Why Do Women Grow Beards? All you need to know

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Sitting here in my salon after barbing a woman with hair on the chin and neck. this isn’t the first time am barbing women with beards, but this one turned me on and I started thinking, why do women grow beards? This is important to me so I dived into research and this is what I found.

So why do women grow beards? Some women usually grow beards as a result of a high level or unbalanced male sex hormones known as an androgen in the body. This condition is known as hirsutism, which is a sometimes symptom of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), Not only that, there are four more factors why this condition occurs, now let’s look into that and what you need to do about it.

What Is Hirsutism?

Hirsutism is a condition of unwanted male-pattern hair growth in women. It sounds abnormal and embarrassing when a female starts growing hair on parts of the body like chest, neck, lips, and chin. But nature sometimes makes it work that way and there is nothing we can do about it than to accept it like that. But it will interest you to know that one thing leads to another.

Causes Why Women Grow Beards

It has been scientifically proven that excess androgen secretion to female causes this condition, but research shows that there are other reasons why women grow hair and beards like men. So let’s get to know what the reasons are.

1. Genetics

Science has proven that genes characteristics are passed from parents to offspring, either it turns out to be a recessive or dominant gene for some time in one’s life. Tracing back to your family tree, If you have beards as a female, It’s either your father, mother, grandfather, grandmother or any other person in the tree has this gene characteristics in him or her. If not so, then this is another cause.

2. Corticosteroid medications

It is said that this isn’t common, but Corticosteroid medications can cause Cushing syndrome which produces unwanted facial hair in females. In some cases, drugs also serve as a catalyst.

3. Old Age

The older you get as a lady, the higher the tendency of growing hair on your chin or face, sometimes even on other parts of the body.

4. Overweight

Did you notice that 45% of fat or chubby ladies grow hair on their chin or face? I thought it was just a speculation, so I decided to check all fat lady that came across my way. Lol. Yes, I did that.

It might sound crazy but I have to do that to confirm. I secretly scan their faces and luckily my stats and prediction were correct. I don’t know if a similar situation happens in your part of the continent. But here in West Africa, that is what I noticed.

Is Growing Beard In Females Reversible?

Nature isn’t reversible, so there is nothing you can do to reverse any condition programmed by nature for now. Maybe before 2070, the scientist might be able to reverse some conditions caused by nature. You can alter the growth rate or stop it fully. But thinking about reversing is a no go area (sorry for the language)

What Does Public Think About Women Growing Beards?

Some ladies find it embarrassing to move around the public with beards, while some accepted their fate. Coming to what the public thinks about growing beards is none of your concern. Every man has his or her point of view when it comes to a situation like this. Some community of people sees it as taboo or demon’s art, while some see it as nature.

As for me, I have seen a good number of women with beards moving freely and confidently in the public to even surprise you while researching on this question, I noticed that all the influential bearded ladies are happy about the condition and their fans love them for that.

So if you have beards whether thin or thick, don’t worry about the public and move on confidently. But if you still want to get rid of your beards then do this.

How To Remove The Beards In Females

For overweight women, just go and reduce your weight, shave it off and you are good to go.

  1. For a quicker, cheaper and easier method, I think shaving, plucking, pulling and cream usage will work fine, but sometimes this might worsen the whole thing.
  2. Laser Hair Removal or Electrolysis isn’t cheap at all and it’s not recommended for everybody. But if it can work perfectly on your skin, then you are 70% free. Remember to consult professionals before you temper with your skin or facial hair, else you won’t like the outcome.

At What Age Should I Start Removing My Beards?

You can start at any age above 9 years. But I highly recommend you wait till 25-40 years. If after 40 it’s still growing out like never before, just leave it like that.

How Can I Stop My Unborn Female Child From Growing Beards?

When pregnant, use hormone control pills (if the male pattern hair growth is caused by unbalanced androgen). Am not an expert so Consult professionals in this field for more details on this.

I believe now that I have cleared the question and doubts on the question titled why do women grow beards. I think it’s your turn now to share with us something you know or experience you got so far. Don’t forget to share with friends who need it.

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