Layered Haircut vs. Feather Cut: What’s the Difference?

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I am super excited to write and share this post on layered haircut vs. feather cut.

In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about these two haircuts. So grab your chair and popcorn, and let’s get started.

Choice always seems like a good thing, but it usually makes certain things more difficult than they should usually be. If there was only one haircut style, would you have to make a choice?

However, you’ve done your due diligence, and you’ve come up with two haircut styles to choose from. That’s a lot of work.

To help you complete your unfinished work, I’ll explain what layered haircut and feather cuts mean and which one to get based on your budget, hair volume, and personal choice.

Let’s get into it.


What’s a Feathered Haircut?

This haircut style is named aptly, as it makes the layers of your hair similar to that of a bird’s feathers. This cutting technique is also referred to as a razor cut for obvious reasons.

A feather cut works best around the edges of the hair, leaving the bulk of your hair fuller. This makes the haircut perfect for people with abundant hair.

Feathered haircuts became popular in the 1970s, and the trend is still in vogue, even in 2021.

While a feather cut may look similar to a layered haircut, they’re not the same. Before I start outlining the differences between these two haircut styles, let’s learn about layer haircuts.


What’s a Layered Haircut?

A layered haircut involves cutting the hair in specific patterns to make it look longer and more voluminous.

To make a layered cut, the hairs at the root should be shorter than the tips, creating a more organized structure.

Of course, all layered cuts aren’t the same. Giving a brief explanation of every kind of layered haircut in existence will escalate to a novel pretty quickly.

Layered haircuts may be the most popular, but that doesn’t mean they’re objectively better. Depending on your face shape and some other factors, you may be better off getting a feather cut.

Since you don’t need plenty of hair for a layered haircut, it’s only natural that people without much hair turn to it automatically without even considering feathered haircuts.


Pros of a Layered Haircut

Why should you choose a layered haircut over a feather cut?

Well, it’s simple. There are numerous advantages to layered haircuts that feather haircuts lack. Here is a breakdown of some of the pros to help you choose a style for your next cut.

1. It’s Low Maintenance

Who wants a visit to the salon every other day? Most fashionistas want a do-and-forget hairstyle that requires little to no maintenance, other than their regular hair care practice.

Fortunately, layered haircuts offer this. With regular haircuts, you won’t have to keep spamming Google for haircare advice.

Apart from seeing your stylist every six weeks or so to keep your hair at arm’s length, you don’t need to do anything outside of your regular hair care routine to care for your hair after a layered haircut.

2. It eliminates damaged hair

There are several reasons why people get layers. While some people do it for cosmetic reasons, others do it mainly to help with damaged hair.

Since layered haircuts involve cutting off hair parts to create beautiful and illusory patterns, you can always cut off the damaged parts.

While everyone will compliment your hair for being fuller, well-cut, or beautiful, nobody will ever know you did it to remove damaged hair.

3. It helps in thinning thick hair

If your hair is so thick that combing feels like a pain, you can use the help of a layered haircut. Layer cuts help to make your hair grow thinner to get a silkier and smoother look.

If you’re tired of combatting headaches that result from carrying the load of your hair on your head, you should consider getting a quick layer haircut to make your hair appear thinner on the surface.


Pros of Feathered Haircut

A layered haircut isn’t the only one with pros. You also get many benefits from getting a feathered cut, and some of them include the following.

1. It works for all hair lengths

Do you know how good it feels when you’re able to recommend your haircut to anyone who asks, even if they don’t have as much hair as you do?

Well, that’s only possible with feather cuts. Layered haircuts have specific hair length requirements, making it impossible to replicate your hairstyle on someone without similar hair.

2. It highlights different hair colors

Everyone with colored hair is fully aware that they can’t try every haircare procedure available out there. Fortunately, the feathered haircut isn’t one of them.

Getting a feather cut to a colored hair won’t mess it up; instead, it highlights the best part of the colors to make for a good hairstyle.


Cons of Layered Haircuts

Some circumstances may require you to stay away from layered haircuts. The fact that layered haircuts only work for specific hair lengths scares some people away from getting one.

Unlike feather cuts, layered haircuts don’t work for all hair lengths and make. If you have too short hair, you should consider getting other haircut styles, or none at all.

Layering already fine hair could make it finer and thinner, possibly causing all sorts of damage, including hair breakage.

If you change your mind about the state of your hair after the haircut, it’s not instantly reversible. You have to wait for several weeks for the layers to grow back to their original lengths.


Cons of Feathered Cuts

You don’t think that cutting unnatural patterns in your hair using scissors won’t have consequences, do you?

Firstly, there is the apparent disadvantage; potential hair loss. Regardless of the result, the fact remains that you’re cutting your hair and risking the loss of some useful hair length.

Also, cutting your hair to fit the description of a feather cut can make it impossible to style your hair in some ways.

If you don’t want to lose the ability to style your hair in a specific way, discuss it with your stylist before getting the haircut.


Differences Between Layered  and Feathered Cuts

Reading up to this point, you should already know feather haircuts aren’t the same as layered cuts. However, this doesn’t mean you can tell them apart if you’re looking at a haircut.

Here are some of the distinctive differences between these two kinds of haircuts.

1. The layered haircut works on most hair types; feather cut doesn’t

If you’re cut between deciding whether to get a layered or feather haircut, you’ll save a lot of decision time if you assess the quantity of your hair first.

If you don’t have plenty of hair, you may want to stick with layered cuts. One of the prerequisites of getting a feather cut is having plenty of hair, and you can’t buy that with money.

If you don’t want to deal with hair thinning immediately after your haircut, take some advice from your stylist before cutting your hair.

2. Feather cut is done with a blade, unlike layered haircuts

If your hairdresser shows up with a pair of scissors, there are high chances that you’re getting a layered haircut. The cutting tools used for each technique can help you tell them apart.

3. Layered cuts are simpler to style.

In comparison to the competing feather cuts, layered haircuts are a joy for hairstylists. However, this still depends on the overall length of your hair.

Given that the haircut length isn’t a factor, you should always go for a layered haircut if you need to try out different hairstyles.

If you have incredibly long hair, you can even explore the possibility of combining both.


Can You Combine Layered and Feathered Haircut?

Sometimes, we love making pointless arguments. If two conditions aren’t mutually exclusive, why try to elevate one over the other?

Instead of deciding between getting a layered haircut and a feather cut, can you combine both?

Well, you can always combine both if you want, and you don’t need two heads for that. The two haircut styles serve different purposes that don’t contradict each other.

You can have multiple layers across your hair and choose to get feathered edges to your hair.

It’s worth noting, however, that you should have abundant hair before attempting both haircuts. If your thin and insufficient hair lets you create layers, feather cuts won’t look good.


Layered Haircut vs. Feather Cut; What’s Best for You?

This article has said a lot about feathered and layered cuts and how they’re different. However, if you meet all of the requirements for both hairstyles, which one should you go for?

If you love both of these haircuts equally, you can always get both, as evidenced by the preceding section. Otherwise, a layered cut can never go wrong for your hair type.

If you want the failsafe haircut style for your hair length and type, discuss it at length with your hairdresser. They should easily recommend one that’d look pretty alluring on you.

Remember always to see the stylist periodically to keep your hair manageable, regardless of what haircut style you eventually choose.

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I hope you find this post on layered haircut vs. feathered haircut interesting and helpful.

And if you got questions or feedback, do not hesitate to let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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Layered Haircut vs. Feather Cut

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