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5 Common Hair Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Over 50

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In today’s post, we’ll be dealing with the five common everyday hair mistakes to avoid when you’re over 50.

Nobody wants to look over 50. Otherwise, companies making and selling wrinkle creams would have gone out of business long ago. However, aging doesn’t only happen to the skin; your hair can show signs of aging too.

While it’s normal for your hair to look slightly worse over time, there are many 50-year-olds with beautifully healthy hair. If you aren’t getting enough positive compliments about your hair, you may be doing something wrong.

This article will explain some of the major changes that may happen to your hair as you age. You’ll also learn some of the top hair mistakes to avoid when you’re over 50 years to avoid making you look significantly older than you are.


Hair Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Over 50

Caring for your hair shouldn’t be hard, and it isn’t. However, in a bid to make your hair look great, you may be exercising some hair care practices that do more harm than good to your website. To prevent your hair from aging with you, you need to avoid all of these practices.

Here, I’ll outline some of the most common hair care mistakes you are almost certainly guilty of. If you want your hair to look as great as ever, regardless of your age, you need to stop making the following mistakes immediately.

1. Using too many heat tools

While you may love to style and dry your hair with tools that constantly blow out hot air, you should probably not be doing that once you turn 50. For the best hair after 50, you should minimize the number of times you’ll have to use a heat tool for styling your hair.

Extreme usage of different kinds of heat tools may damage your cuticles, making your hair look dull and lifeless. Once you start to notice extreme dryness instead of the regular shine and bounciness after washing your hair, you’re overdoing it with the heat tools.

Overusing heat tools can also cause frizz and breakage, due to the weakening structure of the hair. These may also lead to knots later, making it almost impossible to comb your hair properly without breaking it off.

2. Insufficient sleep and Routine

As you grow older, you’ll notice that it becomes progressively easier to stay up at night. However, more than enough research has proved that older individuals need just as much sleep as anyone else. If there’s a part of your body that suffers significantly from insufficient sleep, it’s your hair.

If you’ve been following some general body care tips, you should have noticed that getting good sleep is a very important part. Just as enough sleep helps in skin care, lack of good sleep also gets in the way of proper growth of your hair.

Your hair’s protein synthesis, which involves the release of hormones that stimulate its growth usually happens when you sleep. When you don’t sleep properly, you produce less of these hormones, growing your hair pretty terribly.

When sleeping at night, you should consider swapping your cotton pillow for a silk or satin one. Cotton pillows can create friction between the pillow and your hair, creating knots and frizz that lead to knots and a lackluster look.

3. You’re giving up on your hair

As you get older, it’s normal to carry on with hair care practices that worked for you but won’t necessarily continue working due to some natural changes. In response, your hair may start to show signs of weakness and fragility.

However, that doesn’t mean you should stop caring for your hair because you’re now old. Instead, you should try to figure out the hair care practices that led to the problems with your hair. Then, you can avoid all of those practices to make your hair look better.

If you’re noticing hair loss, frizz, or any other sign that your hair quality is deteriorating, it rarely helps to resign and wait for the change to occur. Consider scheduling an appointment with your stylist to see what you can do about the hair loss.

4. You’re washing your hair too frequently

If you’re a master procrastinator when it comes to washing your hair, you may not be doing anything wrong. It appears that the activity you do most frequently may be pretty damaging when you do it too frequently.

It turns out that washing your hair every day isn’t only unnecessary, it can also be wrong. This becomes even truer as you age, as the conditioners and shampoos will eventually remove too much of the essential oils from your hair, leaving your hair all dry and frizzy.

When you do wash your hair, you should try to avoid drying it with a towel. Towels have a coarse texture that isn’t very compatible with your hair. Instead, try leaving your hair to air dry for the most part, while helping occasionally with a blow dryer.

5. You don’t treat your wet hair properly

At this point, you should already know that you shouldn’t wash your hair too frequently. Part of the reason why this should never happen is that your hair becomes very weak when it’s wet. Haircare practices that are safe for dry hair may be ruining your hair when it’s wet.

