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50 Classy Medium Length Hairstyles for Women Over 50

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Losing some of your hair’s length is a natural phenomenon as you age, and by 50, that phenomenon starts to get very noticeable. In short, you’ll naturally find yourself asking about medium length hairstyles as you age over 50.

However, most people above 50 don’t care very much about their hairstyles anymore, making it generally difficult to find medium length hairstyles for women over 50.

Thankfully, you no longer have to ask around, as we’ve compiled the 50 best medium length hairstyles for women over 50.

Medium Length Hairstyles for Women Over 50

50 medium length hairstyles for women over 50

1. Natural Layered Curly Haircut 

Natural Layered Curly Haircut

I doubt my hair would even let me replicate something remotely close to this when I’m 84 (she’s 84), so I can just hope. If you’re blessed enough to have this volume by 84, wearing curly natural layers is enough to make you stand out.

2. Centre-parted Gray Mid-Length Haircut

Centre-parted Gray Mid-Length Haircut

Hiding that natural gray is common among women over 50, but do you have to? This mid-length cut says a resounding “no,” with its insanely adorable look despite being in the natural gray.

3. Spring Medium Length Hairstyle with Wavy Ends

Spring Medium Length Hairstyle with Wavy Ends

The adorable look of the center parting from earlier is no coincidence; here’s a repeat of that feat, only that this is even more alluring. Thanks to the waviness and sleek texture, it’s easily one of the prettiest styles in this collection.

4. Mixed Blonde and Red Colored Neck-Length Haircut

Mixed Blonde and Red Colored Neck-Length Haircut

Why choose a single hair color when you can mix two to achieve a combined alluring look? The dimensional blonde and red look here is already adorable, but the center parting only adds extra cherries on top.

5. Chic Blonde Mid-Length Layered Hairstyle

Chic Blonde Mid-Length Layered Hairstyle

This blonde medium length hairstyle works excellently for older ladies with hair of considerable length. Most of us won’t be part of that set by 50, but for those that would be, this blonde style is an excellent choice.

6. Messy Blonde Bob with Layers and Bangs

Messy Blonde Bob with Layers and Bangs

Who says you can’t rock an adorable messy blonde at 50? They’re not referring to this lady, who’d rather take her chances with a dimensional messy blonde, and I’ll say it looks rather chic.

7. Medium-Length Haircut with Full Fringe

Medium-Length Haircut with Full Fringe

Even if you previously weren’t into fringes, the full fringe on this medium length haircut should change your mind. Hairstyles like this want you to wish you’re older, so you can get that dimensional brown-gray look.

8. Tri-Coloured Butterfly Haircut 

Tri-Coloured Butterfly Haircut

Talking of dimensional styles, have you ever considered adding a flashy color to your brown hair? This illustration shows it might not be the worst idea after all; instead, it looks endearing, especially with those bangs.

9. Classic Brown Side-Parted Butterfly Haircut 

Classic Brown Side-Parted Butterfly Haircut

Most ladies under 50 can’t boast of this size and volume, so if you’re lucky enough to have this in your fifties, you should by all means try something like this. The side-swept look works hand-in-hand with the layers to deliver a near-perfect look in this butterfly cut.

10. Chic Medium Length Haircut with Layers 

Chic Medium Length Haircut with Layers

That smile is only possible for ladies with such an adorable feathered haircut at 50. Apart from the layers, this hairstyle has no bells and whistles, and it manages to look just right.

11. Textured Bright Blonde Haircut with Bold Bangs

Textured Bright Blonde Haircut with Bold Bangs

Bangs can be the difference between good and great as it has done in this alluring haircut. For blonde ladies with medium length hair, replicating this charming style is a no-brainer.

12. Neck-Length Wavy Bob with Bangs 

Neck-Length Wavy Bob with Bangs

You can argue this hairstyle is rather short, but it’s impossible to argue about its allure. The neck length seems perfect for the wavy bob, and the side-swept bangs add that extra flair that makes the style pop.

13. Simple Shoulder-Length Blonde Hair

Simple Shoulder-Length Blonde Hair

If wavy bobs don’t tick the boxes for you, this shoulder-length blonde hairstyle should do the trick. It doesn’t have that characteristic bob look, but the side parting and sleek, reserved look makes it one of the best medium length hairstyles for women over 50.

14. Full Mid-Length Curly Haircut 

Full Mid-Length Curly Haircut

Nothing feels better than curls that show just how outstanding your hair’s volume is. This hairstyle looks perfect in brown, but black-haired ladies shouldn’t be scared to try it too.

15. Natural Gray Curly Haircut 

Natural Gray Curly Haircut

When you feel ready to wear your natural gray with pride, this style will be waiting to help you make the most of your gray hair. Like the preceding idea, it’s curly, chic, and best for medium-length hair.

