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50 Adorable Medium Length Ponytail Hairstyles To Try

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A ponytail is perfect for everything. From work to weddings, church events, and even simple parties like birthdays, you’ll always find someone with an adorable ponytail.

However, it seems there’s a misconception about medium length hair and ponytails. While there are many creative styles you can’t replicate with mid-length hair, there are elegant medium length ponytail hairstyles out there.

This compilation will list 50 of the best to inspire your style the next time you’re getting a ponytail.

Medium Length Ponytail Hairstyles

50 adorable medium length ponytail hairstyles

Ponytails can make a lasting impression when done right. Here are our 50 best ponytail picks for an impeccable look.

1. Chic Mid-Length Ponytail

Chic Mid-Length Ponytail

A simple mid-length ponytail has all that’s required to make an outstanding medium length hairstyle, but you can make it even better. Make the ponytail slightly wavy, like this model’s, and you have one of the chicest medium length ponytail hairstyles out there.

2. Classic Midway Ponytail

Classic Midway Ponytail

You can achieve a sleeker look with the preceding idea by simply adding a center parting that goes almost all the way back. The black-brown dimensional look is also outstanding; easy 10/10 hairstyle.

3. Glam Ponytail for Brides

Glam Ponytail for Brides

This glam ponytail look is one of the sleeker styles in this collection, creatively using waves and a smooth look to achieve an irresistible look. With that glam look, you don’t need any more modification to achieve a perfect look.

4. Textured Ponytail with Bangs

Textured Ponytail with Bangs

Wedding hairstyles don’t have to be unnecessarily complex; sometimes, simply creating texture on a ponytail and adoring the entire style with bangs is enough to give you that breathtaking look.

5. Simple Ponytail Hairstyle for Wedding

Simple Ponytail Hairstyle for Wedding

Ponytails and weddings already go hand in hand, but wearing special styles can give you a more wedding-like appearance. I doubt there’s anything more wedding-like than this simple ponytail, with its alluring but subtle center parting.

6. Chic Ponytail with Curved Ends

Chic Ponytail with Curved Ends

Getting your ponytail with curved ends doesn’t add (or remove) a lot from the style, but it does make it slightly more stylish. I’d argue, however, that the clean look and smooth ends are equally as adorable.

7. Summer Ponytail Hairstyle with Frontal

Summer Ponytail Hairstyle with Frontal

I’ve set a very high bar for wavy ponytails, but they just keep reaching it. When you add the elegant frontal, you get one of the sleekest medium length ponytail hairstyles we’ve seen yet.

8. Bridal Ponytail with White Hair Beads

Bridal Ponytail with White Hair Beads

The volume of this style is both impressive and hard to replicate, but those are two characteristics common in bridal hairstyles. Despite its deceptively simple look, it’s one of the most complex medium length ponytail hairstyles to replicate.

9. Classic Low Ponytail

Classic Low Ponytail

This low ponytail hides the knot beautifully and is best for casual events that work with ponies. Bridal showers and rehearsal dinners are some event ideas that go well with this style, and you’re also free to experiment.

10. Sleek Burnette Ponytail Hairstyle

Sleek Burnette Ponytail Hairstyle

This dimensional brunette ponytail goes the opposite direction, instead highlighting and tying the knot high. It also adorns that proven look with a sleek symmetrical parting that makes everything pop.

11. High Ponytail with Frontal Strands

High Ponytail with Frontal Strands

If the preceding style isn’t high enough for you, here’s another that takes high to another level. I wouldn’t replicate this if I could, but I must admit its allure, especially with those frontals.

12. Bouncy Textured Ponytail

Bouncy Textured Ponytail

What’s a better way to show up at your wedding than with a textured ponytail that creates a bouncy look? You can notice the side braids if you look closely, and the blonde-brown look is just right.

13. High Ponytail and Bangs for Thick Hair

High Ponytail and Bangs for Thick Hair

Here’s another out-‘standing’ high ponytail ideas that really showcases the beauty of your hair’s thickness. Using deep waves that gracefully beautify the style, this ponytail style is just impossible to ignore.

14. Spring Chic Ponytail

Spring Chic Ponytail

For something adorable yet casual to wear during the spring, this simple ponytail style should work for you. I’m sold on that minimalist look, and it just couldn’t come in a better color.

15. Low Blonde Ponytail

Low Blonde Ponytail

Low ponytails have their kind of charm; that stunning look that feels almost too perfect for casual wear, with everything looking just right. Add some waviness to the pony and you have a perfect style.

16. Wavy Ponytail with Braided Side

Wavy Ponytail with Braided Side

The high and low ponytails trend is already getting boring, so it’s understandable why this wavy ponytail is a good idea. The black side braid doesn’t only adorn the style but also creates a dimensional look that defines her look.

