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5 Hair Care Mistakes That Stunt Hair Growth Drastically

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Want to know what you’re probably doing wrong? This article got you covered with the six hair care mistakes that stop hair growth.

Everyone wants long, smooth, silky, and bouncy hair. Most people are willing to do whatever it takes to get that. In the bid to do ‘whatever it takes,’ some take it to the extremes, making some mistakes that will actually prevent hair growth.

Have you ever asked yourself, “why is my hair not growing?” If yes, then this article is for you.

In this article, you’ll learn some of the hair care mistakes you may have been making that are actually stopping your hair from growing.

Some of these mistakes are very common in our daily hair care routine; in fact, you do them every day, thinking that they actually help maintain and grow your hair, while in actuality, they do quite the opposite.

Hair Care Mistakes That Stop Hair Growth

Common Hair Care Mistakes

Please keep in mind that if you’re doing any of these and it’s working for you perfectly, know you have mastered the skill to handle your hair.

But not everyone has that skill and ability like you, so sometimes they end up doing it wrongly.

In essence, do not crucify me if any of these hair care mistakes is working for you. 

Here are six hair care mistakes that you should stop making today.

1. Towel-drying Your Hair

Wait, I know this is so comfortable and all, but you shouldn’t be drying your hair with a towel.

A towel is just too dry and coarse for your hair. Not only can a towel cause split ends, but you also risk drying parts of the hair more than the others, causing a lot of frizz.

If you continuously dry your hair with a towel, you will experience even more hair breakage.

Needless to say, it’s time to stop using that towel after every hair wash. Getting a cotton T-shirt or a microfiber fabric will help you clean your hair perfectly without breakages or frizzes, even though those don’t sound particularly like hair care materials.

Also, regardless of what you’re using to dry your hair, don’t rub roughly across your head. Gently squeeze out the water, and your hair will be fine with that.

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2. Improper Combing/brushing Your Hair

Most people don’t give much thought to combing their hair. They get any comb and rip it through their hairs without even caring about detangling.

This isn’t just a mistake; it is plain bad. Not only will this cause breakages, but you may also experience pain (your hair protesting) when you do that.

Instead, start by finding the correct type of comb for your hair. Then, gently comb your hair from the tips while detangling until you get to the roots.

Also, you don’t need to brush your hair each time you blink. Brush regularly, but not too frequently. This will keep your hair beautiful, as long as you’re doing it the right way.

3. Hot Water Wash

Your hair produces natural oils, supplemented by the artificial ones you add to keep your hair shiny and all bouncy.

However, washing your hair with hot water can supply heat that’s capable of dissolving the oils in your hair. This will rid your hair of the necessary oils, dehydrating your hair and causing all the frizzes you obviously don’t want.

To prevent this, you can wash your hair in lukewarm water, rinsing it in cold water. The cold water helps keep the moisture in your hair and hydrates your scalp, while lukewarm water will help open the hair cuticle so the shampoo can penetrate and remove dirt from the hair.

The work associated with caring for your hair can be too much that you won’t even care about it at night. While that’s understandable, we wish your hair has a little more empathy.

Since you need to care for your hair during the day, you mustn’t neglect your hair when you sleep.

The first step to a hair-friendly sleeping routine is changing your pillow (maybe). If your pillow is made of cotton fabric, you may want to change it to a more hair-friendly material like silk.

If you’re so attached to your pillow that you can’t let go, you can as well wrap a silk material around your hair while you use any pillow of your choice.

Even with a silk pillow, it’s best to cover your hair before you retire for bed, but in case the cover comes off, you know you have your pillow as backup.

And, don’t sleep with wet hair.

5. Delaying Trims

I understand that this is a guide to help you grow longer hair, and I know it sounds somewhat counterintuitive that I’m asking you to trim your hair.

However, allowing your hair to grow longer than necessary will always end badly. Trimming your hair is one of the most efficient ways to manage split ends, preventing breakage.

If you avoid trims, you could be prone to hair breakage, dehydrating, and split ends.

If you have relatively short hair, you can quickly tell when it’s time to go for a trim. However, people with long hair could find it more difficult to tell when they have grown long enough to deserve another trim.

However, most hair care professionals recommend trimming your hair once every two months at least. Getting a trim once in six weeks isn’t bad, too, if your hair grows really quickly.

6. Shampooing

Yes, you need to wash your hair, and yes, you need to wash your hair regularly. However, washing your hair way too regularly is also asking for trouble.

When you wash your hair, you should go gently on it as excessively vigorous hair wash can only damage your scalp. Also, washing too often removes too much of the essential oils required to grow your hair and keep it shiny.

Now you might be wondering how often you should wash your hair?

Well, there are no best hair wash intervals. You can wash once every two days, or even once a week. When you start to notice dullness in your hair, you know you’re overdoing it.

However, some hair types need frequent shampooing. If you have fine hair, shampooing once every 5 days won’t hurt.

Haircare is a world of its own. While you get so much information from supposed experts, not all of these are accurate, at least for your hair type specifically.

Old habits die hard, they say, but that’s when the perpetrator is oblivious of the consequences. Now that you know the hair care mistakes you make, it’s time you adjust and take better care of your hair.

I hope you enjoy and find this post on hair care mistakes that stop hair growth helpful?

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And if you got questions or feedback, do not hesitate to let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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