16. Crystal Gray Bob Haircut 

Crystal Gray Bob Haircut

You don’t have to color your hair as you age; gray can also be beautiful. With this adorable crystal gray bob and the chic side-parting, I shouldn’t need to do extra work on convincing you.

17. Bombshell Blonde Layered Bob Haircut 

Bombshell Blonde Layered Bob Haircut

Dimensional bobs are naturally my thing, but this one is just on another level. The sleek, layered look, the charming side-parting, and her brilliant smile; everything about this hairstyle just feels right.

18. Side-parted High Wolf Haircut with Layers 

Side-parted High Wolf Haircut with Layers

If you want to turn heads at the next event you attend, try this side-parted high wolf cut. The bold gray color and high styling already do most of the work, the dimensional look only adds that extra touch for perfection.

19. Soft Wavy Gray Haircut 

Soft Wavy Gray Haircut

Most ladies over 50 can replicate this style naturally, especially if you started going gray a bit early. As a natural fan of waves, this hairstyle instantly resonated with me, with the side parting being the sole cherry on top.

20. Minimalist Mid-Length Haircut with Fringe

Minimalist Mid-Length Haircut with Fringe

If you manage to have natural brown hair by age 50, you should try this minimalist cut. Despite not being hard to replicate, it would be incredibly dishonest to suggest it’s not an alluring hairstyle.

21. Mid-Length Haircut with High Spiky Side Haircut 

Mid-Length Haircut with High Spiky Side

We’ve seen a head-turning high spike earlier, but this idea is another excellent one to consider. Despite using the natural and oft-avoided gray color, it manages to look nothing short of amazing.

22. Mid-Length Feminine Bob 

Mid-Length Feminine Bob

If you’re on the more voluminous side, you should be able to replicate this mid-length bob by 50. I’m not sure what I like better about this hairstyle; its adorable side parting or the chic gray-brown dimensional look.

23. Mid-Length Haircut with Curls and Bangs 

Mid-Length Haircut with Curls and Bangs

Blonde ladies on the younger side of the spectrum will appreciate an idea like this. If you’re wondering why it looks so good, it’s because of the creative use of curls and bangs to create a lovely mid-length style.

24. Gray Curly Hair with Bangs 

Gray Curly Hair with Bangs

This curly bob-like style with bangs is an excellent hairstyle idea for older women ready to ditch the dye. Interestingly, the gray here didn’t disfigure the style; rather, it introduced a dimensional look that made the cut perfect.

25. Silver Statement Medium Length Haircut 

Silver Statement Medium Length Haircut

Here’s another brilliant example of gray making hairstyles several times more adorable by introducing a dimensional look. The side parting here is another excellent touch; don’t ignore it.

26. Blonde Mid-Length Haircut with Gray Touchings 

Blonde Mid-Length Haircut with Gray Touchings

Leaving your gray untouched takes some effort, but it came out better than I even thought it would. The center parting adorns the style beautifully, and her bright smile makes everything pop.

27. Summer Side-Parted Medium Haircut 

Summer Side-Parted Medium Haircut

This side-parted haircut is a no-brainer for blonde quinquagenarians with the volume to replicate it. Its side-swept, layered look is essentially perfect, and the model’s smile only adds extra flair.

28. Brown and Gray Natural Curly Haircut 

Brown and Gray Natural Curly Haircut

Here’s another exciting combination of brown and gray that helps you make the most of your old age. The curls on this style add extra allure, and incorporating a side parting makes it one of the best medium length hairstyles for women over 50.

29. Classic Gray Wavy Haircut

Classic Gray Wavy Haircut

If it’s possible to choose our graying pattern by 50, this is exactly what I’d choose. It’s not exactly shaggy, but it’s textured in a way that makes me want to grow up quickly. The wavy look also adds that extra touch that makes the style pop.

30. Silver Butterfly Haircut with Fringe 

Silver Butterfly Haircut with Fringe

A simple layered haircut should give you an outstanding look if you have enough volume, but like this model, you can choose to make it even better with a fringe. Overall, this is one of my favorite styles so far.

31. Chic Bob Haircut for Older Women 

Chic Bob Haircut for Older Women

This minimalist bob is practical for most 50-year-olds, and it looks insanely adorable as well. The side parting is just perfect, and her smile makes me want to grow older; a classic 10/10 hairstyle.

32. Warm Blonde Wavy Haircut

Warm Blonde Wavy Haircut

If the side parting from the preceding hairstyle wows you, here’s a creative way to replicate it with longer hair. Incorporating gray into the warm blonde gradient also creates a dimensional look that I can exchange for anything.