17. Simple Low Bridal Ponytail

Simple Low Bridal Ponytail

We’ve seen so many low bridal ponytails like this that we now expect them to look outstanding. However, I wouldn’t expect it to look this adorable on gray hair, so I can say I’m pleasantly surprised.

18. Chic Ponytail with Frontal Bangs

Chic Ponytail with Frontal Bangs

Frontals can make or break a ponytail, and it’s very obvious what these ones are doing. I also love that they’re in a different color from the main style; it makes the style look slightly dimensional.

19. Blonde Bubble Braided Ponytail

Blonde Bubble Braided Ponytail

This bubble braid is another radical ponytail idea I didn’t see coming, and it’s surprisingly beautiful. With the gigantic braids naturally fading into the wavy tail, it’s fair to say this style earned its place.

20. Mixed Tone Barbie Ponytail Hairstyle

Mixed Tone Barbie Ponytail Hairstyle

I’m not a fan of hair dyes, but this enchanting gold hue might soon change my mind on that. The curved ends on this ponytail are something else worth replicating, and the style’s overall smoothness is just outstanding.

21. Retro High Ponytail with Smooth Surface

Retro High Ponytail with Smooth Surface

This idea isn’t as smooth as what we just saw, but it comes close. Note that smoothness isn’t the same as beauty; if I had to choose between them, I admit it’d be a tough choice.

22. Messy Bushy Low Ponytail

Messy Bushy Low Ponytail

As I hinted earlier, smoothness doesn’t equal beauty; here’s definitive proof. Despite this style’s messy, almost bushy look, it manages to be one of the most adorable medium length ponytail hairstyles I’ve seen so far.

23. Gray High Textured Ponytail

Gray High Textured Ponytail

This aggressive texturing almost replicates both the messy look and the allure of the preceding hairstyle. Its color profile is my favorite for ponytails, which is probably why it looks so good to me.

24. Low Textured Ponytail with Bridal Pins

Low Textured Ponytail with Bridal Pins

This may not be in gray, but it just earned itself a place in my heart. It would be a shame if it didn’t, as the smooth, wavy texture and the strategically placed bridal pins make it a wedding style; why wouldn’t a wedding style be adorable?

25. Tucked Straight Ponytail Hairstyle

Tucked Straight Ponytail Hairstyle

Wavy ponytails may tend to look adorable, but waviness is no requirement for an outstanding ponytail, and this idea shows it. This style’s straight look makes it a no-brainer for ladies with straight hair, while almost forcing you to rethink your curls.

26. Chic Bubble Ponytail with Rubber Bands

Chic Bubble Ponytail with Rubber Bands

Is it just me, or do the bubbles on this ponytail almost look similar to waves? If you want the excellence of wavy ponytails and still want to keep your straight hair, this chic bubble ponytail is an excellent and cheap idea; it costs just a few rubber bands.

27. French Super Wavy Ponytail

French Super Wavy Ponytail

Straight ponytails may look outstanding, but you just don’t want to compare them to this wavy French ponytail. I love the side braids; they add a bold yet alluring extra touch to the waves.

28. Soft Wavy Ponytail with Bangs

Soft Wavy Ponytail with Bangs

If you’re going for a softer look, this wavy ponytail should work for you. Your natural texture is likely close to this already, so it’s low-cost, low-effort, and unmistakably adorable.

29. Modern Low Ponytail for Bridesmaid

Modern Low Ponytail for Bridesmaid

Ladies who can’t afford to wear a soft look, like bridesmaids, should consider this low ponytail. It has everything you need, from the characteristic waves to the frontal and even a bridal pin; an easy 10/10 style.

30. Simple Ponytail for Students

Simple Ponytail for Students

As a student, you’re typically not spending hours at a hairstylist just to tie a ponytail with pins. So, something simple and beautiful, like this style should work for you. It’s not what you want to wear to a beauty pageant, but it’s good enough for a classroom.

31. Voluminous High Ponytail with Bangs

Voluminous High Ponytail with Bangs

If you’re not a student, however, you’re likely looking at something as huge as this for your next hairstyle. Even the minutest details about this style are elegant, including the waves and the frontal, making it elegant but impractical for casual wear.

32. Sleek Extra Thick Ponytail

Sleek Extra Thick Ponytail

We’ve only been seeing blondes and brunettes so far, so let’s throw a black style into the mix for some variety. It might not look as elegant as you’d expect, considering the standard I’ve set, but you’re not wearing this to your wedding, are you?

33. Blue Centralized Ponytail

Blue Centralized Ponytail

Lest we forget, girls after flashy colors deserve ponytail ideas too, and here’s an excellent idea. I’m not a fan of artificial hair colors, but blue is insanely common, so it’s an exception.

