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10 Hottest Goddess Locs Hairstyles, Cost & How to Install

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This article contains everything you need to know about Goddess Locs and 10 insanely cute ways to wear Goddess Loc Hairstyles.

So make sure you stick around and read to the end because I bet you’ll love what I am about to share with you.

First, I would give you brief and detailed information before showcasing the first few cute hairstyle ideas; then, in the end, I share everything you need to know with you.

If you’re okay with this, then let’s get started.

The Goddess Locs are lightweight Loc-like hairstyles achieved with a particular hair extension with curls at its end, making it unique from other Locs.

The cost of installing this hairstyle can range anywhere between $250-$500. And how long it takes to install depends on the method you and your stylist decides.

How Long Do Goddess Locs Last?

Generally, Loc hairstyles do last long. However, with proper care, product, and a good maintenance routine, Goddess Locs can last up to 12 weeks.

Goddess Loc Hairstyles

Goddess Locs are becoming one of the most trending Locs in our society today. If you go on Instagram, YouTube and Tiktoks, you will see celebrities flaunting their Goddess Locs.

1.  Brown Ombre Locs

The first one here is not something some ladies can quickly get their eyes off. Some colors are attractive naturally, and this is one of them.

Golden Goddess Locs


2. Older Locs

Who said older Locs doesn’t look good? Well, this will clear your doubt. This is a clear indication that old wine sometimes tastes better.

Old Locs


3. Red Locs

When I say hot, this is what I mean. The way the lady is flaunting the Locs should at least tell you that it’s worth recreating.

Red Locs


4. Blonde Goddess Locs

If you don’t like the red or golden loc, well this might be something you’ll love. What do you think?

Blonde Goddess Locs


5. Extended Large Size Goddess Locs

Do you know some hairstyles that might look bulky and heavy? But if the weight you would be shocked to find out that it’s far from what you thought.

Extended Long Goddess Locs Hairstyle


I will pause the hairstyle ideas here, for now, So I can give you the other part- the comprehensive guide on everything you need to know.

But if you want to see the rest without reading the guide, then scroll down and enjoy.

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What Hair is Best Used for Making Goddess Locs?

Talking about the extension used for this Loc hairstyle, Well, this depends on the installation method. You either use the pre-made Goddess Locs or go for the “Marley Hair,” which most stylists recommend for their clients.

Who Created Goddess Locs?

Goddess Locs was created by celebrity hairstylist Dr. Kari Williams in collaboration with Meagan Good, her celebrity client in her hair care salon in Los Angeles.

She is a highly sought-after hairstylist by celebrities and top personalities of the world. This is why Goddess Locs are held in high esteem.

How to Do Goddess Locs?

There are two methods of making the Goddess Locs:

  • Traditional method
  • Crocheting method

Traditional method

Using the traditional method, you will spend approximately six hours making the Locs. It is surprising, right? You spent this much time because of the steps involved in making the Locs and braiding the Loc box.

Steps involved in the Traditional Method of Making Goddess Locs Are:

1: Split the hair into sections.

2: Braid the sectional box on the entire head.

3: Add loose wavy or curly extensions to the ends of the hair

4: Braid the hair around each box to create the Goddess Locs.

Crocheting Method

The crocheting method is a fast method of making the Goddess Locs. Apart from it being fast, it places less tension on your hair.

There are two ways to go about this crocheting method. Which are:

  • Cornrows Crochet Method, and
  • No Cornrow Crochet Method

Cornrows Crochet Method

This method is also called the individual braids method.

The steps involved are:

Step 1: You begin by cornrowing the hair. The smaller cornrows Locs should be done at the front to give the hair a neat appearance.

Step 2: Crochet faux Locs starting from the nape of the back to the front of the head. Make sure there is no gap left at the entrance of the hair. You can achieve this by adding extra Locs at the center.

Step 3: Use a latch hook to loop the hair starting from the opposite direction. This is to make sure that the Locs lay very well.

Step 4: Crochet in extensions to the ends of the hair. The extensions can be curly or wavy hair.

No Cornrows Crochet Method

This method is carried out in six different ways, which are:

1. The Hug Method: This method involves opening up the crochet loc carefully and then twisting your braided hair down the opened Loc.

2. The Knotless Method: This method gives you a seamless base. How does this method work? You section the hair into two. Then put one piece through the loop of the crochet Loc. Afterwhich you braid the hair. The braiding keeps the loc secured.

3. Pull Method:  This method is mostly used for curly hair. Here, you insert the crochet needle into the loc and pull out the hair care through the Locs.

4. The Braid in Method: This method does not require a crochet needle. You just put the loop of the crochet loc around the base of a section of the hair.

After that, spill that section into two, then use your hair and the loc to create a braid. This results in a braided loc. This method is best for small Locs.

5. Braided Wrap in Method: This method is best for making large Locs. You braid an unraveled Loc into your hair, then wrap the loc around the braid. Afterwhich you are good to go.

6. The Wrap in Method: In this method, you start first with the knotless method. Afterwhich you wrap the hair from an unraveled Loc and wrap it around the braids. This method is more time-consuming than the other methods. Although it makes the Locs look more natural.

Do Goddess Locs Cause Breakage of the Hair?

If the loc is too heavy, it can cause tension at the root of the hair that may damage your hair. So in making Goddess loc, be careful about the quantity you use to avoid this possible occurrence.

6. Messy Locs

The perfect summer look. I love these island Locs in this side part. Locs are just as versatile as braids when it comes to styling, says the Caption on Insta.

Messy Goddess Locs


7. Multi-Colored Locs

The stylist behind this hairstyle captioned it, saying this is her first time creating the Goddess Loc on a client. What do you think?

Multi Colored Locs


8. Mid Back Medium-Sized Goddess Locs

Just take a look at the before and after picture and tell me if Goddess loc hairstyle is not worth thr hype.

Mid Back Medium Size locs


9. Crochet Locs

Just like braid, you can install Locs using the crochet technique as well; If you want to learn, I have written a simple tutorial just before you reach the end of this post.

Crochet Goddess Locs


10. Wavy Locs

This hairstyle would be cool for ladies who have naturally wavy hair but want something to make them remember. Lol. I like it, so I felt you might like it too.

Wavy Locs


Goddess Locs Care Tips

  1. Constantly moisturized the Locs with natural oils and moisturizing cream
  2. Occasionally condition the Locs with leave-in conditioners
  3. While sleep, wrap the Locs with a silk scarf and cover your hair with a big bonnet.
  4. Washing theLocs can cause it to frizz. You can only cleanse the Locs.
  5. Protect the edges of the Locs by constantly moisturizing the edges.

How Can I Take Goddess Locs Off My Hair?

You can take down your Goddess Locs by chopping off the Locs at the ends. Or, you can separate the ends first and then pull out the Locs. Women with long hair prefer the second option because you can accidentally chop off your hair if it is long using the first option.

I hope you enjoy and find this post on Goddess Loc hairstyles?

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