33. Chic Bold Blonde Haircut for Formal Events

Chic Bold Blonde Haircut for Formal Events

Side parting time is not over; here’s another excellent idea to consider replicating. Apart from the style’s natural allure, its wavy look makes it perfect, not only for casual wear but also for professional events.

34. Pixie Bob Haircut with Spiky Layers 

Pixie Bob Haircut with Spiky Layers

Pixie bobs are popular with older women, so it’d be weird to not include one in this compilation. Wear a dimensional brown pixie with these unique spiky layers and see how many heads you turn at work next week.

35. Simple Side-Parted Mid-Length Haircut 

Simple Side-Parted Mid-Length Haircut

I know we had time for side-partings, but this one’s just so adorable that it’s impossible to ignore it. Apart from the side parting, it’s not doing anything too special, and that simplicity might be what makes it so glamorous.

36. Gray Bob on Thin Hair 

Gray Bob on Thin Hair

Graying and thinning will almost certainly happen to you as you age, so why not incorporate them into your hairstyle? This gray bob uses a side-parting that makes the thin hair look voluminous and manageable; a true masterpiece.

37. Symmetrical High Feathered Haircut

Symmetrical High Feathered Haircut

This high feathered cut isn’t as radical as those we’ve seen earlier, but it’s every bit as adorable. The center parting also creates symmetry, an effect that makes the layered cut look several times better.

38. Messy Gray Curly Haircut 

Messy Gray Curly Haircut

Messy haircuts can look excellent on anyone, even (especially) 50-year-olds. If you don’t care what they say, you should try this bob-like gray and curly haircut. Don’t forget to incorporate the side parting for extra flair.

39. Voluminous Gray Haircut for Older Women

Voluminous Gray Haircut for Older Women

If I could wish for anything to happen when I’m 50, it would be to have my hair this voluminous and lengthy. As you can see, she doesn’t need a lot to look her best; just a simple center parting, and she’s already looking elegant.

40. Classic Brown Wavy Haircut 

Classic Brown Wavy Haircut

I doubt my hair will look this full and adorable when I’m 50, but where’s the harm in wishing? If it does look anything like this, I’d be stupid not to get this dimensional brown waves, with the stunning side parting.

41. Blonde Layered Bob with Fringe 

Blonde Layered Bob with Fringe

Bobs with fringe never go wrong, naturally, but this one’s just outstanding. The full fringe just works well with the well-cut layers, and the natural blonde color gives the entire package that “just right” look.

42. Layered Razor Cut Lob 

Layered Razor Cut Lob

Lobs don’t need a lot of volume to look outstanding, and this style drives the point home. A simple side-swept look with a dimensional blonde color was all she needed to create one of the best medium length hairstyles for women over 50.

43. Gray Wavy Bob Haircut

Gray Wavy Bob Haircut

A feathered bob already sounds very interesting, but this model then decided to spice it up with waves and a side parting. The result is what you’d expect: one of the best medium length hairstyles for women over 50.

44. Brown Mid-Length Haircut with Fringe 

Brown Mid-Length Haircut with Fringe

This shoulder-length cut is the perfect example of a mid-length cut, and the inclusion of that fringe only makes it look more run-of-the-mill. While it’s not the most elegant style in this compilation, it doesn’t have to be; not everyone’s wearing their hairstyle to a wedding.

45. Classic Bob Haircut on Thin Hair 

Classic Bob Haircut on Thin Hair

If you’re not exactly against wigs or dyes, this black classic bob is a no-brainer. Its parting isn’t exactly symmetrical, but it exudes a similar kind of charm, and the length appears to be just right.

46. Messy Fluffy Lob 

Messy Fluffy Lob

Wearing a messy, wavy look with a bob is a challenge for younger ladies, but if you can make it look this good at 50, you deserve a medal. Consider throwing in the sunglasses to make the style look even more interesting.

47. Mixed-Tone Lob Haircut 

Mixed-Tone Lob Haircut

I bet she didn’t know her hair would look this adorable when she decided to go gray, but look how adorable she is now. Even without the unique color, a free-flowing lob with a symmetrical center should bring you close to this.

48. Thick Bob with Fringe for Thin Hair

Thick Bob with Fringe for Thin Hair

Here’s the classic bob look in its full glory, except it’s on a 50-year-old. Adorned with an adorable fringe, this full, dimensional, thick bob is one of the best medium length hairstyles for women over 50.

49. Loose Curly Lob

Loose Curly Lob

If a plain, straight bob sounds too boring to you, this loose curly lob should be a suitable alternative. The multi-tone look from her graying is nothing short of stunning, and the center parting completes the glamorous masterpiece.


There are so many excellent medium length hairstyles for women over 50 that we were able to select 50 outstanding ones. Feel free to borrow as little or as much as you want from each of the styles to create your unique, exquisite look.

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classy medium length hairstyles for women over 50

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