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How Long Do Spring Twists Last?

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Ever struggled with the next type of hair extension to choose! and you came across spring twist either as a newbie or an expert. Now you are wondering how long spring twists last before it loses value and integrity. Well, get ready because It’s time you know what you need to know. 

So how long do spring twists last?

The duration varies depending on your hair length, installation technique, length of the extension and overall maintenance routine. But usually, a spring twist extension with any style can last as long as 4-8 weeks.

A lot of ladies out there wear this spring twists for a much longer time than you can even remember or even imagine. Wanna know their secrets?  Well, there is no secret. It’s simply getting a quality spring twist, choosing the best low maintenance style and lastly following sweet favourable routine.

Heard of Passion Twists before? See exactly how long it lasts on hair here.

Quality is The Key

In addition to wearing it for that long, quality is what speaks. They do purchase a quality spring which is much high in price compared to any other and aside from price difference, there are few ways you can recognize a quality spring twist thread.

Take note that spring twist is the same as a two-strand twist, the difference is the type of extension used (springy). Also, have in mind that some tutorials out there will tell you that you need just two packs. I shouldn’t say they are totally wrong but depending on the volume of your hair and the size of your skull; some head needs around 4 packs and, but the least packs of spring twists extension you will need is 3.

Spring Twists

Whats Perfect Style for Long-lasting Spring Twist?

The truth is you can rock almost all styles and all length but because of its core springing feature that doesn’t last on some styles you just have to pick; crotched short updo, bob, chin-length or bob with bangs. Anything longer than that has a story to tell or maybe a secret still not disclosed.

Some people actually can rock longer styles for a longer time than those short ones- everyone’s a little bit different. The point is to go for what works perfectly and fine for you. While I was researching about spring twist, I read everything readable, reviews, tutorials maintenance routine, experience and so far so good in terms of duration no matter the length or quality of extension used, the average durability on hair is 3 weeks at least.

Newbie? Take Note

Everyone knows this, but I just think I should emphasizing it over again. You must make sure that your hair is washed, moisturized and stretched. This prep makes hair manageable, making it easier to style and most importantly saves time.

If actually, you want spring twists that can last for at least 4 weeks, then steer clear from cheap hair pack, quality differs likewise the price. Cheap twists always end up tangling. No matter your maintenance skill and products, wrong hair or product can never turn original.

Don’t make your first impression a horrible one. I noticed most ladies complaining they ended up installing rope twists instead of spring. Yes! Because they are twisting it tightly. Braiding and twisting are never the same. For sure you are always free to DIY, but I always recommend you allow hairstylists to do their job.

How to Maintain Spring Twists

Installation is completed, the next move is maintenance, so it can last as long as possible and the sweet part is that its a pretty low maintenance style: tug it a bit, it starts springing again.

Here’s our spring twists maintenance tips or routine:

Morning: Apply any Moisturizer to the hair and style your hair to desired simple Hairstyle, updo or down do or even both will be okay, you can as well try side flip pinned with beautiful hair clips. In fact, style it the way you want, but it must not be tight. Just make sure you keep your hair as moisturized as possible.

Bedtime: Before going to bed, the best way to protect against tangling, and other crazy unexpected is by making a loose Pineapple style or, wrap with either satin scarf or bonnet.

Weekly: You just have to care for your twists while caring for your natural hair as well. Gently wash once or twice a week, redo twist at your edges that are going old.

These are a few reasons why you should try out spring twist

  1. It cant be differentiated from your natural hair, it blends so well if well installed.
  2. It’s fairly affordable. Just that spring twist expert stylist charge a little high depending on location( though the price still worths it)
  3.  As said earlier spring twist is very easy to style and maintain
  4. It’s lightweight and very flexible.
  5. If well installed, the risk of hair and hairline damage is zero per cent.

Now I would love to hear from you;

Do you think spring twist is worth the hype?

If you have tried wearing. how long do spring twists last per your experience? or maybe you have other experience to share please don’t keep us waiting our comment box is wide open.

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I am Stanley. A Professional Unisex Hairstylist, Writer and books lover. After 12 months apprenticeship program as a stylist I started working with my boss for extra 1 year. This time frame made me acummulate knowledge and experience in the hair industry, of which I will love to share with friends all over the world through my blog.

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