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5 Must-Have Wedding Hair Essentials You Need in Your Kit

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Today, I’ll be discussing the 5 must-have wedding hair essentials you need and why you need them.

If you’re trying to pursue a career in bridal hair styling, one of the ideal first steps is stocking your styling kit with the necessary materials to get started. It’s easy to get drowned in the sheer amount of choices available, and if you’re just getting started, you can’t buy everything yet.

The best way to get started is by getting the absolute essentials. Essentials here refer to the minimum you need to style bridal hair effectively.

If you’re finding it somewhat difficult to make a curated selection of the most essential bridal hairstyling tools, this article is here to help. We’ll help you choose the tools you need to get started to help you focus on other important things.


Must-Have Wedding Hair Essentials

Before continuing with this article, it’s important to understand that only the essentials aren’t sufficient to start styling bridal hair professionally.

These are only the bare minimum you need to get started, and you’ll eventually need to stock your kit with pretty bridal hair accessories to make all the attractive styles you see on Hollywood movies and YouTube.

With that said, here are some of the most essential hair styling tools that must exist in your kit to remotely qualify you as an amateur hairstylist.

1. Brushes

Even if you don’t specialize in styling bridal hair, a brush is always an indispensable part of every lady’s hair care arsenal. However, specializing in bridal hairstyling makes it even more critical to own not one but many different kinds of brushes.

Sometimes, you’ll have clients that have their collection of brushes, but it would be ridiculous to attempt styling someone’s hair for a wedding without every kind of brush you could need.

For the best results, you should consider stocking up on sectioning combs, detangling brushes, boar bristle brushes, teasing combs, and any other kind of brush you deem necessary. You should also consider buying more than one of each to ensure that losing one won’t hold you back.

After styling a client’s hair, you should go through the standard procedures for cleaning the brushes. Having multiple brushes also help here, since you don’t have to quickly go clean a comb to attend to another client.

2. Straightening Irons

Occasionally, you may have to create curls, creating the need for a straightening iron. It is usually one of the most expensive tools in your styling kit, but you should try getting more than one for convenience.

Straightening irons work on all hair types and hair lengths. Unlike tiaras or other similar styling tools, you don’t need a specially sized straightening iron for long hair and another for short hair.

You can get a professional iron straightener on Amazon or Etsy for as low as $50 and up to $250. If possible, buy the best one your money can afford at the moment to avoid wishing you had bought a better one later.

4. Professional Blow Dryer

A blow dryer is one of the most essential additions to your bridal hair styling kit. When purchasing a blow dryer in this case, it’s important to go for professional ones with features that have the power and features to work well in a professional setting.

You can find a host of blow dryers for a few dollars on Amazon, but they’ll perform poorly in a professional setting. You don’t want to spend hours drying a client’s hair because your blow-drying doesn’t have enough wattage.

Before buying a blow dryer as part of your professional bridal hairstyling kid, check for any indication of ceramic and tourmaline technology in the dryer. These make the dryer efficient and more effective due to even heat distribution and active protection against frizz.

You should also prioritize the power output of the blow dryer for maximum productivity. When you have all the necessary features, you can begin to sort by the nice-to-have features to make your final selection.

While you may have to pay a higher price for a professional-grade blow dryer than for low-power ones you use at home, you shouldn’t be paying an arm and a leg regardless.

4. Bobby Pins

At this point, you should already be aware that there is a clear difference between regular hairstyling and bridal hairstyling. When styling a client’s hair for a wedding, you must make it look as good as possible for the event, without putting much thought into the long term.

This is where bobby pins come in. They are a kind of hairpins that you can use to hold the hair in a specific shape or pattern. Since they’re not natural design elements, they usually come in different hair colors.

Bobby pins are relatively inexpensive, and you shouldn’t skimp on stocking your wedding styling kit with them. While most people want a muted bobby pin that takes the color of their hair, others want a less subtle material that will add to the general design pattern of their hair.

Since you can’t tell who your next client will be, it’s important to buy many different styles and colors to give them a wide range of choices.

5. Thinning Shears

A thinning shear is one of the lesser-known equipment that is a necessity for any hairstylist, especially if you’re making bridal hair. The scissors are usually for cutting excess weight from the hair, thinning the hair to soften the lines.

If you’re styling a client’s hair for a wedding, you can’t afford to let go of any hair that could hinder your unique design. In this case, a thinning shear can help you get the perfect cut you need without sabotaging your client’s hair.

Just like most other tools in this list, there are also different types of thinning shears. The difference between the tools lies in the fineness of their tooth. A thinning shear with a finer tooth will cut more cleanly and evenly than one with larger teeth.

To ensure you’re not lacking out on any equipment, you must buy many different types of thinning shears. This investment will help you create almost perfect cuts every time, making you a real professional.

Bridal Hair Tool

How to Get Wedding Hair Essentials for Your Styling Kit

Now that you know what you must have in your wedding styling kit, it’s also important to learn how to get them. While you may simply jump into Amazon, search for an item, and make the purchase, that isn’t usually the most efficient and cost-effective way to purchase your kits.

To turn profits, you must find ways to buy hairstyling supplies for cheaper than the average person. Here are some of the best ways to get cost-effective wedding hair essentials for your styling kit.

1. Buy in bulk.

You’ll always get better deals if you’re buying your wedding hairstyling kit in bulk, as opposed to buying individual tools like every other hair enthusiast.

Sometimes, you may not need an item in bulk. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy it in bulk, and you don’t have to necessarily stock an item you don’t need. Instead, you can find some other hairstylists willing to buy the same tools to buy in a group.

2. Find coupons, discounts, and special sales.

While you’ll be getting a great deal when you buy in bulk, you’ll be getting an even better deal if you buy a discounted item in bulk. Also, sales discounts aren’t as rare as you think, and you’d almost always get a store offering a sale soon.

To get discounted prices on supplies you get frequently, you can track some of your favorite stores on or As the names of those websites suggest, you can get amazing deals from retail stores by using coupons or other kinds of sales discounts.

3. Compare prices

Sometimes, retailers make it seem like they’re offering you the best prices on the market, but that is usually not the case. Every so often, you’ll find the same offer on alternate stores for extremely low prices, making you regret your purchase decision.

Before paying for any bridal hair styling tools, it helps to crosscheck the prices with other stores quickly to help determine if you’re getting the best prices for a specific product.

Another way to manage the situation is by buying in a store that matches prices with other competing stores. This way, you can get back some of your money if the prices fall anywhere within a specific time frame.


How Much Does Wedding Hairstyling Cost with Makeup?

Now that you’ve stocked your wedding hairstyling kit with some of the essential tools you need to make a bridal hairstyle, you’re ready for your professional debut. However, how much should you even charge your clients?

The ideal cost of a bridal hairdo depends on your location and the complexity of the style requested by the client. However, the average price of a bridal hairstyle over the past year hovers around the $200 to $300 margin.

You may choose to do some cheaper works for a start, but once you start becoming popular, nothing should limit you from charging as much as you want for a wedding hairstyle.



If you think you can’t make a career out of styling wedding hair, think again. At the moment, enough weddings are happening that you can potentially become rich without doing anything else.

Before you can become rich, however, you need tools to do your job. This article has outlined five must-have tools for a bridal hairstylist and how you can get these tools.

I hope you find this post on wedding hair essentials helpful and interesting.

And suppose you got questions or feedback, do not hesitate to let me know. The comment box below is all yours.

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