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Can Grey Or White Hair Turn Black Again Naturally?

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Greying can be initially very scary; it usually doesn’t give you time to prepare, and once it starts, you start to panic. But before trying those magic cures and miracle anti-greying solutions, it’s essential to ask: can grey or white hair turn black again naturally?

White or gray hair due to aging (old age) cannot turn black again naturally. On the other hand, white hair that appears due to bleaching, stress, food, pollution, vitamin deficiency, and other physical influences can turn black again through certain medical or physical procedures.

In this article, I will share with you everything you need to know, starting from the possible causes of gray hair, the DIY way of making premature gray hair turn black, and a few other helpful tips.

To determine if grey or white hair can turn black again naturally, it’s essential to understand why female hair could turn grey in the first place. 

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Why Did My Hair Turn Grey?

Scientific research has pointed out a couple of factors that increase the likelihood of your hair turning grey. Here are some of the most common ones.

1. Heredity

Greying is a heritable trait, like many other physical properties of women. Thus, it’s no surprise that heredity is one of the most common causes of your hair quickly turning grey.

If you have a mother or aunt who went grey early, you should probably also start preparing for your turn as well. Of course, it’s not always a black-and-white affair, but it’s generally along this line.

At the moment, most individuals (74% of adults 45 to 60) will eventually go grey at some point in their lives, so you shouldn’t blame your parents for being born with the grey gene. The best you can realistically hope for is for yours to come much earlier than usual.

2. Low Or No Melanin Production

The cells in the hair follicles called “Melanocytes” produce two pigments (pheomelanin and eumelanin). These two pigments join together to produce human natural hair color.

As one lives, the melanocytes continue to inject pigment into the hair, giving its color. However, with time, the melanocytes gradually reduce the production of pigment.

This time the hair starts changing to gray, and when the melanin production eventually stops, the hair turns to full-blown white.

3. Stress

TheConversation wrote this “There is no evidence to link the onset of greying to stress, diet or lifestyle.” but how true is this?

The kind of stress one is going through, whether emotional or physical can affect the individual’s physical features. For instance, If you’ve ever been stressed out for a long time, you may start noticing acute weight loss.

When the whole thing is affecting your body, do you think your hair will be left untouched? Just think about it. To back up this, here’s what Dr. Roopal Kundu said:

“Stress won’t cause you to go gray directly, but stress is implicated in a lot of skin and hair issues.” During an illness, for example, people can shed hair rapidly. And hair you lose after a stressful event like getting chemotherapy may grow back a different color”– Dr. Roopal Kundu, associate professor in dermatology at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.

4. Lack Of Nutrition And Vitamin Deficiency

Vitamin B-12 is an essential vitamin, and it is needed for nerve tissue health, brain function, and the production of red blood cells. Another name for vitamin B-12 is Cobalamin.

Recent works of research have revealed a link between premature grey hair and a Vitamin deficiency. If you’re not eating enough for sustained growth and development, you may start going grey prematurely, even if you don’t have the ‘grey gene.’

5. Aggressive Hair Creams And Dye

If you’re bleaching or dying your hair excessively, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when you start noticing your hair kick back in the form of greying.

I was a victim of this hair-cream-changing hair color issue. It happened years back when I used a generic hair cream that was imported from Thailand.

After some weeks, my black hair started fading to brown. I was like, what is wrong with my hair?

I stopped using the hair cream, and boom, my black, oily, and shiny hair appeared again. The same thing can happen if you use dye or hair cream that is harsh to your hair.

This section is by no means discouraging the use of hair care products; rather, what we’re warning against is aggressive or excessive use. Also, if you notice a certain hair cream having an unfavorable effect on your hair’s color like mine, you may want to do away with it quickly.

6. Smoking

Apart from increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer, smoking can also make you go grey prematurely. A small-scale study found a link between smoking and early-onset hair whitening, with some corroboration in the scientific community.

Generally, if you don’t want to go grey early, don’t smoke.

7. Scalp Infections

Skin conditions such as dandruff, eczema, and ringworm may also cause greying. However, grey hair resulting from scalp Infection can be reversed once the infection is treated. So, you have a lot of control over this cause.

