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50 Stunning Summer Hairstyles for Short Hair

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Whether you have short hair or are planning to try out short hair this season, here are the top 50 summer hairstyles for short hair, from innovative styles to timeless classics and the latest trends.

You will surely get something that will suit you whether you’re seeking a breezy look for beach days, an elegant style for a corporate event, a casual style for an everyday look, or a unique hairdo for a vacation.

Summer Hairstyles for Short Hair

Here are the best summer hairstyles for short hair to try out. You will thank me later.

Summer Hairstyles for Short Hair

1. Pixie Haircut with a Side Undercut

This daring style is ideal if you want to stand out this summer in expressing your unique individuality. The undercut adds a modern twist to the timeless pixie, which gives it a blend of modern uniqueness.
Pixie Haircut with a Side Undercut


2. Messy Wolf Haircut

This style is about embracing your natural texture and letting your hair do its thing. It is a good choice if you are looking for a low-maintenance yet stylish look.
Messy Wolf Haircut


3. Layered Pixie Haircut

If you want to add a bit of flair to your short hair while keeping it chic and sophisticated, this layered pixie haircut is an ideal style.
Layered Pixie Haircut


4. Cottage Curls

This style is ideal for older women who want a short and simple yet stylish hairstyle for summer picnicking or lounging by the beach. It’s suitable for an everyday look.
Cottage Curls


5. Curly Pixie Haircut 

This style is all about embracing your natural curls and letting them shine. It’s perfect if you have curly hair and want a short and sassy look.
Curly Pixie Haircut


6. Shaved Pixie Haircut with Undercut

This bold and daring style takes the pixie haircut to the next level. This is a statement-making classic pixie cut for the boss ladies.
Shaved Pixie Haircut with Undercut


7. Messy Layered Bob

The hairstyle is effortlessly chic. The layers are textured to create a relaxed and undone look. The best part is that it is low maintenance.
Messy Layered Bob


8. Cropped Blonde Bob

The style is sleek, sophisticated, and stylish. You can try out this timeless classic if you want a polished and put-together look for a serious summer event.
Cropped Blonde Bob


9. Side-Parted Pixie Haircut

The side-parted pixie haircut is timeless. It gives you a touch of elegance and sophistication. This style is perfect if you want something very simple and polished.
Side-Parted Pixie Haircut


10. Curly Coil Haircut

You get to embrace your natural curls and let them take center stage. Rock this summer with a short and sassy look full of volume and texture.
Curly Coil Haircut


11. Bob Haircut with Bangs

Whether you’re heading to the beach or a rooftop party, a bob haircut with bangs will turn heads. It is also ideal for an everyday look.
Bob Haircut with Bangs


12. Messy Bob with Bangs

Explore a carefree summer vibe with a messy bob and bangs. This hairdo gives you a relaxed and casual feel and allows your head and neck to enjoy the cool breeze.
Messy Bob with Bangs


13. Brunette Pixie with Undercut

Add some edge to your summer style with a brunette pixie haircut with an undercut. This hairdo gives you the darling rock star look.

Blonde Bixie Haircut


14. Curly Bob with Bangs

You can wear a curly bob with bangs hairstyle if you want something feminine and flattering. Ideal for social events.

Curly Bob with Bangs


15. Swept Back French Haircut

This sophisticated hairstyle is perfect for summer soirées and romantic date nights. Its timeless appeal makes it ever-green and glamorous.
Swept Back French Haircut


16. Layered Pixie with Bangs

If your hair is short, add some dimension to it with a layered pixie cut with bangs. It’s simple, cute, and does not require much maintenance.
Layered Pixie with Bangs


17. Full Pixie Haircut with Layers

Go with a full layered pixie haircut this summer and make a statement with your hair. You can add more bangs to create more dimension.
Full Pixie Haircut with Layers


18. Blonde Pixie Haircut with Spiky Layers

You can experiment with your hair this summer with a blonde pixie haircut with spiky layers. It gives you an edgy and modern look to stand out.
Blonde Pixie Haircut with Spiky Layers


19. Pixie Haircut with Full Fringe

Frame your face with a full fringe on your pixie haircut for a chic look this summer. If you love your forehead covered, you can try this out.
Pixie Haircut with Full Fringe


20. Brown and White Short Bob

If you love playing with colors, you can style a two-toned short bob to look unique. Note that getting the perfect shades is necessary for the colors to align and appear beautiful.
Brown and White Short Bob


21. Classic Bob Haircut

Keep it simple and professional this summer with a classic bob haircut. This sophisticated look always stays in style.
Classic Bob Haircut


22. Swept Back Wolf Bob

This laid-back style is perfect if you want something relaxed and low maintenance. It is perfect for those with oval faces.
Swept Back Wolf Bob


23. Messy Loose Curly Bob

Add some bounce on your natural curls to create playful, cute-looking, messy curly bobs. Although, it will require much maintenance
Messy Loose Curly Bob


24. Wild Curly Short Hair

Let your curls run wild and create an eye-catching hairdo this summer. You can keep the curls in place and look unique with a suitable hairpin.
Wild Curly Short Hair


