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15 Prettiest Wedding Hair Trends in 2024 You’ll Love

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Am sure you want to see the prettiest wedding hair trends that are hot right now. If yes! Then you’re in the right place.

There’s no better way to prepare for your wedding than to look good and ready. Whether it’s your turn to get married or maybe you’re looking for some inspiration, this post on wedding hair trends got you covered with the best.

And sorry to say, these wedding hairstyle inspirations are for women with medium to long hair.

So if you have short hair, you might want to look into my post on wedding hairstyles for brides with short hair and the 4 prettiest wedding hair accessories for short hair.

Without further ado, let’s head straight to the hair inspirations.

Wedding Hair Trends of the Year

So here are the biggest wedding hairstyles for wavy, curly and straight hair. 

1. Full Ballet Bun Bridal Hair

The ballet bun is one gorgeous way to style up your bridal hair. It is perfect when you with a full a necked or turtle-necked bridal gown. For a more detailed look, you can decorate the ballet bun with hair accessories.

Full Ballet Bun Bridal Hair


2. Full-length Wavy Elegant Bridal Hairdo

This is what is called the “queenly hairdo” the hair just falls in a relaxed manner forming a lovely wavy image at your back. This is perfect for up-shoulder or sleeveless bridal gowns. You can add a flower hair accessory for a more glamorous look.

Full-length Wavy Elegant Bridal Hairdo


3. Classy Crown Bridal Braid Hairdo

If you want something straightforward and classy for that full-necked bridal dress, you can go with this one. You can also get some nice bridal hair accessories to decorate it like the one in the featured picture above.

Classy Crown Bridal Braid Hairdo


4. Red Long Braided Bridal Hair

Have you have thought of how nice you will appear on the aisle with a long braided hairdo with lots of gypsophila pins on it? You will look magnificent and breathe taking. Plus, it fits all ladies irrespective of the shape of your face.

Red Long Braided Bridal Hair


5. Boho Inspired Down-do

Do you want to look elegant without your hair touching your neck as you walk down the aisle? The chignon is one unique style to keep the hair bundled beautifully. You can add hairpins to help tighten it so it won’t loosen up.

Boho Inspired Down-do


6. Wedding Crown Inspired Braid for Wavy Hair

For deep-back bridal dresses, you need your hair to fall on your back in a relaxed mood to cover up for the open skin left up. It is an excellent hairdo for mostly deep-back dresses. And you can add flowery hairpins for it to appear prettier.

Wedding Crown Inspired Braid for Wavy Hair


7. Side Sweep Long Wavy Hairdo

You can decide to leave it to flow at both sides of your face, or you can style it up partly or wholly. One nice thing is that you can style it in a way that your beautiful earrings are all out. Trust me; this is one of the best French bridal hair.

Side Sweep Long Wavy Hairdo


8. Fish Tail Braided Hairdo

This is one unconventional hairdo that makes people give you that awed look as you walk glamorously down the aisle. You can decorate the fishtail with bridal hairpins. You can decide to leave some hair at the front for a more Barbie look.

Fish Tail Braided Hairdo


9. Bridal Updo Hairstyle

Do you have a cute oval face, and you want something that will bring your face the whole out while maintaining beauty? This hairdo at the featured image is the perfect one for you as a new bride. You can’t afford to lie low.

Bridal Updo Hairstyle


10. Bangs + Bridal Hair Make-Up

This hairdo is one of the most trending bridal hairstyles of the year. This hairdo is perfect if you want an elegant and very beautiful look. And if you have bangs in style and you want something that keeps people in awe when you match onto the altar, then this style is a goal for you.

Bangs + Bridal Hair Make-Up


11. High Ballet Bun Hairdo

For a lovely whimsical and old Hollywood vibe, you need to get this hair on. You can hold the ballet bun with a flowery hairband and decorate the other hair parts with flowery pins. It is the perfect hairdo for a beach wedding

High Ballet Bun Hairdo


12. Elegant Bridal Hairstyle

If you want to keep it short, you can, and it can be very beautiful when done in the pattern of the hair at the featured image. You can add a unique color of flower for an amazing look.

Elegant Bridal Hairstyle


13. Low Textured Bridal Bun

This is the perfect bridal hairstyle to make for summer weddings, especially if the wedding will be done in the garden or the park. With this hair on, you won’t get uncomfortable when the sun is smiling, and you are walking glamorously to meet the pastor at the front.

Low Textured Bridal Bun


14. Bridal Hairstyle for Long Thick Hair

You can check this out for ladies who love the hair looking a little bit crazy and unique. You can make it as full curls loose hair, or you can keep it all messy like the one in the featured image.

Bridal Hairstyle for Long Thick Hair


15. Long Bridal Ponytail Hairdo

Something is exciting about this ponytail hairdo; it makes it easier for you to flip your hair when happy in an effortless manner. Plus, the fact that it is effortless.

Long Bridal Ponytail Hairdo


And that’s all I got for you.

I hope you enjoy and find this compilation of wedding hairstyles inspiring and helpful.

Suppose you got some feedback to give, the comment box below is all yours, feel free to let me know what you have in mind.

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