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Hair Botox Treatment Disadvantages and Advantages

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In today’s post, were going to dive deep into hair botox treatment disadvantages and advantages. Now, take your chair and popcorn, and let’s get started.

Hair Botox is all the rage now. The natural hair care solution famed as the anti-aging hair treatment looks like what you should get this year.

However, nobody cares about the side effects of using a hair Botox treatment. Since it doesn’t contain a confirmed carcinogen, we should all be good, shouldn’t we?

Well, I can’t confirm that without bias. Numerous research papers and published study documents don’t tout hair Botox as the failsafe hair treatment.

We’ve read all of these research papers and documents so that you don’t have to. This post breaks down some of the most crucial advantages and disadvantages of hair Botox treatment.

Before jumping into it, let’s take a look at what hair Botox treatment means.


What is Hair Botox Treatment?

Hair Botox treatment refers to a haircare process that involves deep-conditioning your hair with a hair Botox product, most of which don’t contain Botox.

Botox is short for Botulinum Toxins, a chemical that some people use to help them smoothen (or reduce) age-induced wrinkles. It is usually administered through injections if that helps.

Botox for hair, on the other hand, doesn’t even contain any chemicals. It’s 100% natural haircare ingredients that won’t damage your hair.

If hair Botox doesn’t contain Botox, then why name it so?

The reason is simple; skin Botox relaxes individual muscles to smoothen the wrinkles on your skin, while hair Botox fills individual hair fibers to smoothen your hair.

In essence, the name is based on how the treatment works and not on the ingredients. I won’t call the naming convention genius, anyway.


How Hair Botox Works

You already know how hair treatment works at a basic level. However, do you know how hairstylists apply a hair Botox treatment?

There are two basic ways to apply a hair Botox treatment. The safest and most common way is by applying hair Botox directly to your hair strands.

However, you may need to apply some shampoo to open your hair cuticles to absorb the Botox treatment.

To ensure that the product penetrates your hair, your hairdresser may decide how long to leave it on your hair.

After the stylist washes the hair Botox off your hair, they may choose to straighten the hair to preserve the alluring look.

While nothing sounds negative about hair Botox treatments at this point, let’s jump to the disadvantages in the next section.

Hair Botox Treatment Disadvantages and Advantages


Now that you know what hair Botox means and how stylists apply it, you should also consider looking at the cons of massaging your hair with that botulinum toxin-free solution.

1. Cost

While hair Botox isn’t incredibly expensive, it isn’t one of the cheapest hair care treatments available.

While you can get a hair Botox treatment for around $100, the hair treatments that stylists do after the treatment makes it impossible to keep your expenses around that figure.

Also, you want to use high-quality products that will increase the durability of the treatment on your hair. Cheaper products are never better, and the more you’re willing to pay, the better treatment you get.

2. Not suitable for colored hair

If you’re a fan of hair coloring, finding a way to integrate both haircare processes may be difficult. Since hair Botox is inherently weak due to the absence of chemicals, coloring your hair right after a Botox treatment will neutralize the effects.

Even if you colored your hair before the treatment, you might still notice some slight color change around the hair.

If this discoloration isn’t uniform, things may turn out worse than you expect.

3. Burdensome aftercare requirements

Since a hair Botox treatment doesn’t chemically alter the internal structure of your hair, it’s a pretty weak haircare treatment.

To ensure that other hair products don’t neutralize or displace your expensive Botox treatment, you may need to review what products you use on your hair after the treatment.

For example, shampoos containing sodium chloride or sulfate will neutralize the effects of the treatment on your hair.

After a hair Botox treatment, you’ll have to discuss this topic with your stylist to confirm you’re not working against the treatment you paid for.

4. It doesn’t impact internal structures

Hair Botox is a deep conditioning process, and it doesn’t act on the internal structures of your hair, unlike similar solutions like hair keratin or hair smoothening.

Hair Botox has no chemicals that can help break down the cuticle to impact the internal hair structure.

