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Why Does Hair Turn Gray? Experts Give 5 Reasons

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Two questions that needed urgent answers inspired me to go deep into research. Interested to know the questions? Here are the questions (will gray hair turn black again naturally? and Why does hair turn gray?)

Looking at how curious you are reading this, it seems we are both in same shoes. Wondering and asking what’s behind the salt and pepper in the presence of black hair and why it happens (right?). Wonder and ask no more, cause I found something interesting you should know.

So why does hair turn gray? The main reason why black hair hair turn gray is because the melanin pigment responsible for hair black color is either altered or stopped totally and this process is mostly done by physical and chemical factors like, vitamins and minerals deficiency, stress, hereditary and smoking and old age.

Let’s look into how they work to achieve the gray color in human hair.

What Influences The Gray Color?

There are tons of factors that influences gray and black color of hair apart from old age. So, whether you are young or old, male or female and you are curious to know why black hair turn grey.

Quick Bites:

Here are the things behind black hair turning gray you should be aware of.



One factor that really get premature gray hair moving in the presence of dark hair is hereditary. In fact, If gray hair flows in your family, i.e it is transferred from generation to generation, then you are going to pretty get it. So that shouldn’t be surprising.

However, some people claimed that their parents and grandparents had gray hair during their early age of life, but they the children never saw it until they were 45-70 years old.

Yes that is or could be true. Because, all genetic features transferred from parents to offspring is either recessive(internally him) or dominant(physical appearance).

Expert(s) Backup: “If your parents or grandparents grayed at an early age, you probably will too,” says David Bank, director of the Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic, and Laser Surgery in Mt. Kisco, N.Y


Research linked so far with stress, haven’t confirmed that stress directly turn black hair to grey. Stress is not only exhausting to the body, but also to the internal body functions.


Expert(s) backup:There is evidence that local expression of stress hormones mediate the signals instructing melanocytes to deliver melanin to keratinocytes, conceivably, if that signal is disrupted, melanin will not deliver pigment to your hair” – Jennifer Lin, a dermatologist who conducts molecular biology research at the Dana-Farber / Harvard Cancer Center in Boston.

“We’ve seen that people who are stressed two to three years report that they turn gray sooner,” – Tyler Cymet, head of family medicine at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore.

Minerals and Vitamins Deficiency


Tracked your gene and you aren’t stressing up yourself. But still, no trace of premature gray hair. Then check your hair growth supplements like minerals and vitamins. You are likely to lack some of the crucial minerals and vitamins like:

Vitamin A, C and E: They are antioxidant that helps produce healthy sebum in the scalp, maintain hair health and enhances scalp circulation. Eat more of

Biotin: This mineral produces keratin that prevents premature hair graying and hair loss. Consume more of

Vitamin B6: helps prevents hair loss and helps produces adequate melanin that gives hair its black color. Take in more of brewer’s yeast and vegetables like; pea(avocado), potatoes, carrot and others. according to

Expert Backup: “Without sufficient catalase, however, the peroxide-filled hair follicle literally bleaches the color out of your hair cell. Your hair then grows out of the hair follicle gray. As deficiencies in catalase continue, more and more hydrogen peroxide radicals form, the damage to the hair’s color cells continues and hair goes from gray to eventually white” – Jay Brachfeld, M.D. of

Smoking Habit


Research from a group of experts compiled by NCBI states that the mechanism by which smoking causes hair graying is yet to be completely understood.

But, it has been indicated that pro-oxidant effect of smoking could lead to damage the melanin-producing cells, the melanocytes – Experts research backup.


Nothing more, nothing less. Everyone on this planet earth is entitled to turn grey hair when they are 45-50 years old. At old age the melanocytes stops producing melanin which will result to salt and pepper or total white.



Disclaimer: The information here in this website are for informational purposes only and not to be substituted for professional medical advice.

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