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20 Timeless Wavy Bob Haircuts for Women

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A wavy bob haircut stands as one of the most versatile choices, and it is loved by many due to its femininity. It is suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions. Whether opting for natural waves or adding beachy curls, there are several ways you can style a wavy bob haircut, whether long, medium, or short.

In this collection, we will show you some of the top wavy bob haircut inspirations that can guide you into choosing the most suitable wavy bob haircut style for your next occasion.

Wavy Bob Haircut

Here are the top wavy bob haircut inspirations that you will love to try out this season. They come in different variations, textures, and lengths.

Timeless Wavy Bob Haircuts

1. Wavy Bob with Bangs

A short wavy bob with bangs gives you a youthful feminine vibe that makes it suitable as everyday hair. Its simplicity and low maintenance are top-notch.

Wavy Bob with Bangs


2. Blonde Bob with Curtain Bangs

For a sophisticated bob haircut as a lady with a blonde haircut and oval face, this haircut is ideal as the curtain bangs frame your face, enhancing your beauty.

Blonde Bob with Curtain Bangs


3. Dimensional Wavy Bob Haircut

You can look chic and smart during the summer with your short, dimensional, wavy haircut. You can add depth and texture for a modern twist.

Dimensional Wavy Bob Haircut


4. Chic Center-Parted Bob Haircut

A sleek bob parted in the center for a polished appearance, perfect for any occasion, and can be styled in all seasons. It goes well for both younger and older women.

Chic Center-Parted Bob Haircut


5. Textured Bob Haircut

Thicken the texture of your bob by adding more layers and bangs to create a timeless style for a stylish look. You can make it longer if you want it more dynamic.

Textured Bob Haircut


6. Modern Wavy Bob Haircut

Add some twist to your classic bob with cropped wavy layers for a relaxed yet chic look. It is ideal for ladies with short hair who want a cute and relaxing haircut.

Modern Wavy Bob Haircut


7. Mixed Colored Wavy Haircut

For ladies with medium-length haircuts, a vibrant bob with mixed colors is a good option to explore, as it adds visual interest and personality to the hairstyle.

Mixed Colored Wavy Haircut


8. Messy Wavy Bob Haircut

For a laid-back and carefree aesthetic, a messy wavy bob haircut can fit in. It goes well for women looking for a simple haircut to stay indoors or around the neighborhood.

Messy Wavy Bob Haircut


9. Blonde and Brown Wavy Bob Haircut

A harmonious blend of blonde and brown hues in a wavy bob hairstyle creates a natural and classic touch that gives you that elegant look of a queen wherever you go.

Blonde and Brown Wavy Bob Haircut


10. Summer Wavy Bob Haircut

A breezy bob haircut with beachy waves that you can style for spending the day on the beach or for attending summer activities.

Summer Wavy Bob Haircut


11. Italian Bob Haircut

A sleek and elegant bob hairstyle inspired by Italian glamour, giving a romantic touch. It enhances your feminine prowess and is suitable for styling romantic dinners and outings.

Italian Bob Haircut


12. Wavy Bob with Wispy Bangs

Achieve a versatile hairstyle that suits any occasion with this chic short wavy bob with wispy bangs. Its softness and low maintenance make it a good option.

Wavy Bob with Wispy Bangs


13. Wavy Lob Haircut

A longer version of the wavy bob combines sophistication with effortless waves for a chic and timeless style. If you want to go on a vacation, this haircut is an excellent option to consider.

Wavy Lob Haircut


14. Wavy Bob with French Lace Braid

Get a creative twist on the classic bob with a French lace braid for a whimsical touch that goes perfectly well during summer and winter periods. Its uniqueness makes you stand out wherever you go.

Wavy Bob with French Lace Braid


15. Tousled Blonde Bob Haircut

Keep your bob haircut looking simple and relaxed with a tousled blonde bob hairstyle, which is versatile and can be easily parted at the center or side, depending on your preferences.

Tousled Blonde Bob Haircut


16. Side-parted Wavy Bob Haircut

A classic bob with waves, styled with a side part, gives you a flattering look to attend your night parties or casual night outs.

Side-parted Wavy Bob Haircut


17. Collarbone Wavy Bob Haircut

Are you looking for a manageable yet trendy hairstyle? Consider this collarbone-length wavy hair. It is easy to maintain and can last for a while.

Collarbone Wavy Bob Haircut


18. A-Line Bob Haircut

For those contemplating a new look, why not try this stylish A-line bob? It is unique and classic without too many movements.

A-Line Bob Haircut


This collection showcases the best wavy bob hairstyles, from chic bangs to vibrant mixed colors, perfect for all tastes and styles. Each look has its own charm, whether it’s the sophisticated Blonde Bob with Curtain Bangs or the laid-back Messy Wavy Bob. Whether you want a classic look or something more modern, there’s a wavy bob here for everyone, offering both elegance and simplicity.

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