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6 Rigid 3A Hair Dos and Don’ts Rules You Must Abide By

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If you have a 3A hair type, then  I have something for you. In this post, I will be outlining the six major 3A hair Dos and Don’ts rules you must abide by – that is, if you want your hair to grow and remain healthy.

Curly hair isn’t a joy to care for. If you have naturally curly hair, you know you have been blessed with a new kind of uninteresting but rewarding job.

While you want to make your hair look as nice as possible, there are some things you should be doing to make that work.

Also, there are a lot of things that are just not for your type of curl. With a 3A curl, you must be wary of the hair care tips that you see on the internet, as those might not be for you.

Here, I’ll outline some dos and don’ts for 3A curly hair to keep your hair shiny and bouncy to keep those envious looks coming.

3A hair Dos

You’ve been trying to make your hair look perfect for like forever. If your hair isn’t perfect yet, then you may be missing something.

Also, if your hair is perfect, you want to keep it in that perfect, beautiful, curly state. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of dos that will make this goal possible.

Here are some hair care tips that you may not have been implementing yet that’ll make your 3A type hair grow better and faster if you want.

1. Do moisturize your 3A curls

There’s hardly anything better for your 3A hair other than moisture.

Curly hair generally receives less moisture due to the curls disrupting the flow of moisture down the length of the hair. If you don’t especially moisturize your 3A curls, they become quickly dry and prone to breakage.

Also, dry type 3A hair could be frizzy and brittle. Keeping your hair too dry could cause thinning, reduce overall hair quality, and make your hair less attractive.

2. Do detangle with a wide-tooth comb

In general, type 3A hair and curly hairs are not the kinds you detangle with a brush. While brushes could work perfectly for straight and wavy hair types, they don’t just get along well with your hair type.

While your hair is likely to entangle more often than other hair types, a wide-tooth comb is what you need to detangle the knots.

3. Do comb and detangle from the ends

While it might sound more enticing to stick a comb into your hair and work it down to remove all the entanglements, you can also make a worse mistake.

Combing (or brushing) your hair should be from the tips, and you should gently work on untying the knots gradually before getting to the roots of the hair.

Also, you may want to hold down on the hair below the part you’re working on, as that would reduce or eliminate the pain, depending on your expertise in the craft.

Ever since I learnt about this hair care hack, I always wonder why people do it differently; it removes the pain in detangling.

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3A hair Don’ts

Now that you know what to do to make your 3A hair outstanding, it’s time to learn what ‘not’ to do.

Some common hair care practices are actually bad for your 3A curly type hair.

The problem, however, is that these supposed hair care ‘experts’ won’t tell you that they’re not referring to type 3A hair.

Here are some hair care don’ts that you avoid if you have type 3A hair.

1. Don’t brush or detangle when dry

I’ve touched on the importance of moisturizing your 3A curls, but this one is especially important. If you ever detangle your hair, don’t do it when it’s out of moisture.

It’s also bad to detangle your hair when it’s dripping wet from the bath. Now, you may want to cry out: when am I supposed to detangle my hair?

Well, you’re supposed to detangle your hair when it’s damp. This is after moisturizing your hair and drying it out a bit.

Dry hair is more prone to breakage, while the fragile nature of wet hair also makes it prone to the same.

2. Don’t touch your hair

Trust me, touching your hair doesn’t serve any meaningful purpose but causes many easily preventable hair problems.

Running your fingers through your hair, however satisfying it may be, will also cause frizz and mess up the curls.

Also, touching is one of the main reasons why your hair gets tied up in knots. If you hate detangling your hair, you may want to stop touching your hair, even at all.

3. Don’t dry with a towel

There is only one thing that’s more convenient than touching your hair, and that’s drying it with a towel. However, it seems like things that we enjoy aren’t always good.

It sounds very tempting just to put a towel over your hair and rub it over until your hair is at least damp. You’ve done it at least once.

Let’s address the towel issue first. Drying your hair with a towel will inevitably damage your hair, causing breakages and even hair thinning.

Also, the towel could squeeze way too much water from the hair, causing you to break the first rule of caring for 3A curls: keeping it moist.

Then, to rubbing the towel roughly through the hair. This might be one of the best-known contributors to hair frizz that we know yet.

When drying your hair with anything, squeeze gently, and don’t just run across. And one more thing: never, ever use a towel.


3A curls are one of the prettiest hair types, albeit one of the most demanding to care for.
If you have type 3A hair, specific hair care dos and don’ts apply to you specifically.

While it helps to use hair care products and all, you can achieve even better results if you avoid some practices that ruin your curls.

In this article, I’ve outlined those that help and those that don’t, so you’ll know what advice to take in the future.

I hope you enjoyed and find my post on 3A hair Dos and Don’t Helpful.

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Now I would love to hear from you.

Are you breaking any of the above-listed rules?

Or maybe you got suggestions or feedback to share – please do not hesitate to let me know by leaving a comment below right now. Image Credit:[email protected]

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3A Hair Dos and Don'ts Rules

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