To break down the cuticle and change the internal structure of the hair, you need formaldehyde. This chemical is popular in the haircare world but is beyond the scope of this article.



After listing all of the disadvantages of a hair Botox treatment, does it still look appealing to you?

However, jumping to a conclusion right now may be too soon. I suggest you check out the following pros of getting a hair Botox treatment before deciding if this treatment is the best for you.

1. It helps with hair growth

While hair Botox treatments don’t directly stimulate hair growth, scientists have continuously found correlations between getting a hair Botox treatment and growing hair.

While many theories have tried to explain this phenomenon, it seems like hair Botox doesn’t help with hair growth.

Instead, the various constituents of the treatment certainly help to prevent hair loss. If you don’t lose your existing hair, you’ll certainly grow new hair faster, won’t you?

Since those using hair Botox treatments won’t see their hair fall as often, it’ll create the illusion that their hairs grow faster.

2. It’s generally safe to use

Not many haircare treatments qualify as safe nowadays. Even a hair smoothening treatment means you’re increasing your cancer risks by treating your hair with a carcinogen.

However, hair Botox is safe to use. It contains no chemicals that can cause adverse effects to your hair or skin.

If you’re pro-safety, you’ll prefer hair Botox over most haircare treatments since it’s naturally the best option for you.

3. Retains hair quality over time

This advantage is also a result of the absence of chemicals in hair Botox treatments. Since no chemicals penetrate your hair to alter it, your hair quality won’t deteriorate over time.

Even if you already use powerful hair treatments that you shouldn’t use with alternate hair treatments, hair Botox will probably have to negative effect.


Hair Botox Treatment Alternatives

If the negatives of a hair Botox treatment outweigh the positives in your opinion, you may want to explore the possibilities of getting alternative treatments.

Here are some alternatives to hair Botox treatment that you should compare side by side before choosing.

  • Hair Masking

Hair masking is similar to a hair Botox treatment, as it’s also a deep conditioning process. The hair mask is also the product of mostly natural materials like fruits, leaves, and flowers.

However, unlike hair Botox, hair masking doesn’t have to be done once every couple of weeks. The most realistic timeline for hair masking is once or twice every week.

Hair masks are more accommodating for colored hair than hair Botox. While you can carry out hair masking using a homemade mask, ready-made masks are always the best choice.

  • Keratin treatment

While keratin treatment may receive a lot of hate for its formaldehyde content, that doesn’t make it an inferior hair treatment.

Since keratin treatment involves the use of chemicals, it’s more effective for permanently correcting the internal structure of your hair to create a smoother hair pattern.

If you don’t care about the costs of getting and keeping keratin-treated hair, it is an excellent alternative to hair Botox, except that one of the ingredients increases cancer risks.

  • Scalp Conditioning

Scalp conditioning is true to its name. It refers to the process of conditioning your scalp using a scalp conditioner.

A scalp conditioner contains hair oils, vitamins, and other natural hair care ingredients meant for your hair scalp.

Scalp conditioning combats hair loss and reduces dandruff. It enhances the quality of the hair from the roots, smoothening the hair and treating hair problems from the ground up.



Hair Botox treatment often gets all the praise for being so natural. However, nobody cares about the potential risks of getting the treatment for your hair.

To help you make more informed decisions about caring for your hair in the future, we’ve compiled a list of the advantages and disadvantages of getting a hair Botox treatment.

It’s worth noting, however, that this article isn’t to downplay this hair treatment. It remains one of the best natural hair care treatments for now, as the disadvantages aren’t as pronounced as the advantages.

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I hope you find this post on hair botox treatment disadvantages and advantages interesting and helpful.

And if you got questions or feedback, do not hesitate to let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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  1. I had a botox treatment done and I’ve regretted it. I told the girl I wanted my natural hair curly but defined curls. I told her I usually have a texturizer done but she told me a botox treatment is better, so I got it done. My hair came out straighten and it did alter the structure of my hair. I can’t wash and wear it and the smell gave me a migraine headache.

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