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When Should a Man Stop Dying His Hair?

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Grey hair equals ageing gracefully, but some people’s case is far away from ageing gracefully. You might be wondering why I started with grey. But what would make a man dye his hair if it’s not to cover grey? That one aside, now when should a man stop dying his hair?

A short answer is anytime a man notices unusual changes or when he can no longer dye the hair. The Long answer is A gentleman should stop dying his as he enters 50 years. Unlike women that their hair is long. Older men hair is short and scalp becomes soft as they get older which creates a backdoor for easy entry of chemical into the body which can be harmful.

Don’t back out yet. Because in this post am going to show you;

  • The unusual signs and changes that are telling you to quit hair dye.
  • How to stop colouring your hair even when you can’t stop it (addicted) and
  • What happens when you stop dying your hair.

Let’s get started;

5 Signs You Should Stop Dying Your Hair


You Start Feeling Pains and Itching After Dying Hair

This sign shows that you are becoming allergic to hair dye, that also means your scalp is becoming softer and can’t contend with the dye chemical reactions anymore.

The Hair Color No Longer Last More Than A week

At this point upkeep, can becomes expensive. That is- you start dying weekly and if you are the type that goes for booking, I believe you will start dealing with colourist every week. Well, this depends on how fast your hair grows. But once you notice that the time frame is drastically reducing, just stop the hair dying.

Hair becomes Dry

Hair dye can make your hair becomes dry and brittle if you overdo. And if you are the type that dyes hair every week, you won’t give the hair enough space to produce natural oils the hair deserves and guess what happens next.

Your Hair Becomes Lighter

Some say its myth, that there is no way hair dye can make your hair thinner. Well, I will leave every to his or her beliefs. But when your hair starts become thinner just know that you have gotten to a stage where you have flushed away all the nutrient and weight in your hair strands with the chemical. Don’t think because you aren’t bleaching or changing to a strange colour means your hair isn’t losing integrity.

Hair Starts Falling

After thinning, the hair starts falling. It could be a sign that you are are going bald or suffering from a certain illness or even worse. This doesn’t show that fast, so you won’t notice it real quick. At this point stop applying, a visit you doctor.

Stop Dying Hair

How to Stop Coloring Hair Even When You Cant

If you are reading this part, It is so obvious that you are scared of what people might say. Just guessing. But are you going to continue that way forever? Hell No.  So if you are finding it difficult to stop dying your hair, do this.

  1. Look up to popular celebrities you know with grey hair as a Model. You see those guys; they are being seen by millions of fans now and then, compared them to yourself and finger cross your hand and say “I can do it.”
  2. Next is to discard the hair dye box you have inside your wardrobe or shelf. That’s to show you are ready (I know addicts will find this stage crazy)
  3. Opt-in for grey men haircuts or lower haircuts and welcome yourself with full courage to the tribe.

Read Also;

What Happens If You Stop Coloring Hair

A lot of men gets scared of what would happen next after they stop covering their grey hair.

But I don’t get it, are they scared of the natural thing God and nature have given to them? or what other people might say? or maybe they aren’t confident enough to go natural.

Here are things you will like face after you stop dying your hair and this is how to handle it.

  1. Your Hair Becomes Gray and Back to Its Natural State: At this point, you are now official welcome to the grey hair world– a world for unique people who are ageing gracefully be it premature or from birth. Just wear on your confidence pants and walk around with it. At first, people will talk about sudden changes. But smile and reply them pleasantly saying “Its lord doing.”
  2. It starts looking rough in your eyes: At the early stage of embracing the grey, you will start feeling uncomfortable in public place because you think it’s messy. So what you should do as I said earlier– is to go for shorter haircuts, then feed your grey with oil for shines. And don’t forget to change your hair routine to make sure new salt and pepper look cool every day.

Now I would love to hear from you:

Did you find this our article on when a man should stop dying his hair?

Or maybe you have something else to add to this.

Either way, do let me know by leaving your comment below right now.

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I am Stanley. A Professional Unisex Hairstylist, Writer and books lover. After 12 months apprenticeship program as a stylist I started working with my boss for extra 1 year. This time frame made me acummulate knowledge and experience in the hair industry, of which I will love to share with friends all over the world through my blog.

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