply combine the elegance of an updo with the freedom of wearing your hair down with a half-up, half-down hairstyle.
Half Updo Hairstyle


35. Chic French Braids with Flowers

Add a touch of whimsy with trendy French braids adorned with flowers, offering a romantic and feminine summer style.
Chic French Braids with Flowers


36. Brazilian Curly Hair

You can try out natural curls with Brazilian curly hair. The Brazilian curly hairdo gives you the texture and volume for a glamorous summer look.
Brazilian Curly Hair


37. Mixed-Color Long Hair

If you want a hairdo that will give the vibrancy and individuality for a standout summer style, a mixed-colour long haircut can be a good one to start.
Mixed-Color Long Hair


38. High Bun Updo

Keep your hair off your neck and shoulders with a sleek high bun updo. This hairdo is best for those wanting a polished and sophisticated look while keeping the hair off their back and neck.
High Bun Updo


39. Extra Long Braided Ponytail

Make a statement with an extra-long braided ponytail this summer. You can easily combine length and intricacy for a bold summer hairstyle.
Extra Long Braided Ponytail


40. Braided Half Up Half Down

Combine the beauty of braids with the freedom of wearing your hair down with a braided half-up, half-down hairstyle. This hairdo blends sophistication with playfulness.
Braided Half Up Half Down


41. Messy Low Bun

Effortlessly chic, the messy low bun is perfect for summer days. It is simple to make, looks effortless, and chic on an oval face.
Messy Low Bun


42. Extra Long Blonde Haircut

You can enhance your natural hair shine and vibrancy with a deep conditioning treatment and style with loose waves to achieve a glamorous summer look.
Extra Long Blonde Haircut


43. Long Quick Weave

The long, quick waves are the perfect way for those with long hair to achieve a stylish look. If your hair isn’t long, you can use the bonding glue or sew-in method to attach a hair extension to your natural hair.
Long Quick Weave


44. Boho Braids with Swept Back Weave

Channel bohemian vibes with boho braids swept back into a weave. This hairdo styled with causal wear gives you a carefree and stylish summer appearance.
Boho Braids with Swept Back Weave


45. Blonde Messy Half Up Half Down

For those with shoulder-length hairdo, you can achieve a relaxed yet chic look with a messy half-up, half-down hairstyle.
Blonde Messy Half Up Half Down


46. Classic Heatless Wavy Hair

Protect your hair from heat damage while achieving beautiful waves with a heatless, wavy hair technique. This is good for thin and extremely soft hair.
Classic Heatless Wavy Hair


47. Full Long Curly Hair

Flaunt the natural beauty of full, long, curly hair for a stunning summer look. Begin by hydrating and defining your curls and using a wide-tooth comb to separate your curls.
Full Long Curly Hair


48. High Ponytail with Bangs

Get a sleek, sophisticated look this summer with a high ponytail featuring bangs. Style your bangs by sweeping them to the side or letting them fall naturally, depending on your preference.
High Ponytail with Bangs


49. Extra Long Straight Hair

This is an effortless and classic hairstyle for those with straight hair. If your isn’t straight, you can easily straighten it and let it flow.
Extra Long Straight Hair


50. Long Shag Haircut

For a laid-back and effortlessly relaxed vibe, try out a long shag haircut, which is perfect for summer. There is not much difference with the regular shag haircut; it is just that it is longer.
Long Shag Haircut


From classic waves to intricate braids, each style offers a unique blend of elegance and comfort, perfect for any summer occasion. Whether you prefer a chic updo or tousled beach waves, the options are endless for keeping cool and stylish during the warmer months. Summer allows you to showcase the beauty of long hair through versatile and effortless hairstyles. Embrace this season with confidence, knowing that your long hair can be effortlessly transformed into a stunning summer statement, reflecting your personal style.

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Cute Summer Hairstyles for Long Hair

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