Can Grey or White Hair Turn Black Again Naturally?

There’s no point to anything if any discoloration of your hair is always permanent. So, before moving on with this article, it’s essential to ask: can grey or white hair turn black again naturally?

This question has a two-pronged answer. On the one hand, natural greying is always permanent and irreversible. Even with medications and supplements, you’ll always regrow white or grey hair whenever you cut your hair. On the other hand, there are artificial reasons for greying that are indeed reversible.

If you suspect that your grey hair is a result of factors like aggressive dying or scalp infections, you can correct them by fixing the underlying problem. So, the answer to this question can be either yes or no, depending on the underlying cause of the greying or whitening. 

At What Age Should I Consider My Gray Hair Premature?

Most adults will only start going grey around the ages of 40 to 60 years, so anything below that can be classified as premature greying. It’s crucial to note that the reality is different for individuals of different races: white people generally start going grey early, while blacks do later in life.

How To Make White Hair Turn Black Again Naturally (Home Remedies)

In many cases, there’s a clear reason why you went grey. It may be a medical condition, age, nutrition deficiency, or basically anything else from the preceding section. The first step to fixing the issue is finding out the cause of your whitening or greying and fixing the cause. 

If you’re not sure, these home remedies might help.

1. Mix Coconut Oil And Lemon Juice

Mix coconut oil with lemon juice, apply it to your hair, comb, or brush your hair, so the mixture gets to all the grey hair. Before you do this, make sure your hair is clean.

Allow the mixture to sit on your hair for 2 hours or more before washing it off. If you want to use shampoo, use a gentle one.

Add this to your hair routine, and do this daily or 4-5 times weekly for at least two months, and watch out for the result.

The lemon juice is somewhat optional; it is just to quicken the reaction. If you are allergic to lemon, feel free to use only coconut oil.

2. Consume Iron And Biotin Supplements

Eat foods and fruits rich in iron and biotin, or take supplements recommended by an expert. The point here is to supplement your meals and hopefully cure the nutritional deficiency that caused the greying in the first place.

You can also apply unsalted buttermilk with curry leaves on your hair anytime you want to wash your hair as per your routine. Apply it to your hair and let it sit for 30 minutes before you wash your hair.

3. Avoid Stress Inducers

Eliminating stress can do wonders for your greying hair, as stress is a confirmed scientific cause of greying or whitening. Some recommended ways to de-stress include quitting a demanding job, taking time off for relaxation, meditation, and exercise, and seeing a therapist.

De-stressing won’t magically make your white hair turn black again naturally, but you may start noticing its impact over time. 

4. Eat healthy

You can only feel comfortable, think, and function well when your body is satisfied and balanced with adequate nutrients in its right proportion.

It’s important to know that fast food is regarded as junk. I understand that sticking to a healthy diet can be hard, but now, it’s a choice to make: your hair or your food.

5. Apply Onion Juice

Onion juice is highly rich in catalase enzymes; an enzyme that reportedly helps the body neutralize hydrogen peroxide. Since hydrogen peroxide is one of the most popular artificial hair-lightening chemicals, a neutralizer like orange juice can help reverse the effects of artificial whitening.

It’s essential to note that this solution doesn’t work for natural greying causes age and stress. However, if your hair discoloration is a result of chemicals from the aggressive use of hair products, applying onion juice could be the miracle cure you need.

Other Helpful Tips

  • Avoid wearing tight head covers as they can cause excessive heat and traction alopecia, a hair condition that can cause permanent or temporary hair loss. This can also cause dandruff.
  • Consider using colored hair dye to fix your white or grey hair. It may sound antithetical to this post’s philosophy of making your white hair turn black again naturally, but it’s one of the most effective methods. Regardless of what solutions you try, you’ll eventually go grey with age, with the only possible fix being removing your hair permanently or using dye.

Have you heard of Just For Men? Here is how long it lasts on hair.

Does White Facial Hair Turn Black?

