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How Long Do Passion Twists Last on Hair?

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When it comes to protective styles: Braids, locs, and twists remain the best styles for most ladies. If you’re considering getting twists, and specifically passion twists, you may want to ask: how long do passion twists last on hair?

Like most long term protective hairstyles, passion twists can last anywhere between 2-4 weeks depending on the overall hair care routine, firmness during installation, the technique, length, and hair quality used for the installation.

Before we look further into these factors affecting the longevity of passion twists, here are some of our other works you may like:

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how long do passion twists last

What Determines the Durability of Passion Twists on Hair

While there are tons of factors that might affect how long passion twists last indirectly, the ones mentioned below are the commonest direct factors that affect the style’s durability.

1. Routine

A good installation is essential, but how well you maintain your passion twists on the long run is easily the most impactful factor affecting its longevity.

The passion twist hairstyle is pretty low maintenance, but not no-maintenance; and the wrong kind of maintenance is probably worse than not even maintaining it at all.

Gentle, occasional washes, moisturizing, and protecting your hair with a silk or satin bonnet at night are simple additions to your haircare routine that go a long way in helping your passion twists last longer.

2. Hairstyle Length

While some people argue that passion twists are pretty light, there’s no doubt that your hair’s length impacts how long it ends up lasting.

Long passion twist styles may look lovely and gorgeous, but it takes a longevity hit with the extra weight constantly pulling on the twists, a disadvantage that’s nonexistent with short passion twists.

Long styles are relatively challenging to sleep with at night, and I guess you know what it means, you might end up making it unruly and tangled when you wake up, usually causing lifespan-shortening impact.

In summary, smaller or shorter twists last longer than longer ones.

By the way, I recently shared the 20 best passion twists crochet hairstyles you won’t regret trying out this year. If it’s something you’re interested in, do well to check it out.

3. Quality

Passion twists braiding extensions are soft and wavy, so they tend to unravel very quickly.

The type of hair you choose matters a lot because passion twist extensions have different quality and varieties plus wave patterns (Medium-sized wave is best for adorable long-lasting twists).

The commonest high quality hair we recommend for passion twist is the Freetress Water Wave Hair;  it tangles less, compared to other hair types while retaining an amazing look.

4. Installation Practices

If you install too tight, you end up getting rope twists (depending on the method used), and a loose installation is a maintenance nightmare as you’ll have another strand unraveling every other day.

Most ladies newly introduced to passion twists install it themselves, opening them up to rookie mistakes that lead to unfavorable experiences on the first few attempts.

If you’re after a perfect installation of passion twists that would last as long as you expect, having a professional stylist install it for you is always a good idea. When you’re ready to start doing it on your own, you’ll have to admit that the first few tries may not be very good, and you should be all right.

How Long Do Passion Twists Last on Hair?

The answer here depends on the length and quality of your twists. Short twists tend to last longer than long passion twists, and passion twists from high quality extensions will obviously do better in the durability category than low-quality twists.

On average, you should expect your passion twists to last anywhere between four to eight weeks, with four being what you should expect with longer twists or lower quality hair. However, if your passion twist style is reasonably short and made from high quality extensions, you should expect to wear it in its pristine form for eight weeks or more.

How To Make Passion Twists Last Longer (Tips)

The type of hair used for passion twist possesses the looser curl pattern (wave or corkscrew curl), so they tend to unravel quite easily. Thankfully, following the guide from above should ensure you eke out every hour of longevity from your hair, but you can do even better.

Here are some more helpful tips to make your passion twists last longer during and after installation:

  • Crochet braid passions twists tend to last longer than all other traditional installation methods. So, this method is worth considering if your primary goal is longevity. Apart from their durability, crocheted braid passions twists save your hair from pulling out and reduces the weight on individual hair strands, offering you a lighter and more comfortable experience.
  • Be gentle during washes. Don’t wash it too frequently; once a week is enough, and most importantly, scrub gently in a way that won’t tamper with your style. You can book an appointment with a professional stylist for an example of a non-destructive wash.
  • Mix two or more colors to achieve a deeper and more adorable look. This likely won’t help much in the longevity aspect, but you’ll certainly love the compliments you will receive from friends just as much as you like a long-lasting hairstyle.
  • Trimming can help your passion twists last longer, but approach it with caution, as you don’t want to sacrifice any of your hairstyle’s allure for maybe two more weeks of life.
  • Don’t detangle your hair constantly, as it puts unnecessary strain on your twists, impacting the durability. Doing it once a day is typically sufficient, and unless you’re actively detangling, always keep your hands off your hair.
  • Immediately after installation, use a holding mousse to set flyaway hair at bay.
  • Prepping hair won’t affect the durability as well, but it will save your time and that of the hairstylist. So first thing first; wash your hair, moisturize, detangle, and strengthen your hair before visiting your stylist for installation.

Passion Twists

Working Maintenance Routine for Passion Twists

Like I said earlier, passion twists hairstyle is a low maintenance protective hairstyle. So, it doesn’t need a lot of time or haircare products to constantly look amazing.

If you have no idea how to care for low-maintenance protective hairstyles like passion twists, here’s a quick guide:

Daily Routine: Moisturize and detangle your hair every day, while redoing slack ends. Apply mousse every other day to maintain the shine and keep the frizz at bay.

Avoid heat styling as much as you can. Instead of using a blow dryer on your hair after bathing, cover it with a shower cap before entering the bathroom.

Weekly Routine: The only weekly routine I know is the washing, other care regimes must be done daily or a few times a week.

So be creative when washing your hair, also feel free to use the same method you would use for other protective styles.

Sleep Regime: Just like most protective hairstyles you have worn so far, you have to prepare it for before going to bed every night.

The most common method is pineapple style with satin bonnet plus or minus silk pillowcase.

Here’s a detailed video tutorial on how to protect your passion twists hairstyle while before you sleep.


How Long Does it take to Install Passion Twists?

Installing passion can take anywhere in between 2-5 hours, depending on how experienced you or your hairstylist is with twist styles and how tiny you want each strand to be.

How do you protect passion twists at night?

Wearing a silk or satin scarf or bonnet before bedtime should be enough to protect your twists from the rigors of your sleep. Using a satin pillowcase also works wonders, but there’s no use changing your pillowcase if you already have silk bonnets.

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