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How Long Do Spring Twists Last?

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If you’re considering getting spring twists, a fair question to ask is about how long it lasts, while retaining a reasonable degree of its beauty and integrity. I’ve also considered this question, and with a dearth of answers online, I’ve decided to answer it myself.

So how long do spring twists last?

A spring twist extension with any style can last for as long as 4-8 weeks. Generally, how on it lasts on your hair depends on your hair length, installation technique, length of the extension, and your overall maintenance routine. 

You may have observed that some ladies out there wear spring twists for a longer time than normal without it turning into a weird jumble of ugly hair, and that’s due to the excellent management that goes into their spring twists.

In this post, we’ll explain how long spring twists last, how to make your spring twists last longer, and the best hairstyles for spring twists.

how long do spring twists last

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Quality is the Key

A lot of women fail to understand that quality is what speaks and matters. A quality extension could be more expensive, but it would also look better and last longer than a low quality, cheap knockoff.

It’s also essential to note that quality doesn’t always vary directly with price. Some low quality spring twist extensions tend to sell for an exorbitant price, tricking you into thinking they’re high quality, when they’re not.

So, you may need a bit of experience when choosing extensions to tell high quality ones from knockoffs.

Thankfully, a high price isn’t the only way to recognize high quality spring twist extensions. Quality extensions tend to feel soft and smell pleasantly. A bouncy, natural look with no tangles is also usually a great pointer that you’re looking at a high quality spring twist wig.

NOTE: Spring twists are the same as two-strand twists; the difference is the type of extension used (springy vs straight/curly).

Also, you should consider buying three packets of hair extensions for your spring twist before proceeding with getting the hairstyle. Some tutorial claim two packs is enough, but it’s not uncommon to need more than that, so you generally want to err on the side of caution.

Spring Twists

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What’s Perfect Style for Long-lasting Spring Twists?

You can rock spring twists on almost all styles with any length you desire, but because of its springiness, short styles tend to last longer with spring twists than longer hairstyles.

However, some people can actually rock longer styles for an extended period with spring twists; it all depends on the peculiarities of your hair.

The perfect style for you should be a balance between a long-lasting length and a look you love. If you prefer longer styles, getting a medium-length spring twist should work well for you.

Overall, you should strive to get a spring twist that lasts for at least four weeks, with eight weeks being a reasonable target if you’re into shorter hairstyles.

What to Know Before Getting Spring Twists

This should be common knowledge at this point, but it’s worth stressing: always make sure to wash, moisturize, and stretch your hair before wearing any extension.

Not only will this step make your hair more manageable, but it also makes it easier to style and saves you time in the styling process. It’s also a no-brainer if you’re looking to get spring twists that last more than a few days without looking downright ugly.

You also want to steer clear of cheap hair packs if you want spring twists that can last for at least four weeks, especially if you’re a newbie with no experience buying hair products for spring twists.

Even if the cheap hair extension looks neat and bouncy, they typically tend to come very tangled, causing severe frustration during the installation process.

Cutting costs might not be a terrible idea, but you generally don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out your spring twists when you simply could’ve paid a few dollars more to streamline the procedure.

How to Make Spring Twists Last Longer

After installation, the next move is maintenance, which isn’t complicated as spring twists happen to be a pretty low maintenance style.

Here’s our spring twists maintenance tips or routine for an everlasting springy look:

Morning: Apply moisturizer to the hair and style your hair to desired simple hairstyle; updo or down do, or even both will be okay. You can as well try side flip pinned with beautiful hair clips.

You can be free and creative about the styling, but you want to avoid making it extremely tight. Not only will that result in rope twists, but it also won’t last as long as its potential.

Bedtime: Protecting your spring twists at night is crucial to its longevity. Wearing a silk or satin scarf before bedtime should protect your hair while you sleep, consequently making it last longer.

Weekly: If you have an existing hair care routine already, sticking to it should be sufficient for your spring twists. Gently washing your hair once or twice a week and redoing slacking twists are weekly rituals that’ll enhance the longevity of your spring twist hairstyle.

Are Spring Twists Good for Hair Growth?

Spring twists fall under the protective hairstyles category, which refers to a collection of styles that protect your scalp and enhance hair growth. It’s no surprise, therefore, that spring twists are good for hair growth, and is indeed one of the best options for ladies seeking protective styles. 

These are a few other reasons you should try spring twists:

  1. Spring twists blend so well with your natural hair if installed properly.
  2. It’s relatively affordable; spring twist extensions cost next to nothing, and you can install the style yourself to save on installation costs.
  3. Spring twist is effortless to style and maintain.
  4. It is lightweight and very flexible, making a wide variety of styles possible.
  5. It preserves your scalp and prevents hairline damage on the long run.

Now I would love to hear from you;

Do you think spring twist is worth the hype?

If you have tried wearing it, how long do spring twists last per your experience?

Or maybe you have other experiences to share with us.

Either way, do let us know by leaving a comment below right now, and don’t forget to share.

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