Many of the solutions that work for your regular hair will also work for your facial hair, but you must be ready to shave off your existing beard. Unless you can use hair dye, the only way to turn your facial hair black is by shaving and then using medications or supplements that will enhance the natural growth of black hair.

I really hope you find this post very helpful.

Now I would love to hear from you:

Did you find this article on gray hair turning black helpful?

Or maybe you have some questions or suggestions.

Feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below right now. And most importantly, do not forget to share this post with friends.

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can grey or white hair turn black again naturally

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I am Stanley. A Unisex Hairstylist, Writer, and book lover. After 12 months of the apprenticeship program as a stylist, I started working with my boss for an extra one year. This time frame made me accumulate knowledge and experience in the hair industry, of which I will love to share with friends all over the world through my blog.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such wonderful knowledge! Herbal Treatment for Premature Gray Hair is far better than the chemical dyes. Premature Gray Hair Natural Treatment that has absolutely no side effects.

    1. Hi Alexandra,

      I appreciate your comment and time. Thanks for your wonderful contribution.

      Herbal treatment works fine, but the risk there is that most herbal treatment products are fake. Or even chemical dye in disguise.

      The best for now is pure Henna which is relatively difficult to get except you live around India.

      1. Bro I’m 17 year old and my 25 percent of hair are completely white can I turn them black and can I apply lemon juice and coconut oil and lemon mixture at once

        1. Hi Aryan,

          25% Gray hair at 17 is prevalent these days. If I may ask, did you go through your family history to see if anyone had a similar experience?
          Or maybe you started seeing your gray hair after illness or infection.

          Either way, just know that if it is coming from your family, it may be tough to turn black again, no matter the remedy you use.

  2. Hi, i’m 33 yrs old and half of my hair have already turned grey/white. Currently, I’m applying dye to cover it. I have few questions.
    a) is it possible to turn my hair black again ?
    b) since I’m applying dye, can i try the methods you meny on top of it or I should not use while applying your techniques like onion juice extracts.

    Please suggest.

    1. Firstly I would like to say thank you for leaving a comment, we really appreciate.

      For question 1, I would say yes, because growing gray hair at 30 is kinda premature. but on the other hand, If traced back to your family, did any group of people experience same premature gray hair. If Yes it’s likely you can’t go all black again. So just pick it up that you are aging gracefully.

      For the second question. No doubt, using organic products and synthetic ones at same time causes conflict. One is likely to stop the other from working. So it’s best you use one at a time for some period to know if it’s actually working for you.

      If you still want some more briefing, do let me know.

  3. i am 22 my hairs are turning white gradually , currently i am having approx 20 to 25 grey hairs some of they are complete grey and others are partly grey and than again started turning black still i am worried can all my hairs be turned black again by applying the remedies suggested?

  4. salam i am fahad here from Pakistan my age is 20 and got my half head white not half but too much i am applying color for last two years but now i want to get rid of it so is it helpful for me too if i stop applying hair dye and start using your tonic will it be helpful for me white hair i got was because of illness i got ill that damaged my hair but after that applying color took part in it

    1. Sorry for what happened to you, I understand how it feels. Growing gray at 20 is very premature. I know a girl with similar issue. Some of the hair that turned gray after her illness managed to cover while a some remained permanent.

      Cases like this aren’t treated with home remedies because it is originated from illness. For now, you should stop applying hair dye and visit a dermatologist to find the story behind yours, am sure they will have something important to tell you.

      I would also love to know how long you have been experiencing this.

      1. yes sure. my hair were perfect but then i got ill i dont know what is that illness exactly called i got stubborn nazla that freezed in my skull but after treatement i got cure and after that i started using dyes dyes didnt gave me muchside effects but my hair started becoming thin and also some of them getting white my question is if i shave my head with machine and apply these tonics for long time and starts improving my diet will it be helpfull for me ??

