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Virgin Hair Fertilizer Results After 454 Days

This mind blowing virgin hair fertilizer results on hair after 1 year 3 months is really worth sharing. I believe you know or have heard about this hair growth cream before now.

Yeah! I heard the name it long time ago, but saw what it looks like this 2019. I didn’t put much interest on it, because I thought and believed that it was one the fake hair creams that comes out daily in market.

Before I continue, I will have to tell you that this isn’t a sponsored post i.e am not paid to publish this post. I saw the results some ladies shared on Natural hair ladies facebook group and dashed into their inbox for proper verification and boom, this blog post was born.

Virgin Hair Fertilizer Results On Hair Growth After 454 Days

How It all started:

I was busy scrolling through my Facebook news feed and saw her post in one of the natural hair Facebook group I joined last year. She wrote

My hair is a year and three months
Let me tell you a story. When I started ,I wanted growth over night and watched videos of you tubers whose hair touch their butts ,I was so impatient and tried everything without even knowing the porosity of my hair or what my hair needed or hated ….I spent a lot on natural hair products. Bottom line I don’t use coconut oil cause my hair hates it or castor ,jojoba,olive ,almond ,lavender oil …..I use just virgin hair fertilizer with 3 tbs of patience and consistency every week

Wow! Just virgin hair fertilizer? Yeah just it. **jaw-dropped**

Virgin Hair Fertilizer Results After 454 Days

Tbs means tablespoons. Lol

You want to see more from others who have used it? Check out.

Another lady shared:

The secrets to hair growth is patience and good hair care โœŒโœŒโœŒ.My 2 years 1 month hair,am hairy from my dad so it’s in my gene,I use We Naturals hemp oil set and virgin hair fertilizer, you can get them on Facebook by searching with their names,thank you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™.

Virgin Hair Fertilizer Results After 2 Years and 1 Month

That’s not all:

Far from the fact that it promotes hair growth, Virgin hair fertilizer is now one of the best dandruff treatment cream for ladies.

Quick Bites:

In addition, I did few research from the manufacturer end, to get the essential usuage information about this hair cream from there I compiled the FAQs.

Questions And Answers (Our Conversation)

This is the compiled questions I asked more than 5 ladies I came across in the group that used this hair product in support of my research.

Q: How Long Did It Take To Achieve This Awesome Result?

A: Today marks it exactly one year three months I have been using, though I didn’t cut my hair low before using it. The next lady results is

Q: What’s The Porosity Of Your Hair?

A: Low porosity of course. But it works on almost all hair porosity. You have to know the porosity of your hair, that will help a lot and save you from spending too much on products

Q: Is It Only For Virgin Hair?

A: No! It can be also used on relaxed hair.

Q: Do You apply it when you make your Hair?

A: No I use it before visiting my hairstylist. Remember don’t wear hairstyles that can cut your hair. Yes! If you don’t know before, put it at the back of your mind that some hairstyles cuts off your hair.

Q: Can I Use It On Kids?

A: Yes! But make sure you mix it with other hair product to avoid some unpredictable reaction, because kids hair and scalp are always soft.

More Questions and answers Loading…..

How To Apply For Better Results

While researching I noticed that some people complained that the product either smells or is harsh. To clarify that, I believe it is best you mix it with any of your hair product before use. (Coconut oil or Shea butter is recommended)

You can still apply only the cream on your hair, if you don’t have other mixable products. Just ensure you:

  • Keep your hair neat, apply it and comb.
  • Do this consistently and you are good to go. Nothing more.

Beware Of Fake Virgin Hair Fertilizer

The biggest threat to this hair product is the fake. No body likes fake, but you have to accept that 87% of hair product on this earth has its fake counterpart (especially in Africa). It advised you buy from powerful and well known brand within or outside your state.

Price And Where To Buy?

It is common anywhere around the world and it is of two sizes: big and small. To buy visit any cosmetic store near you or Walmart. You also get it for few bucks here on amazon. The price is always tagged between $2-$5 in stores and online stores.

Final Thoughts On Virgin Hair Fertilizer Results.

In conclusion, no matter your hair type, hair porosity or genetics. If you take care of your hair it will grow. Virgin hair fertilizer alone don’t grow hair. Chebe and Karkar oil alone doesn’t grow hair.

Using expensive products doesn’t guarantee rapid hair growth.
If you don’t focus on your hair health it will stop growing.

And always remember that patience is the key.

These virgin hair fertilizer results are just for motivation that you can do it , Just nurture it, be patient and watch out for results.

Now I would like to hear from you:

Did you experience anything different while using the virgin hair fertilizer.

If yes! Scroll down below and let me know through the comment box.

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