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Spring Twists vs Passion Twists: Which is Better?

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With twists massively growing in popularity over the past few months, it’s no surprise that a lot of fashion-centric ladies are now considering twist-based hairstyles to the point of comparing two formidable options like spring twists vs passion twists.

While we have different guides answering the most frequently asked questions about both spring twist and passion twists already, you’ll struggle to find a direct comparison between the two styles, which is why I’m writing this article.

In today’s post, I am going to show you the differences and similarities between the two twists. Then, we’ll answer the question: spring twists vs passion twists: which is better?

So let’s get started.


What are Passion Twists?

Passion twists refer to one of the categories of trending two-strands twists, which requires a special wavy hair extension to achieve the unique and adorable twists.

This hairstyle is pretty young, created by Rogers, Miami-based hairstylist on a mission to create a style that looks like a bohemian Lisa vibe for a client when she got the inspiration to create an entirely new style.

Before we proceed, I recently shared the 20 best passion twists crochet hairstyles you won’t regret trying out this year. If you’re looking for creative ways to style your passion twists, you have to check it out.

What are Spring Twists?

As the name implies, spring twist got the title based on their unique and admirable springy look, which is why it quickly achieved popularity among ladies seeking one-of-a-kind hairstyles.

Just like with passion twists, spring twists require specific hair extensions to work, and there are crochet spring twists that carry an even more unique look than your run-of-the-mill spring twists.

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Differences between Passion Twists and Spring Twists

Passion twists and spring twists are markedly difference, and you may already be able to deduce some of their differences from the descriptions above. Here are some more differences between passion twists and spring twists to help you choose your next hairstyle:

1. Weight

Without mincing words, passion twists are not lightweight. With everything else being equal, a style based on passion twists will be noticeably heavier to wear than spring twists, which should help inform your decision.

The style’s length plays a role, of course, but we can all agree that comparing long spring twists to short passion twists is unfair, especially when evaluating weight. Long story short, get spring twists if you want something lightweight.

2. Pricing

The type of hair extension used for each style(which is the difference), is the primary reason for the significant price difference between the two styles.

Spring twists tend to be less expensive when compared to passion twists, and you can reuse the extensions multiple times if it still looks good.

While passion twists may be reusable, it costs a bit more than spring twists, as passion twist extensions uses more hair per surface area.

3. Appearance, Pattern Impression & Texture

Spring twists and passion twists both look adorable, but to me, the most appealing style is the spring twists. The springy look alone is a head turner for me, but beauty, as they say, is in the eyes of the beholder.

You may want to see and feel both hairstyles in person to decide which of them looks better to you before making a decision.

4. Durability

No doubt, spring twists last longer than passion twists. Check my post on how long passion twists last vs. how long spring twists last.

One thing behind this is that passion twists tangles and unravel very quickly, but the springy mechanism on spring twists holds the style together for a bit longer, scoring it higher on durability.

Spring Twists vs Passion Twists: The Similarities

Two twist hairstyles can’t be all that different. Here are the similarities you can observe between spring twists and passion twists:

Installation Method and Time: 

The time you’ll spend installing a twist usually has nothing to do with the kind of twist you’re installing. Rather, the size of each strand and the style you’re after are the two most essential factors affecting how long an install would take.

Some ladies do split and stretch spring twists strand before they start installing. Doing this (which is sometimes necessary) will also prolong the installation time.

  • Another similarity to pay attention to is that they are both beautiful. You may have a preference, but your preference shouldn’t prevent you from appreciating the appeal of both styles.
  • They are both versatile. That is, you can style it to any hairstyle you can imagine (But Bangs are a NO for passion twists).
  • Their care routines are quite similar; you just have to be creative and gentle with the way you handle them.

Can You Use Spring Twist Hair for Passion Twists?

Spring twists are fundamentally different from passion twists, down to the kind of hair extension you use in achieving the hairstyles. You can have someone not experienced with female hairstyles to spot some similarities, but that doesn’t mean spring twists and passion twists use the same kind of hair.

So, no, you cannot use the spring twist hair to achieve a passion twist style. Spring twists require a unique kind of extension with a springy look while passion twists don’t, so you better know what you’re getting and buy the appropriate hair extensions for it.

Long Spring Twists vs. Long Passion Twists Picture

Long Passion Twists vs Long Spring Twists

Short Spring Twist vs. Short Passion Twists

Short Spring Twists vs Short Passion Twists

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