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Can You Dye Your Hair While Pregnant?

Someone really wants to change the color of her hair with either permanent, semi permanent or temporary dye during pregnancy but she is scared something bad might happen. I think you are the one. I did research and sent an email to some experts regarding this topic and I got the answers.

So can you dye your hair while pregnant? In Summary Yes, theorically your hair absorbs small amount of hair dye during application. But it’s not medically or scientifically proven that dyeing your hair during pregnancy has negative effects on the unborn baby or you, except you are allergic to hair dye.

Here’s the real story:

While researching for this topic, I was really impressed by the replies I read from experienced moms. 99% of them had no issues after applying dye on their hair during 1-9 months pregnancy stages.

What Happens If I Dye My Hair While Pregnant?

Actually nothing bad happens, you might have read elsewhere that hair dye causes cancer, but how true is that? Don’t worry I am going to do research and share with you everything you need to know in my next blog post.

Quick Bites.

In some ladies pregnancy usually causes hormonal changes which affects some parts of the body including their hairs. So you don’t need to be scared when your hair turns into something unpredictable before or after applying dye during pregnancy.

Is It Safe For Me To Dye My Hair While Pregnant?

Should I say you or the baby? Of course the baby. Studies, research and replies from experts shows that there is no possible way that dye can negatively or positively affect the baby in the womb.

Although hair absorbs little quantity of dye, but that isn’t enough to get to the foetus and turn things around.

How Many Times Can I Dye My Hair While Pregnant?

As many times as possible, but you are advised to apply caution and sense to it. To much of anything, you know is bad. Within the period of 9 months, I don’t expect you to dye your hair more 7 times (it depends).

Hey Pause:

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Tips To Stay Safe When You Dye Your Hair While Pregnant.

Yes, we all really want to play safe medically proven or not, safety comes first. Below are tips from experts.

  • Always wash your scalp thoroughly with water and shampoo few minutes after application.
  • Never change the type of dye(product) you were using when you weren’t pregnant (Since it wasn’t reacting with your hair when you weren’t pregnant, it still won’t react when you are pregnant).
  • Follow the instructions written in the dye manual religiously.
  • Always wear gloves from stage one to the end.
  • You are advised to dye your hair after first trimester. (Just caution).
  • Apply in highly ventilated room (if you are dyeing it yourself). Some dye smells really bad and could cause irritation.

What To Do If Anything Negative Comes Up

Don’t be too scared and don’t be too fast to conclude. If after washing your hair, you start feeling dizzy. That’s because you bent down too much or too long. If the dizziness persist, consult your doctor.

Now that I have cleared your doubts. can you dye your hair while pregnant? If yes. Don’t forget to share your takes and experience here with us.


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