25. Straight Bob Haircut

Keep it sleek and chic with a straight bob haircut. This hairdo gives you a polished look that’s perfect for any occasion.
Straight Bob Haircut


26. Big Chop Pixie Haircut

This hairdo is an ideal choice for young ladies and mums looking for a simple yet nice-looking summer haircut. It projects your natural beauty.
Big Chop Pixie Haircut


27. Layered Capped Pixie

Get a protective haircut this summer with a layered, capped pixie haircut. This hairdo protects your thin hair while giving you an elegant look.
Layered Capped Pixie


28. Mixed Colored Bob

Add some drama to your short hair with a mix of blonde and brown. This hairdo gives you the 21st-century celebrity look.
Mixed Colored Bob


29. Neck-Length Bob with Bangs

Try something unique with your bob haircut this summer. Getting the correct length for the layers is essential in creating this hairdo.
Neck-Length Bob with Bangs


30. Wavy Short Hair

You can create waves on your short hair to look unique. It’s effortlessly beautiful but might require more maintenance than a straight hairdo.
Wavy Short Hair


31. Full Curls for Short Hair

Amp up the volume of your curly, short hair. It gives you the Hollywood feminine look suitable for exclusive social and corporate events.
Full Curls for Short Hair


32. Short Blonde Wavy Hair

Get a short blonde wavy haircut to explore your inner beach babe spirit and look playful this summer.
Short Blonde Wavy Hair


33. Center-parted Wavy Bob

Keep it simple and chic with a center-parted wavy bob. This hairdo and nice sunglasses give you the sophisticated look you need this summer.
Center-parted Wavy Bob


34. Black Classic Haircut for Short Hair

Go back to basics with a classic black haircut for short hair. This versatile and stylish look is perfect for summer, offering a sleek and sophisticated look that’s perfect for any occasion.
Edgy Pixie Haircut


35. Quick Weave for Short Hair

If you want your short hair dropping over your shoulder, you can create a quick weave at home and apply a good cream to create this chic hairdo.
Quick Weave for Short Hair


36. Short Hair with Full Fringe

For those with thick hair, you can style your short hair, creating a full layered fringe. This hairdo is protective and easy to maintain.
Short Hair with Full Fringe


37. Dimensional Haircut for Short Hair

Add some dimension to your short hair and let it flow down. This hairdo gives you a casual look to engage in summer social events.
Dimensional Haircut for Short Hair


38. Short Natural Hair with Bangs

Make a statement with your natural hair this summer by styling it uniquely. There is no one-stop rule for styling the bangs.
Short Natural Hair with Bangs


39. Chic Layered Short Haircut

You can add some flair to your short hair with layers. Ensure a professional style of the hair to create the perfect layers.
Chic Layered Short Haircut


40. Short Simple Bob

Keep it chic and super simple with a blunt bob. It’s timeless and chic. You can style the bob haircut in different colors or mixed colors.
Short Simple Bob


41. Side-Parted Bob Haircut

Try out parting your bob by the side. You can part it right or left, experiment with both, and stick to what suits you more.
Side-Parted Bob Haircut


42. Layered Haircut for Short Hair

Add some texture to your short hair with a layered haircut. It is sleek, and you can style it in a few ways to keep it unique.
Layered Haircut for Short Hair


43. Orange Short Haircut with Side Bangs

Add some color to your summer look this season. It helps you to stand out and look unique from the crowd.
Orange Short Haircut with Side Bangs


44. Half Up Half Down for Short Hair

Style your hair looking chic and fabulous with a half-up, half-down hairstyle. It is fast to create and easy to maintain.
Half Up Half Down for Short Hair


45. Blonde Shell Pixie Haircut

A blonde shell pixie haircut allows you to enjoy the natural summer breeze. It’s an ideal hairdo for athletics and fitness ladies who want a super hairdo.
Blonde Shell Pixie Haircut


46. Blonde Short Hair with Bangs

For mums and older women, you can still look modern, chic, and beautiful while being simple by styling this hairdo. Its the easiness of maintenance makes it a good choice.
Blonde Short Hair with Bangs


47. Fresh Summer Bob Haircut

Keep it cool and casual this summer by styling this carefree summer bob haircut. You can add some textures to it for a more unique look.
Fresh Summer Bob Haircut


48. Bob with Curtain Bangs

Create a face-framing look with a bob haircut and curtain bangs. You can restyle the curtain bangs to any of the sides to create swept brushed bangs.
Bob with Curtain Bangs


49. Smooth Short Haircut with Side Bangs

This amazing hairdo keeps your short hair smooth and full of textures and bangs. You can add some spiky bangs or a side undercut to it.
Smooth Short Haircut with Side Bangs


50. Side Swept Short Haircut

Create a unique Hollywood good girl look by getting a side-swept short haircut today. It is easy to maintain and allows you to style it in different ways.
Side Swept Short Haircut


Each hairstyle offers its unique charm and personality, perfect for expressing your style and embracing the summer season with confidence and flair. Whether you prefer classic elegance, a laid-back look, or bold experimentation, there’s a short hair look to suit every taste and occasion.

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