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How Long Do Passion Twists Last on Hair?

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When it comes to protective styles: braids, Locs and twists remain the best for some ladies. No doubt questions keep flowing in on which one to go for first, but that’s not why we are here. I want to talk about the age-old question: how long do passion twists last on hair?

Like most long term protective hairstyles, passion twists can last anywhere between 2-4 weeks depending on the overall hair care routine, firmness during installation, the technique, style length and quality of hair used.

Now let’s look further into what that means and what you can do about it;

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What Determines the Durability of Passion Twists on Hair

While there are tones of factor that might affect how long passion twists last indirectly, the above-mentioned ones are the most common and main factors that affect the durability.

1. Routine

A lady once said her style lasted for just one week and I was like WTF. Yes, she was newly introduced to the trend that’s one, she installed it herself that’s two, she handled (applied hair products and wash hair) just like other types of protective styles.

Its’ a low maintenance style for sure, but you have to be conscious of every move you make because of little thing matters. Some hair products you use can add weight to hair after a few days of repeated maintenance, that’s when you wash.

2. Hairstyle Length

People say this is a very light style, but everybody’s ability and resistance isn’t the same. Long passion twists styles are very beautiful and gorgeous but it doesn’t last long when compared to shorter ones. Too bad!!!

Long styles are relatively difficult to sleep with at night and I guess you know what it means, you might end up making it unruly and tangled beyond fix when you wake up. In summary, smaller or shorter twists last longer while providing both volume and fullness.

3. Quality

Passion twists braiding hairs are usually soft and wavy so they unravel very easily. So the type of hair you chose matters a lot because they all have different quality and wave pattern( Medium-sized wave is best for passion twists). So far so good the most common quality hair used for passion twist is Freetress Water Wave Hair because it tangles less compared to other types.

4. Installation Practices

If you install too tight you end up getting ropes(depending on the method used), if you install too lose it starts to slip out within 14 days. Most ladies newly introduced to passion twists do it themselves, so on the first and second attempt, they always have a not too good impression.

I would advise, if you want to see the real beauty of passion twists and how long it lasts as a newbie, visit a professional stylist for installation after then you can start installing it by yourself. Trust me you won’t turn back because the style is so lovely.

Tips To Make Passion Twists Last Longer

The type of hair used for passion twist possesses this looser curl pattern (wave or corkscrew curl) so they easily go astray, lol… Don’t worry we got you covered if you are looking for tips to slay this protective style to the fullest.

  • Crochet braid passions twists tend to last longer than all other traditional installation methods. So always opt for this method. Aside from making your hair last long crocheted braid passions twists save your hair from pulling out and reduces the weight on the individual hair strand.
  • You have to be careful and watchful on wash days. In short, you should wash once a week and most importantly wash gently in a way that won’t temper your style or you can book an appointment with your stylist for better profession experience as a new lady.
  • Mix two or more colour for more beautiful, This won’t make it last longer, but the compliment you will receive from friends will make you understand what you got on yourself.
  • If you feel that the style feels too bulky, feel free to trim to your desired length, but no below bob style.
  • Don’t detangle hair every minute, do it twice or once a day. You can even remove and replace the hair that seems difficult to detangle depending on the method of installation.
  • Immediately after installation is completed, Use a holding mousse to set flyaway hair at bay.
  • Prepping hair won’t affect the durability as well, but it will save your time and that of the hairstylist. So first thing first. Wash your hair, moisturize, detangle and strength your hair before visiting your stylist for installation.

Passion Twists

Working Maintenance Routine for Passion Twists

Like I said earlier it passions twists is a very low maintenance protective hairstyles. So you don’t need much product and time to maintain on a daily or weekly basis.

Daily Routine: Ensure you moisturize, detangle daily while having retention in mind and at hand. Apply mousse every few days to keep the frizz at bay and maintain the shine.

Avoid heat styling as much as you can. Instead of using a blow dryer on your hair after bathing, cover it with a shower cap before entering the bathroom. This can save you time as well.

Weekly Routine: The only weekly routine I know is the washing other care regimes must be done daily. When washing you can use the same method as you would use for other protective styles.

Sleep Regime: Just like most protective hairstyles you have worn so far, You have to style it, especially at night and cover so you don’t scatter it. The most common method is pineapple style with satin bonnet plus or minus silk pillowcase.

How Long Does it take to Install Passion Twists?

Most are scared to go for it thinking it will take forever to install, but that’s far from the truth. Installing passion can take anywhere in between 2-5 hours depending on how experienced you or your hairstylist is with twists styles.

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