34. Glam Ponytail for Birthdays


This looks like a cross between a casual ponytail and an exquisite wedding hairstyle. The result is exactly what you’d expect, something that’s almost too good for casual wear, making it perfect for smaller events.

35. Curly Ponytail with Baby Face

Curly Ponytail with Baby Face

A curly ponytail is an idea we haven’t talked about much, and it turned out excellent in this idea. I also love the subtle transition from black to brown, giving the style a dimensional look.

36. Classic High Tucked Ponytail with Boho Braided Side

Classic High Tucked Ponytail with Boho Braided Side

Combining gigantic bohemian braids with a tucked ponytail sounds like a hairstyle you wear to a wedding, and I believe that’s the goal here. Not the wavy look of that tail; it’s an essential part of the style!

37. Simple Curly Ponytail with Smooth Surface

Simple Curly Ponytail with Smooth Surface

We’ve seen an excellent curly ponytail earlier, but here’s another idea using just black instead. Its smooth surface also gives it a glamorous look that makes it perfect for even the most formal events.

38. Sassy High-Cuffed Ponytail

Sassy High-Cuffed Ponytail

This high-cuffed ponytail will require more than just rubber bands, as you can see for yourself. I believe the extra investment is worth the look upgrade, but then, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

39. High Ponytail with Pearls and Curtain Bangs

High Ponytail with Pearls and Curtain Bangs

Who’d have thought adding curtain bangs to a high ponytail would make it almost twice as adorable? We shouldn’t discount the impact of the pearls and the waves too; they all contribute to making this style outstanding.

40. Slick Back Low Ponytail

Slick Back Low Ponytail

A straight, dimensional, low ponytail can perform wonders, as you can see in this hairstyle idea. The colors contribute a lot to the ponytail’s allure, but then you can’t discount that smooth, sleek look.

41. French Fishtail Ponytail

French Fishtail Ponytail

A creative way to adorn your ponytail is by tying it into a fishtail, a move that transformed the model’s from okay to freaking great. The brown color would’ve done wonders, but I wonder if it’d have made this list without that fishtail braid.

42. High Ponytail with Big Braids

High Ponytail with Big Braids

Talking about braids, this hairstyle idea shows that getting several with your ponytail isn’t a bad idea. It’s even much better when it has a dimensional look with tiny frontals for extra flair.

43. Pumped Up Wavy Ponytail with Volume

Pumped Up Wavy Ponytail with Volume

If you’re not against some messiness, this textured wavy ponytail should work for you. It’s adorable in a casual way, so while you’re likely not wearing this to a wedding, for instance, you’ll get compliments wherever you decide to wear it.

44. Classic Bridal Ponytail with Bangs

Classic Bridal Ponytail with Bangs

Black ponytails never disappoint, but when you add adorable frontal bangs with this relatively thick look, they quickly become irresistible. With that charming half-parting, this hairstyle would work pretty well for a wedding.

45. Super Flowy Wavy Ponytail

Super Flowy Wavy Ponytail

Getting waves with this definition should already make your style look insanely adorable by default, but this model wouldn’t stop there. Rather, she incorporated a charming frontal and a dimensional look to make it one of the best medium length ponytail hairstyles out there.

46. Messy Ponytail for Mothers

Messy Ponytail for Mothers

Moms typically don’t wear complicated styles, so here’s one most moms would love. It’s not the smoothest ponytail you can wear, but it’s pretty adorable nonetheless, and I see myself wearing this to a wedding that’s not mine.

47. Brazilian Curly Ponytail

Brazilian Curly Ponytail

Curly ponytails always look great in black; we know because this is not the best we’ve seen. The smooth surface and the relatively high ponytail made this style a bit more endearing; 10/10 for me.

48. Super Textured Ponytail

Super Textured Ponytail

You only see elegant ponytails like this at weddings, and even so, this one’s a bit on the more exquisite side. Replicating this would take a lot of time and money, but with this alluring look, I think it’s worth every penny.

49. Dimensional Statement Ponytail

Dimensional Statement Ponytail


The subtle flow from dark to light brown creates a dimensional look that makes this ponytail unmistakably adorable. I’m really into how simple it looks; you don’t see something this effortlessly beautiful every day.

50. Curled Ponytail Updo

Curled Ponytail Updo

You can call it a curly or wavy ponytail, but I prefer to refer to it as adorable. I’d imagine adding natural frontals and a symmetrical center parting would be perfect for this style, but it’s all imagination.


Ponytails are only for long hair. Even if your hair doesn’t have the length to qualify as ‘long,’ there are tons of medium length ponytail hairstyles you can still rock. We’ve listed 50, it’s now your time to pick one, modify it to your taste, and wait for the compliments to roll in.

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