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Long Hair vs Short Hair; Which Looks Better & Saves Time?

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The debate pitting long hair vs. short hair has been around for ages, and it seems like it’s here to stay.

Most people get stuck in the dilemma of hairs, confused on whether to go with longer or shorter hair.

The arguments on social media also don’t help, as people try to force their opinions on others without giving concrete reasons why anyone should listen to them.

Between Long Hair Vs. Short Hair; Which Looks Better?

Here is a detailed comparison of long hair vs. short hair and which one you should choose depending on your preferred hair practices.

Long Hair

Long Hair Pros And Cons

Long hairs refer to hair types that grow considerably long. Most people consider hair extending below the neck long, and this post will assume that to be true.

There are many classifications of long hair, and they all have different pros and cons. There’s the shoulder-length, the hip length, and even the knee-length.

Here, I’ll try to give a collective overview of the advantages and disadvantages of having long hair, regardless of how long.

Long Hair Pros

Long hair has many advantages, explaining its reign as the most common hair length. Here are some reasons why you should leave your hair to grow.

1. It’s more flexible

Hairstyles are for girls with long hair, and this theory is hard to dispute.

With long hair, you can try out an exclusively large selection of hairstyles before settling on what you like most.

If you like to color your hair, you need to grow long hair. The extra length makes room for more color options. Just type ‘hair coloring’ into Google and see what I mean.

You don’t get nearly as many options with short hair.

2. Increased dating prospects

It may seem like hair length doesn’t matter for relationships, but online dating statistics disagree.

According to leaked data from OkCupid, girls with longer hair tend to get more dates than those with short hair.

However, short-haired girls get dates too!

Long Hair Cons

While having long hair is nice and all, it also comes with its fair share of problems. Before that, make sure to check out my post on hair care mistakes that stunts hair growth.

Here are some problems that ladies with long hair face.

1. Summer Sweat

Long hair may fare well in the winter, as it provides some protection against the cold. But how well does it fare during the summer?

Frankly, not very well. Regardless of how you style your hair, it still feels like you’re wearing a sweater around your neck; and it’s never fun.

2. Harder to care for

Having long hair translates to having to spend more time caring for your hair in the shower.

While you can detangle short hair in no time, longer hair is often more problematic and takes more time to style.

Cutting your hair short may reduce the time you spend in the shower and is a valid option if you’re a latecomer at work.

Short Hair

Short Hair Pros And Cons

Most hair comparisons prefer to classify hair into many different lengths; short, medium, long, very long, etc. However, it’s simpler to go with two: long and short.

In the simplest terms, your hair can be referred to as short if it doesn’t extend to shoulder length.

However, this may not be the case for males. A guy with hair extending down to his chin can be said to have long hair.

This sample shows the subjectivity of hair length. The length of your hair, short or long, depends on the average hair length of the people around you.

In this piece, we’ll assume that short hair is any hair that doesn’t reach shoulder length.

Short Hair Pros

Compared to long hair, short hair has much more benefits. While most girls are afraid of cutting their hair short, those who resolve to do so never go back.

Here is why you’ll never want long hair once you go short.

1. It’s a timesaver!

Everyone knows that, right?

It’s no secret that cutting your hair in half will ultimately halve the time required to care for it. Everything feels quicker and better.

With short hair, you spend less time washing, drying, oiling, or styling your hair, giving you a lot more time for those Instagram photos.

2. Comfort

Short hair is just more comfortable, and that’s not even a close call. With long hair, you’ll always feel the tingling of stray hair on your body, and hunting it down is a pain. That isn’t a thing for the short-haired.

Styling your hair above the neck also leaves a ton of space around your neck for the breeze, making summer much cooler.

Short Hair Cons

While there aren’t many bad things to say about short hair, it’s still not perfect. Here are some reasons why you may want to hold off on cutting your hair short.

1. Longer Transition Time

If you decide to cut your long hair short, you’ll only need a couple of minutes, hours max.

However, if you don’t like the look of a short-haired you, you may need to live with that look for a couple of months.

2. More Regular Salon Appointments

While short hair requires less maintenance, you need to keep it short.

Keeping your hair short requires regular appointments to the hair salon, which isn’t what everyone fancies.

3.  Less Styling Options

If trying out new hairstyles is one of your hobbies, you’re better off with your long hair.

Styling short hair is almost not a thing, depending on what kind of hairstyles you fancy. While you may find one or two hairstyles, don’t expect the styles to be as encompassing as long hairstyles.

Long Hair vs. Short Hair; which is better and why?

It all boils down to personal preference. After analyzing the pros and cons of both hair types, it’s evident that one isn’t any better than the other.

If you don’t like spending a lot of time sorting out your hair, you should go with a short hairstyle. You will never need to spend hours combing and detangling your hair anymore.

However, if your hair is one of your hobbies and you enjoy trying out new hairstyles, you should leave your hair to grow. Long hairstyles have a better selection of hairstyles.

Long hair is better in the winter, and short hair is better in the summer.

And there is our infamous statistic that long-haired girls get more dates.

Whatever hair length you end up keeping is fine; go with what looks best to you. Remember, only your opinion matters here.

I hope you enjoy and find this post on long hair vs. short hair helpful?

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Long Hair vs Short Hair

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