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How Long Do Marley Twists Last? Cost & Maintenance

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The best time to do Marley twists is when you’re still pretty young. It is also easier to do them when you have hair that is thicker than normal.

Marley twists style is the perfect hairstyle for anyone with an active lifestyle. It is  lightweight and easily manageable yet can still be styled in several different ways. 

While their versatility makes them a great addition to any style, they are more prone to damage- that’s to it’s not very versatile as it may sound.

The first thing to note about Marley Twists is the shape. They overlap a good deal, which means they can cause breakage if your hair is pulled too hard.

This event can be avoided by always twisting the hair at the base of the head, where it’s less likely to be pulled or tugged.

How Long Do Marley Twists Last?

Marley twists hairstyle will last for quite some time, depending on the quality of hair extension used, how fast your natural hair grows and your overall maintenance routine. But it’s always advised you take down twists after eight weeks.


Why Choose Marley Twists?

If you have ever thought of changing your hairstyle, Marley Twists would be a great option for you, but if you’re too afraid of trying it then, don’t worry; there are still more hairstyles that will suit your personality.

If you have been toying on the idea of getting Marley twists but are still undecided, then you should ask yourself if getting Marley twists is the right choice for you.

These days, so many people search for the perfect hairstyle, and it all depends on what they want it for.

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How Much Do Marley Twists Cost?

Marley twists hairstyle is one of the most popular African hairstyles for women because you can style it on any hair length. It’s also a budget-friendly way to do a protective style. 

So how much does it cost to install Marley twists?

The cost to install Marley twists can range anywhere between $80-$200 depending on the length of hairstyle you want to achieve, the quality of extension you want to use, and your location.

If you’re booking an appointment with an upper-class or celebrity hairstylist, you should expect the price to be quite higher. 

Suppose you have crossed your mind to try out the Marley twists hairstyle; I recommend getting a very lightweight Kanekalon Marley Hair. 


Basic Maintenance Tips

A common curly hair concern is how to maintain moisture in Marley twists. The following tips will help you keep your Marley Twist Silky Smooth.

-Use a deep conditioner once or twice each week

-Apply shea butter, coconut oil, or olive oil on the ends of your hair to seal in the oils

-Deep conditioning with coconut or avocado oil about once a month can help with breakage and adds shine

-To avoid tangling, detangle out of the shower. Wet hair and then apply a leave-in conditioner as you go out the door. Hair will stay in place all day long.


How Long Do Marley Twists Take to install?

Creating that perfect blend of texture and curl is what really when creating a  Marley twist, not the time cost. But if you still insist on knowing, installing Marley twists can take anywhere between 2-4 hours, depending on the style pattern and size.


Marley Twists or Kinky Twists? Which is Better?

We compare the two styles to talk about which one is best for you.

Marley twists are much more popular than kinky twists because they are less expensive, and their tighter construction allows them to be sensitively styled. They can also be easily turned into a braid if desired.

Despite these positives, Marley twists have disadvantages that make them harder to work in day-to-day life and require additional styling.

Kinky twists are made of more durable materials. They are also easier to style because they have a wider diameter and tend to curl better.

However, the kinky twist is not completely smooth; it has a slight bump in the middle where the two strands meet. This causes them to be less flexible but is also one reason they appear more natural when worn.

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How Long Do Marley Twists Last

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