You should avoid brushing wet hair as much as possible. Since the hair is extremely weak by itself, combing the hair will pull the knots, causing breakages. You should also avoid making the hair into a tight ponytail, as that will pull your weak hair strands, causing your hair to fall.

You should also keep blow-drying to the bare minimum, and you should avoid using tools that expose your hair to a lot of heat. If you’re washing your hair at night, you must be ready to wait until it dries before going to bed.


Does Long Hair Make You Look Older or Younger?

If you’re looking for advice on the internet, you’ll almost always get: “wear your hair the way you want.” While that isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s not very helpful for someone that wants an objective view on the best way to wear your hair to look younger.

When answering this question, you should consider what you think of as long hair. Long hair differs across timelines, cultures, places, and even individuals. However, everyone can agree that your hair is objectively long when it grows beyond shoulder length.

If your main motivation for getting a hairstyle is to look younger, you should probably stick with long hair. The rationale behind this dates back centuries, and we’ve evolved to believe that ladies with longer hair are generally younger.

However, it’s crucial to note that the length of your hair is one of many other factors that determine how old you look. Your location and culture also play a role in your look for reasons that aren’t even related to hair care.

If you have pretty long hair in the color white, you probably wouldn’t look any younger, as white hair isn’t exactly linked to youngness.

If you’d like to look as young as possible, it’s important to check out what other young people around you are doing with their hair. Copying them will also make you look younger to others around you.

In short, the length of your hair plays little role in determining how old you look. Since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, it’s up to the people around you to tell if you look older or younger.


Is it OK to Have Long Hair After 50?

Looking at most other 50-year-olds around, one can easily conclude that long hair is off-limits for ladies over the age of 50. However, when you google pictures of older women rocking long hair, you’ll realize you couldn’t be wronger.

Simply put, your age doesn’t restrict you from wearing your hair however you want. If you love the long hair look from your twenties and thirties, you can wear it right into your fifties without looking weird.

However, there are some reasons why you may want to hold off on wearing your hair too long after reaching the age of 50.

There’s no doubt that the older you grow, the thinner your hair becomes. Thinner hair is incapable of holding up with longer tresses since it put unnecessary pressure on the roots. By keeping your hair long, you’re only forcing your hair to work harder.

Unless you need to look young in a society where longer tresses are in vogue, you should probably avoid wearing long hair after 50. Otherwise, you should be fine as long as you take proper care of your hair.



When you grow older, you’ll realize that some of your trusted hair care practices will slowly die of old age. Then, you’ll need to discard the dead ones, adopting new care tips to make you look younger than your age.

Most times, getting hair care tips for ladies over the age of 50 isn’t usually a problem. Knowing which of your previous hair care tips to avoid is usually the confusing part. 

I hope you enjoy and find this post on hair mistakes to avoid when you’re over 50 helpful?

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And if you got questions or feedback, do not hesitate to let me know by leaving a comment below right now. 

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Hair Mistakes to Avoid

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  1. It bothers me when the photos do not show the woman’s face but simply the haircut. I just can’t seem to get the whole impact of the haircut. I need to see the approximate age and face shape of the woman to know if I am interested in the haircut. Too many times the photos show the side or back of the head so you can see the cut. I think the cut from the front showing the face is the most important way for a person to get the complete picture. I am 65 and have very thick wavy/curly hair, it is a silver/lavender colour and after my own covid cuts I need to bring a nice photo to my stylist that will suit me and my hair. Finding such a photo seems to be a huge problem. I have an oval face and know I don’t suit really short hair. Any help???

  2. My wife has been looking to get back on working on her appearance lately, and her hair is one thing she’d like to solve. It’s been quite brittle as of late, so I can see how your point about washing it too much might be affecting her. I’ll definitely talk to her about this after we find a salon that can revitalize it so she can have a better method of taking care of it.

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