  5. In Buddhism, one of the reported effects of gaining further insight into one’s nature is that grey hair can turn dark again. A year ago I had an operation for a gall stone and discovered I have cirrhosis (still relatively early stage). Six months ago my dove white hair started to turn progressively darker. This was in combination with developing further insight because of closeness to death, and since I have been meditating for over forty years I thought the change in color might be related to that. It’s not magical – with insight you naturally relax and there is less stress. I can also see how discovering my condition and changing my eating habits (somewhat) might have influenced the change in color. It seems to be a sign that despite my illness I seem to be getting healthier than I have been for the past ten years. If all of my hair turns dark again (it’s coming up from the roots) then it’s probably not just a physiological issue, especially if hair white for thirty years starts turning dark. Can you let me know if there are other situations like that and how often do they occur. Do any occur in relationship to meditation.

  6. To be honest I really appreciate your time and comment.

    “Hair white for thirty years starts turning black” naturally. I will say cases like this is rare, according to the time frame. But it’s normal for hair to turn black on its own without tweak (because the melanin pigment aren’t dead yet, they were just deactivated for sometime)

    In your case, No doubt, meditation equals relaxation (stress-free). In addition you manipulated your eating habit.

    If you aren’t satisfied with this answer, please let me know by leaving a reply below. Thanks

    1. I was born with blonde hair ,turned brown by the time i was 7 began getting darker turned black aruond 17 an then the grey started to show up ,completly white haired by 37 ,an for some reason the past month my hair is starting to see black hair showing up more an more ,i cut my hair every week and a coworker asked if i was putting die in it an then my wife noticed in my beard, i like my white hair,whats going on here?

      1. Hi George,

        Thanks for your time and comment.

        If I am to say something on your hair color in one word, it’s going to be “Nature.”

        I agree with you that you love your white, but as the situations stand, there is nothing you can do about it.

  7. Im neil from India Mumbai & i m fed up of my grey hair…. i m just 17 years old and about to 60 % of hairs got grey and i m not a smoker….also n also i haven’t use dye … so what can i do ??? Plz suggest

    1. 60% Gray hair at 17, sounds too hard to believe. This is completely jaw-dropping.

      But trust me it’s connected to either illness and scalp infection or Gene.

      A professional dermatologist would be in the best possible position to give you more clue and insight.

  8. Hi, i am 29 year old. when i was 21 year that time i did use bleach(few area) on my hair. And that time i got my first grey hair. and now 20%+ my hair has change into grey (specially front side of the head ). kindly suggest me how i can get back my hair black. in my family my 40 year old sister has no grey hair. and my mother has also few grey hair. i m only “who’s facing this problem”. i am unmarried next few month is marriage. please tell me how i can come out this problem..

    1. This completely shows that Bleach was the main cause of your gray hair. If there’s anything you can do to make your hair turn black before your marriage, that should be dyeing it. Other remedies are not quick as it seems.

      I would say you should dye your hair with natural hair dye. After marriage consult a dermatologist within your location and get professional advice.

      Going grey as a result of synthetic products can be a bit tricky to understand.

  9. I am 40 yrs old male I used hair dye for the last 15 yrs Can my white hair turns black again by using natural methods

    1. I appreciate your comment, am so glad to have you here. You having gray hair at 40 is a sign you are aging gracefully. Their is no natural remedy. All you have to do now is to continue with your hair dye.

      1. I’m 55 and my hair has been white for more than 10 years now, I’ve been diagnosed with ceiliac last year, now I’m eating better I’ve got new hair strands growing totaly black, its unbelievable. I’d love to post a picture so you could see.

        1. Wow, Perfect. Thanks for stopping, I really appreciate your comment. Can you shed more light on what you eat and how often? People are actually looking for every possible way to get such an amazing transformation without any product. Feel free to contact me so I could post your picture under your comment.


  10. My problem is opposite of what I’ve been reading. Have always had blonde hair. For past few years every 4-5 months I would get blonder highlights as in the winter my blonde hair became dull looking. After my last visit to hairdresser she did it different and covered my whole head with a lightener. At first I noticed a red cast to my hair and when wet it really appeared red. A few weeks later I noticed my roots were Black. Now after a couple of months these black roots continue to grow. I have about one inch of black roots. I hate it. Bought blonde hair dye last night but fearful to use it. What do you think happened? ThAnks

  11. I am in my 70’s and for nearly 2 decades my hair has been a beautiful almost pearly, in places almost translucent, white. For the last 6 months, for no reason I can tell, no surgeries, no treatments, no new meds, my hair has been turning a dark charcoal through out my hair in swatches and it is scaring me. Besides, I think it is unattractive and I no longer get complements on my lovely hair… one of the few things I ever did get complements on. I can find no info on the internet. Any ideas as to what is causing this this to happen? If so, thank you!

