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15 Cute Wedding Hairstyles for Bridesmaids You’ll Love

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Looking for Wedding Hairstyles for Bridesmaids? If Yes, then this post got you covered with 15 simple and cute hairstyle inspirations you’ll love.

Before we proceed, I’d love to let you know that most of the inspirations down here are for bridesmaids with long hair. So if your bridesmaids or you as a bridesmaid do not have long hair, I am sorry to say that this post is not for you.

You can as well check out my post on wedding hairstyles for brides with short hair, I believe you might find what you need in there.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Wedding Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

1. Sleek Low Ponytails

The Sleek Low Ponytails is one of the most common wedding hairstyles for bridesmaids as it makes them appear elegant and classy. It fits perfectly when the bridesmaids’ are cloth in long gowns.

Sleek Low Ponytails


2. Side Parted Semi Wavy Hair

For a colorful bridal shower, you need your girls to appear all beautiful with their uniform silk pajamas/gown, and this hair resonates it better. As a bridesmaid, you can easily style it in different ways for the primary occasion.

Side Parted Semi Wavy Hair


3. Half Up Ponytail Hairdo

For a more projected and elegant look, your bridesmaid can try out rocking these beautiful half-up ponytails. With this hairdo, they can stressless flaunt their beautiful earrings.

Half–up Ponytail Hairdo


4. Centred Knotted Long Wavy Hair

For a more elaborate hairstyle, this hairstyle is an excellent choice. Bridesmaids can wear it for both indoor and outdoor weddings. And making this hair does not require much effort.

Centred Knotted Long Wavy Hair


5. Effortless Vintage Ponytails

This vintage ponytail will do for a classic French wedding, where the chief bridesmaid is expected to appear beautiful and straightforward.  You can decide to add some roses for more compliments.

Vintage Ponytails


6. Classic Side Sweep Chignon Bun

An elegant wedding is not complete without gorgeous brides of honor. This side Chignon bun makes them appear uniquely, not in a regular hairdo, which looks excellent for a lavish wedding.

Most importantly, if you’re trying to be snatched, don’t look too far; these ladies are here for it.

Classic Side Sweep Chignon Bun


7. Boho Bridal Crown Braid Down-do

If you want the chignon to look more straightforward, you can try out the sweep-down chignon buns. It gives the brides of honor both a simple and beautiful look. You can as well decorate it with bridal pins for more beauty.

Boho Bridal Crown Braid Down-do


8. Messy Bridal Bun Hairstyle

Can you see how the lady in the featured image looks all happy and beautiful? If you want your bridesmaid to appear this way, you need to replicate the hairdo.

Messy Bridal Bun Hairstyle


9. Simple Straight Bridesmaid Hairdo

Choosing a beautiful hairstyle for the bridesmaids is equivalent to adding sauce to the wedding. The below-featured hairstyle can go with any design of a wedding outfit.

Simple Straight Bridesmaid Hairdo


10. Tropical Winter Bridesmaid Hairdo

The tropical hairdo goes beautifully with the bridesmaid when the weather is warmer. It can be used for indoor and outdoor weddings, and it gives you the privilege to flaunt your earrings effortlessly.

Tropical Winter Bridesmaid Hairdo

During the winter period, you will love to see your girls wearing conservative hair, and this hair isn’t a wrong decision at all. You can give it a try.

11. Loose Wave Bridesmaid Hairdo

This messy wavy hairdo suits bridesmaids who want to look a bit rugged. The hair is mainly styled for outdoor weddings. And it goes perfectly on a long sleek gown.

Loose Wave Bridesmaid Hairdo


12. Short Bob with Flowery Bridal Pin

A perfect simple style for beautiful maids of honor. It suits both indoor and outdoor wedding activities. You can style it up with roses. And the good part is that it is easy to keep at bay.

Centered Part Bob with Flower Pin


13. Straight Hair Bridesmaid Hairdo

For a wedding happening during the winter season. You need to understand that winter can be very hard on human hair. So you got to choose that can stand the weather for as long as it can, especially if the wedding is outdoor.

Straight Hair Bridesmaid Hairdo


14. The Crown Hairdo

Looking good is a must for bridesmaids during weddings, and they can’t go wrong on the crown-styled hairdo. And, this hairdo will be perfect for those living along the eastern shore.

The Crown Hairdo


15. High Centered Buns Hairdo

This hairdo is a good choice for those who want their bridesmaids to go natural in appearance. It brings about your face in its fullness, and when coupled with natural makeup, it is simply superb.

High Centered Buns Hairdo


And that’s all I got for you.

I hope you enjoy and find the compilation of wedding hairstyles interesting and helpful.

Suppose you got some feedback to give; the comment box below is all yours; feel free to let me know what you have in mind.

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Wedding Hairstyles for Bridesmaids

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