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21 Cool Box Braid Hairstyles That’ll Inspire Your Next Look

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This post contains over 20 cute box braid hairstyles that will definitely catch your eyes and inspire your next hairstyle.

As you probably know, box braid is one of the best African protective hairstyles for women that are trending on Pinterest and Instagram right now.

So if you’re looking for the best box braid styles that would fit your hair, face, and last long as well then you’ll love this gallery.

So let’s get started.

Cute Box Braid Hairstyles

Box Braid Hairstyles

In case you’re wondering how much it would cost you to install- Well depending on your location and salon, getting a box braid hairstyle on can cost you anywhere between $80-$300.

Another thing to note is that box braid hairstyles can last on hair for 4-6 weeks depending on your maintenance and hair care routine.

1. Shoulder Length Jumbo Box Braid

Braid hairstyles aren’t something new to the eyes and trend but come rain come shine, they would forever be evergreen protective hairstyles for black women.

Shoulder Length Jumbo Box Braid


2. Medium Size Knotless Box Braids

Sometimes you might need a braid hairstyle and colour that would fit in with your skin tone. That’s where this type of colourful braids comes into play. If you’re looking for styles that won’t waste time to bring down, you might want to try this style out.

Knotless Box Braid


3. Butt Length Box Braids

If you love long braid hairstyles, then you’re are not left out because this is definitely something you would love. And it’s very easy to tweak alongside sister hairstyles like pineapple and ponytails.

Butt Length Box Braid


4. Short Bob Box Braid

I wasn’t able to get the front face view of this lady’s hairstyle in picture format, but a quick message I have for you about this hairstyle does not understand what a short hairstyle can do for you. Not only is this hairstyle low in maintenance, but it’s also very easy to style in and bring down.

Short Bob Box Braid


5. Ombre Long Box Braid Hairstyle

People like me that want and love it long, can also add more colors to their hair without using hair dye. All thanks to hair extension. As you can see in the image the extension used for the hairstyle is a mixture of black, dark brown, and blonde color.

Ombre Long Box Braid


6. Big Box Braids

Alternatively, you can call this hairstyle Jumbo braid. For long Cornrows used to be the foundation of the Jumbo hairstyle, but now the style is easily achieved with any pattern of primary styling. Take for example this hairstyle.

Big Box Braid


7. Box Braids with Beads

Whether long or short adorning the braid hairstyle with beads is like adding spices to sweetmeat- it makes it taste better, but in this case, it makes it look nicer. You can go for multi-color or single-color beads. The size of beads and braid is another thing to keep in mind.

Box Braid with Beads


8. Boho Box Braid

What do you think about braid hairstyles with curls at the end? Well, there’s no magic there, your stylist just needs a good extension with curly ends. But make sure you pamper the hair because it starts to go bad from the fragile region, which is the end.

Box Braid With Curls


9. Small Box Braids

Don’t get it twisted, there’s a difference between short and small box braids. For example some ladies like short braids, but they don’t want them small. Do you get the point now? A good example is this knotless small long braid.

Small Box Braid


10. Triangle Box Braids

Well, I am only adding this idea to this list because I believe some people would appreciate the idea. In my part of the world, there’s a clear difference between box and triangle braids. So list triangle braid in this gallery is not my idea.

Triangle Box Braid


11. Waist Length Box Braids

For ladies that want and love it long,  this is something you would really love. With a long bright-colored braid hairstyle like this, you stand out among others is guaranteed. And always make sure you protect your natural hair when an option for this kind of style. Avoid heavy braids that would add tension to your hair roots and scalp.

Waist length Box Braid


12.  Medium Sized Box Braid

I know some ladies would want something medium and short as well that’s why I picked this idea on Instagram. Do you think it’s worth recreating?

Medium Box Braid


13.  Long & Small Box Braid

What do you think about a long and small-sized colourful box braid like this? Getting a colour that fits with your skin complexion can be a game-changer for you.

Long Box Braid


14. Thick Box Braids

A braid that is thick and protective is worth recreating and this hairstyle is one in a million. You’ll love this if you’re a fan of long hair.

Thick Box Braid


15. Shoulder Length Box Braids

A braided style adorned with yarn string and shiny metal foils can make the whole game foxy. Girls who are elegant will love to recreate this style without thinking twice.

Shoulder Length Box Braid


16. Bob Box Braids

Go for Bob length box braid if you’re the type that loves it short. The maintenance routine of this hair is relatively low so don’t be scared to go for it.

Bob Box Braid


17. Crochet Box Braids

Ombre coloured braid hairstyles are not only the talk of the town, they’re also unique and bright. If you love this hairstyle that means you’re someone who loves to flow along with trends.

Crochet Box Braid


18. Knotless Bob Box Braid

Some hairstyles are worth the time and cost, and this one is one of the styles. The sprinkle of stylish curls even makes the style more stunning.

Knotless Bob Box Braid


19. Blonde Box Braid

If you don’t like other ideas, you might like this one because of the bright colour. I personally like colours that would make me stand out.

Blonde Box Braid


20. Multi-Colored Strand Box Braid

How about having two or more coloured strand braids installed? Not like the regular ombre coloured strand. Take a look and see what am talking about.

Multi Colored Strands Box Braid


And that’s all I got for you for now. If you’re love in with any of these hairstyles, feel free to visit Instagram and search for the stylist location using the caption written under the idea.

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I hope you enjoyed my short and sweet gallery of the best box braid hairstyles for women that’ll inspire your next look.

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