    1. I will say yours defiles the law of gray hair, turning From gray to black at 70. Sounds unbelievable. I think you should book an appointment with a dermatologist as soon as possible. Cases like this is very rare.

  12. i can see little grey hair coming out of my jor and bears in my eye larshes i saw little and am in my late 20s wat can i use and no form of early grey in my family

  13. The same thing is happening to me. I am 75, very healthy, fit and not on any medications. My hair colour was originally almost black (European background) and I started to go grey in my late 50s. I dyed it for a while trying to only use organic products. About 8 years ago I let the dye grow out and was happy to see that my had now become “salt and pepper” which I quite like. Just recently I noticed, as did my husband, that my hair seem to be getting darker again especially at the back. This started me wondering if this is possible and why. Having sold our house a year ago, we moved into a over 50s lifestyle resort where there is very little stress. Could this be the reason?

    1. Of course, Less stress as mentioned can get your grey hair turning back again, though it actually takes time before it gets noticed. If I may ask do you like the development?

  14. Hello , this is leela , am 24years old, when i was 20 my hair starts grey and now my hair is about 60% gray,,, i got one thing that my hair became gray due to stress and vitamin deficiency now am alright with food and peace of mind can i get black hair again? can you give me some tips to maintain a healthy and black hair , please

    1. Hello Leela,

      Maintaining meals with essential minerals and supplements is best move you made.

      In addition I believe you’re now stress free.

      To be honest it takes time before you see the full black because it starts from one strand then gradually cover the rest.

      But be rest assured your hair will turn black again with time.

      I really appreciate your time and comment.

  15. I have 8-9 grey hair and I m 16 years old only so please tell me my grey hair will turn into black if I used these remedy ?? Please give the answer as soon as possible ????

    1. Your grey hair is very premature. If it’s not connected with your gene, It will likely turn black again. I think you should as well visit a dermatologist for proper checks.

  16. Hi, i am ashu and i am 17 years old n my 40 percent hairs are white now, i dont smoke…follow a good diet …and my hairs are white. i know my hairs are white because i jerkoff daily.can u please tell me what i should do

    1. Hello Ashu, Since you have confirmed that jerking off daily is the main reason why your hair is turning white. Why don’t you stop doing it.

      I think you should give your real self some space. At 17 and 40 percent of your hair turned grey. That very premature.

      First thing I would recommend you do is to stop that jerkoff habit and wait for 2-3 months if no improvement then you go and visit your doctor.

      But hopefully your hair must surely turn black again.

  17. Hi,….I’m 30 years old, before I’ve been reached 25 a few hairs turned white and now 10% of my hair turned white ,it’s very annoying….I’m treating from anemia …Is it the cause?and can my hair turn black again?

    1. Hello Marian,

      The 5 years gradually development shows that you really have to do something and for sure certain illness can make your hair turn grey. You can as well trace down similar situation to your family, If it’s not found in any member of the family, then there is big hope that your hair can turn black again.

      My last note for you- Book an appointment with a professional dermatologist for full details concerning your grey hair.

  18. husband age is 32 years..and he has almost 60 % hair grey on head beard and chest also…
    Any remedy to reverse it..?

    (Its not hereditary)

    1. If it’s not hereditary, then it is likely related to stress or vitamin deficiency or any other cause mentioned above. I strongly suggest you tell your husband to visit a dermatologist first for full insight into the cause and possible solution.

      As for the beard, it is the most stubborn, I doubt if it’s going to turn black easily. If things didn’t turn out well after following your dermatologist guide feel free to try out our tips.

