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Is Keratin Treatment Good or Bad For Curly Hair?

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I always remember my mother saying “what has an advantage, also has a disadvantage”– that’s just the summary of the whole topic. But that isn’t enough to address the whole keratin treatment on curly hair issue.

So I would further go in with more details. Just to make sure things are clearer. I believe you should know what you are about to consider, the result and everything else that is necessary. So is keratin treatment good or bad for curly hair?

A well conducted keratin treatment is good for curly hair. Besides being a great way to make curly hair manageable, keratin treatment helps keep hair healthy, smooth, strong, shiny and frizz-free. But it turns bad when the process is done wrongly.

Terminologies and techniques used for this treatment by hairstylist may differ. But the determination is always up there.

In a Lay Man Understanding and research, this is what I found out:

What Is Keratin Treatment and How Is It Done?

Keratin treatment is a chemical semi-permanent hair straightening treatment that smooths and shines frizzy, curly or wavy hair. (this definition isn’t enough because it weighs beyond that, you will get to understand soonest).

During this treatment, keratin protein is artificially added to the hair to seal the hair cuticles giving it a shiny, straight smooth and healthy appearance.

Contrary to the benefits derived, the treatment price is relatively expensive. Depending on location price can range between $200-$500 and aside from that, you still have to sit down in the salon for at least 1 hour 30 minutes before everything is completed.

Mainly looking at the processing, time and fee, you would be pushed to ask questions like: Is it worth the money and time? well, the benefits you are aiming for are what will enable you to answer that question.

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Now let’s get back to the business of the day.

Keratin Treatment on Curly Hair

Ask anyone in the beauty world, maintaining and managing hair curls pattern can be stressful and time-consuming. Even though a lot of people still find it fun and interesting to do, some still don’t have time for that, so they will always want to try anything possible to care for their hair, in not more than 5 minutes.

And Guess what; Its a dream come true for ladies and gents with curly hair- Thanks to keratin treatment that now made things much more easier for curly ladies. You don’t have to worry about the CG method anymore, the this and the that’s are all by-gone of blessed memory.

Like I said earlier what has an advantage also has a disadvantage. Now let’s see the good and bad sides of keratin treatment.

The Good Sides

  • First and foremost keratin treatment on curly hair saves time. “The fact that I can style my hair in five minutes flat, has seriously changed my morning routine. Makes Hair Mashable”- Ruby Buddemeyer, beauty editor at Cosmopolitan.
  • No doubt, a lot of people who use to spend around 10-20 minutes styling and caring for their hair testified that the work time, load and product usage was significantly minimized. Isn’t that awesome?
  • Another good side of keratin treatment for curly hair is that it makes hair strong, shiny, healthy and manageable. During the process, immediately after the first hair wash, the keratin protein is applied to the hair. then pressed against the hair strands with flat iron– for it to seal the hair cuticles, giving the hair a healthy and manageable appearance.
  • Believe it or not, a keratin treatment is also a great solution to excessively dry curly hair and also reduce how long it takes your hair to dry after wash.

The Bad Side

Some treatments (keratin treatment differs) can make you will lose your curls pattern permanently depending on how aggressive it was handle (strength of treatment). If you choose the less aggressive type of keratin straightening treatment, getting your curls back won’t take that long if actually, you will need it again.

General Downsides

  • Cost: Run run run is the price tag. It’s really and pretty expensive to get it done. For most countries, a keratin treatment price in a salon can range somewhere around $200-$500 (depending on hair length, location, and other features best known by the stylist).
  • Heat damage: Whether curly or not, this should be one of the greatest concerns for keratin treatment. Get it now straight into your memory– slight and incorrect use of flat iron during the process can cause damage. And the bad news is- the heat damage caused on hair during the use of heat can be irreversible.
  • Health Risk: It has been confirmed that some brands of keratin products contain ingredients that emit formaldehyde when heated, which is not good for human health. However, In the past hair straightening products were full of harsh chemicals, but recent advancements in the cosmetic industry reduced the percentage of these chemicals. But that doesn’t mean that it is 100% risk-free. Some of these possible risks include allergic reaction to the eyes, ear skin. So it is advisable you get more briefing from your stylist before and after treatment.

Aside from the health aspect and price tag here, there is nothing that you should be so afraid of.

Research teams and the stylist will always advise you to do a keratin treatment, not more than three times a year for safety purposes. For the heat damage aspect, fear not if your stylist is an expert with enough experience.

Keratin Treated Hair Care Maintenance Tips

Yes, you don’t just get the treatments and disappear. You will have to care for it, and not just care for it, you have to pamper it in such a way that will make the treatment last longer.

Unlike the amount of time spent on your hair before the treatment will be cut down to not more than 5 minutes. Just follow the new routine giving to you by your stylist and make sure to visit the stylist once in a while. Here are some tips you should jot down now.

  • To keep your hair looking and feeling healthy after treatment, avoid product products containing chlorine, saltwater, sodium, and sulfate. In fact, ask recommendations from your stylist because he or she is in the best position to tell you what is going to work and that which not going to work according to how your hair responds to the treatment.
  • Avoid clarifying shampoos that can strip off hair oil and the keratin. Some will advise you to use it if you want your curls back anytime soon, but in the long run its not good for the health and strength of your har. So if you really want your curls back make sure you calm down and wait till the whole treatment fades off. or you can check back on your hairstylist for a quick solution.

How Long Does Keratin Treatment Last On Hair?

keratin treatment has been developed to be one of the longest-lasting semi-permanent hair straightening treatments on the market, with each treatment lasting between 3-6 months, depending on your regular hair care routine.

I also guess you might be wondering what your curly hair will look like after keratin treatment. Here’s a perfect before and after pictures of keratin treatment on curly hair.

Keratin Treatment Before and After

Take Away

If you have finally decided to go for keratin treatment ensure that the type you choose is safe enough. You should contact the salon before appointment to confirm if their keratin treatment technique will be good for your curly type.

Don’t just follow online ads and sponsorship, look for a stylist who is very experienced in this work.

Remember to ask the stylist for your new rules so you can fit it into your routine as soon as possible.

Now I would love to hear from you;

What do you think about keratin treatment for curly hair? Is it worth the hype and praises

Or have you undergone this treatment and had an awful experience that you might want to share with other curly-haired kings and queens.

Either way, do let me and others know by leaving your comment right now and most important don’t forget to share the message with friends, family, and colleagues.


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