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15 Best Low Maintenance Haircuts for Women Over 50

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In this post, I will share the best low maintenance haircuts for women over 50 that you’ve always wanted.

As much as you love your hair, there are times when it is essential to cut down how much time you spend on your hair.

Which now brings us to the business of the day. If you’re on this page, then it’s because you want a haircut that will help you save some time without sacrificing your beauty.

If that’s the case, then you’re in the right place because this post got you covered with the best you can get.

Low Maintenance Haircuts for Women Over 50

Low Maintenance Haircuts for Women Over 50

1. Short Bob Haircut

You won’t argue with me when I say short haircuts can make you look younger. The lady here can attest to the fact. If you want to transition from long to short, you do not need to be scared. And don’t forget to check out low maintenance short haircuts for round faces.

Short Bob Haircut


2. Long Lob Haircut

Do you know that big hair doesn’t care? You probably need Dyson Airwrap to achieve a voluminous look, then finish the styling with hair spray. You might as well find better in my post on the best low maintenance haircuts for busy moms.

Long Lob Haircut


3.  Bob Haircut for Straight Hair

Not even lockdown can stop you from looking beautiful. The coolest thing I love about Bob haircuts is that you can style it the way you want, depending on your hair type.

Tousled Bob Haircut for Straight Hair


4. Layered Shoulder Length + Bangs Haircut

Nothing is sweet like having a cool and fresh haircut that fits in with your face, body shape and also makes you look younger. Just imagine yourself smiling.

Layered Shoulder Length + Bangs Haircut


5. Classy Pixie Cut

Now let’s go a bit shorter. Here we have the almighty and trendy pixie cut that has been making waves on Instagram and Pinterest. You need to see how people love my compilation of the best low maintenance pixie haircuts.

Classy Pixie Cut


6. Shag Cut

If you thought that shag cut, also known as shaggy bob cut, is meant for younger ladies, then it’s time I clear that ideology. You can still feel the chic vibe as an older woman.

Shag Cut

7. Thick Fine Hair Pixie Cut

Do you want to prove to people that age is just a number? Then this haircut got you covered. I strongly back you up on this. – A great haircut is worth more than half a dozen new dresses or a magnum of champagne.

Thick Fine hair Pixie Cut


8. Deva Cut for Older Women with Curly Hair

We all know and understand that curly hair naturally is not low maintenance type of hair. But that doesn’t mean you should get rid of your natural hair pattern. Some haircuts can help save you some time, and that’s when the Deva cut haircut comes into play.

Deva Cut for Older Women with Curly Hair


9. Shorter Pixie Cut

What if I show you something shorter than the previous one? The vibe alone is really hot. This is the real; age is nothing other than a number. Aside from having that young chic vibe, this is also a cute low maintenance haircut.

Shorter Pixie Cut


10. Layered Medium Lenght Haircut

No matter how much we justify a haircut as low maintenance, it will always boil down to conscious or subconscious preference. You will want to give this haircut a try if the layered cut is your thing.

Layered Medium Length Haircut


11. Short Bob with Bangs Cut

The bob haircut is a regular hairstyle for the majority of older and young women. You might be wondering why? Well, the answer is simple, bob haircut generally saves you a lot of time.

Short Bob with Bangs Cut


12. Shoulder Lenght Haircut with Bangs

I understand the way I am showcasing the Bangs styles makes you think I am taking it personally. But it’s far from that; Bangs cut in style make your face appear full, which is what most women want.

Shoulder Length Haircut with Bangs


13. Classic Bob Haircut

Just like the classy pixie cut I showed you earlier, I have to present another better alternative if you’re not a fan of Pixie haircuts. So here you have it, an elegant-looking Bob haircut you’ll love to recreate.

Classic Bob Haircut


14. Sculpted Curly Pixie

Deva cut is not the only haircut for women with curly hair. You can still rock the pixie in a curly way; you get the point now. Joke aside, this haircut is cool, in my opinion.

Sculpted Curly Pixie


15. Long and Layered/Feathered Cut

This haircut requires minimal styling. But no matter how much I try to pamper the word “low maintenance,” it still boils down to preference and how well you understand your hair. These two things are what justifies a low maintenance haircut.

Feathered Cut

And that’s all I got for the best low maintenance haircuts for women over 50.

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I am Stanley. A Unisex Hairstylist, Writer, and book lover. After 12 months of the apprenticeship program as a stylist, I started working with my boss for an extra one year. This time frame made me accumulate knowledge and experience in the hair industry, of which I will love to share with friends all over the world through my blog.

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