  19. I am varun and i have almost 50%of my hairs grey. I had a natural dye once but then i left it. I am just 15 and with so much of grey hairs i could not stand up in front of people. I have consulted to a dermetologist they said it is due to the deficiency of vitamin and other nutrients . I wanted to ask that the above given remedies will help me to get my black hairs back and also can i use them with the medicines prescribed by the doctors.

    1. Hi Varun,

      I understand how it feels to have grey hair at your age. Since your dermatologist says that your grey hair is as a result of deficiency. What’s the need of using other remedies when you already know and have a straight forward solution.

      I will recommend you consume supplements and nutrient-rich foods until you start seeing a positive result. And no doubt your hair must surely turn black again, it just requires patience and dedication.

      1. Thank you for your suggestions but what about the heredity white hairs can’t they be reversed to black.and how does these hairs change to grey or white if they are related to genetics ?

        1. Hi Varun,

          Most cases of hereditary related gray hair turns out to be irreversible just like gray hair from birth.

          And for information on how that happens. I believe science has better explanation for this.

          1. Sir,
            but what about the hairs which turned from black to grey at the age of 15 or 16 are they heredity or due to some other reasons.

          2. It could be hereditary or otherwise, that’s why you actually need to trace it down to your lineage, if not found then you can visit your dermatologist for better answers

  20. I have been taking Tumeric Golden Paste homemade (considered best) for 3 weeks and my grey/white hair is regaining brownish color and seems to get darker every day – no more white bleached halo and it is thicker too. I think it could be the coconut oil in the recipe.

    1. Coconut oil has been a wonderful ingredient for most of the skin and hair related problems. It really works wonders. I am happy for the development you have noticed so far.

      Keep on doing what you are doing because it will be slow, but it will worth the work and time.

      1. I m Raj, I m getting almost 40%of my hair grey. I much tired about it as I m only of 17. I m not sure but I think it was due to the over stress. please suggest me either I should go for coconut oil or almond exercise and maditation good for my grey hair.can I go for vitamin tablet ,if yes please suggest the name of tablet

        1. Hi Raj, I understand how you feel about your gray hair.

          Coconut oil has always and will always be a game changer for hair and skin related issue. A trial is definitely worth it.

          Meditation, rest and exercise can also be helpful.

          For the tabs I think dermatologist is in the best position to recommend it for you.

  21. Hey! I am Doreen, I am 37 years old and almost 50-60% of my hair is already grey. I do not want to use synthetic methods of dyeing my hair, rather I would like to try the natural methods. Of course I have been so stressed up with work and relationships issues since my late 20s and also I inherited the grey hair from both my mum and dad. About the stress I keep wondering r to see my twin sister with the same problem even though she seems to be having both a stable job and wonderful family, and this gets me much worried as to whether I will be able to reverse my hair back to black with these natural methods. Or maybe the only solution is to use the synthetic dyes to have the beautiful darker hair I admire?

    1. Hello Doreen, It’s nice to have you here. I really appreciate your time and comment.

      Since you discovered that the grey hair runs through the family. There are little chances of your hair turning black as you desire.

      Feel free to use synthetic dye to achieve the colour you want.

      You can as well test Natural Henna hair dye. Though It won’t give you a very dark colour but will make your greys blend in with the black.

  22. I am 30 year of age and i can see grey hair in my joor and i stress my self so much some time i dont sleep ontime and this gray is getting much and please is too much sex can cause grey hair and please how can i get rid of it am nit happy

    1. Hi Adeola,

      If I understood correctly, you said your jaw, not hair.

      The only way to get remove of it, is by waxing and plucking, though this is not permanent solution.

      From research, I don’t think too much sex contributes to your gray hair.

      Also see the reasons why women grow Beards

  23. Hello I am age of 36 male till 32 of age I have completely black natural hair but I see 3..4 gray hair after that once I used synthetic colour dye.and addicted to dyeing color. Now it gradually most of hair turning to white and also in my beard too. And in these period I was stressful also. Can it be reverse naturally black please suggest.

    1. Hello Mohit,

      Speaking of reversing naturally, I can’t conclude.

      I suggest you trace down your linage and see if it contributes to your gray. If no!

      Give yourself time to rest, meditate, and eat well.

      As for the beard, I doubt if it can turn black again.

  24. Hi brother Stanley,
    Thank you for the information, I am writing this comment after reading all the comments from you, I am 26 years old, I have gray hair in full of my body and beard as well, I came through my family history, my father also got gray in early age, I tried many home remedies, tablets but I don’t see any result. How can I get my hair black, what do I do. Please help me out.
    It’s like taking tension of gray hair, because of having gray hair.
    Please reply to me

    1. Hi Mohammad,

      It’s nice to have you here.

      Just like you said that the grey hair you have now already exist within your family. I doubt if there’s any remedy to get your hair black again.

      The only option is the use of hair dye.

      However, you can consult a dermatologist and discuss it further.

  25. Hi I am Akshay and my age is 16 and 30% hair become white can they reverse to black.
    Reason -I suffer from cold everyday and typhoid 2 times in age of 14
    If it is genetic b/c my father has grey at 25 and me at 14
    I didn’t no it is genetic or not

    1. Hello Akshay,

      If I understand you well, you said that your father had grey hair at 25, while you started seeing yours at 14.

      The thing you have to know is that your father had gray hair at an early age, which might be a result of hereditary. Because he had his gray hair at 25 doesn’t mean yours will start in your 20s as well.

      I understand how it feels. So I highly suggest you consult a Dermatologist or try out some of the above home saver tips.

  26. Hi. I am ayan . my age is 25 year. .
    from last 2 year my head hair become 25 % white as well as 15% hair of my beard become white. & sudden my chest hair also become white. I was shocked.what is happening to me. what will I do I am so worry about it.
    and I m so much depressed after saw an article on white hair where they claimed
    research said white hair is symtomp of heart disease 🙁
    I am so depress please try to solve my issue



    1. Hi Ayan,

      I am no expert, but I doubt if white hair is a sign of what you mentioned.

      In your case, I recommend you consult a dermatologist for clearer and direct help.

  27. When i was in class six my hair started to becoming gray.. In class 9- 11 almost 40% of my hair became gray.. Then i used a lot of things in my hair including potato peels,various types of oil, mixture, aloe vera, onion etc.. But i didn’t found anything useful I don’t what was that ingredient but after a 5-6 month when i stopped using everything than i noticed most of my gray hair became black again.. Now only(10-15) hairs are gray.. But sad part is I don’t know which ingredient did that magic..! Thanks to Allah for my current condition.. It is much more better than before.. I am praying for my remaining hair to turn into black

    1. Hi Jehad,

      Good to have you here. I really appreciate your time and feedback.

      Well, gray hair in some cases can turn black on their own naturally.

      But in as much as you tried those things you mentioned, I would say the effort isn’t a waste because who knows if they were actually responsible for the change.

      Congrats and Cheers.

  28. Hi, i m a 25 year old girl. Have been facing greying issues for around 9 years till now. I have bleached my hair once at 24 yrs age and i had applied henna once when i was 22 yrs age. I had done my smoothening 6 months back. I have always oiled my hair well, but there were factors like shifting to a diff place 4 MBBS, different water and pollution. I looked up some remedies recently, have been using a concoction of coconut oil, castor, curry leaves, black seed oil 3 days a week for about 1 month now. 10-12 grey hairs have become naturally black from the roots. A few are slowly becoming darker. I have around 40 percent (might be lesser than this, but approximately 40) and i am not sure if all my grey hairs will gradually become black with time. I have made lifestyle changes, doing yoga. Negative history of genetic graying.Do you think my grey hairs will blacken with time?

    1. Hi Pihu,

      Since you’ve noticed a positive change or should I say improvement, it’s best you stay positive and affirm your hair would turn black again.
      The 10-12 grey hair that turned black from root naturally is a clear sign that there’s hope.

  29. Years ago when I had chronic migraine, my doctor put me on a medication which I took daily to prevent headaches. Much to his surprise and mine, my hair not only grew in very curly, but also much grayer, almost white. When I stopped the medication, the new hair was again straight. I can easily see from pictures taken at that time, that my hair is quite a bit darker. The doctor was completely mystified!

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