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Rosemary Water for Hair Growth; Pros, Cons & Recipe

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Let’s talk about rosemary water for hair growth- The new rice water.

There aren’t many herbs that are good as the ones that cure pains and aches and help grow your hair .-Rosemary is no doubt part of a selected few.

However, there are still some differences between Rosemary and rosemary water. While you can eat Rosemary, it usually serves a different purpose when it’s boiled.

In this post, we’ll look at rosemary water and how it relates to hair growth.

First, we’ll look at the benefits of using rosemary water on the hair, and then you’ll learn the methods to prepare your rosemary water to accelerate the growth of your hair.

Grow Hair Healthy Hair With Rosemary Water

Rosemary Rinse Hair Benefits

From all I’ve said so far, it’s clear that Rosemary is an excellent all-purpose herb that works wonders with hair. However, what is the exact benefits associated with a rosemary hair rinse?

Here are some benefits associated with rinsing your hair with the herb.

1. Rosemary protects against hair loss

This is an oft-debated benefit of Rosemary that has become undoubtedly proven over the years. According to a 2015 study, Rosemary worked just as well as minoxidil to prevent hair loss.

Also, Rosemary showed even more impressive feats when managing the side effects of an itchy scalp. According to the same study, the herb worked better than minoxidil (Rogaine) at correcting the side effects of itchy scalp.

Now, that’s no small feat. Not a lot of homemade solutions can boast of beating a commercial alternative in a scientific test.

2. Stimulates Hair Growth

Rosemary isn’t only effective for correcting itchy scalp. It is capable of stimulating cellular regeneration to help grow new hair.

This statement isn’t mere speculation, as separate studies have shown that rosemary oil can help regrow hair lost due to androgenic alopecia (pattern baldness). It’s worth noting, however, that this experiment was carried out on mice.

Since humans (particularly) males do lose hair for the same reason, it’s safe to claim that Rosemary can help grow hair too.


How to Make Rosemary Water

You can make your rosemary water by following a simple recipe. While you can make the hair stimulant using just Rosemary and water, you may want to add some herbs for added flair.

Here is a quick guide on making rosemary water at home for beginners.


  • Handful of fresh or dried rosemary leaves (1-2 tablespoon if dried and blended).
  • Two cups of clean water.
  • Dried lavender flowers (optional)
  • Marshmallow root (optional)
  • Sage leaves (optional)
  • Some almond oil (optional)
  • Squeeze bottle (optional)


  • Heat the water until it boils. Add the fresh (or dried) rosemary leaves and other herbs you intend to mix in. Allow the Rosemary to simmer for about 20 minutes, covered.
  • Sieve the leaves away to get your rosemary water.
  • Here, you can add any haircare stuff to the water, and it’s ready to use. While you can use the rosemary water from a bowl or a cup, using a squeeze bottle manages the water better and makes it easier to control.

If you need to make a DIY hair spray, you only need a spray bottle and your rosemary water.

Put the rosemary water in the spray bottle, and you have a handy, homemade, DIY hair spray.


How to Use Rosemary Water on Hair

Just like the almighty fermented rice water, there are multiple ways you can use the rosemary water on your hair,

Here are some ways to use your homemade rosemary water to accelerate hair growth.

1. Using it as a hair spray

After making your rosemary water, you can put it in a spray bottle to make an excellent hair spray for everyday use.

The evidenced benefits of Rosemary to the hair are enough proof that it’s capable of rivalling top-end hair care products while requiring minimum effort to make.

2. Mixing it with your shampoo

While a liquid isn’t the best thing to add to your shampoo, rosemary oil work well with shampoo. The oil is the same thing as the water, except for the different natures.

Adding a few drops of rosemary oil to your shampoo gives you the full perks of using rosemary water without adding another step to your haircare routine.

3. Massaging it on your scalp

While you can spray the rosemary water on your hair and leave it to do its magic, you can also use it to massage your scalp.

However, since the water feels natural and smells nice, there’s no harm in just spraying it in your hair after the shower. This method accelerates the efficacy and gives the mixture more time to work on your hair.

You can also come up with other creative ways to use rosemary water. Since it has little to no side effects on your hair, you can integrate it into most of your hair care routine.


How Often to use Rosemary Water on Hair

Rosemary water is more forgiving to the skin than rosemary oil. With homemade rosemary water, all you need to worry about is not scalding the skin underneath your hair.

You can treat your hair with rosemary water every day if you’ll be rinsing it off. However, if you’re using the oil, start with once or twice a week as you get used to it.

If you use the water this frequently, you should notice significant hair growth improvements in months. Official studies quote six months, but it may be more or less, depending on your hair specifically.

If you experience some degree of discomfort after using rosemary water on your hair, you may want to dial down the amount you use, as well as the frequency. You don’t have to endure pain to grow your hair, do you?


How Long Does it Take for Rosemary to Grow Hair?

The speed at which your hair regrows when enhanced by Rosemary is majorly determined by how much hair you lost previously.

Someone who has lost a ton of hair will see quicker results using rosemary water than someone not suffering from hair loss.

With no other factors interfering, you should start seeing significant improvements in hair growth within six months of usage.

This is backed by the study pitting rosemary oil against minoxidil. It’s normal if you don’t notice any significant hair growth within three or four months of usage.

However, studies don’t tell the whole story. Sometimes, they work with a small subset of people that don’t represent the entire population of haircare enthusiasts.


Does Rosemary water darken hair?

While rosemary water may not be the best hair-darkening recipe, it’s not a slouch either. Undisputedly, continuous use of the simple DIY water can gradually make your hair thicker and darker.

Most ‘darkening herbs’ list includes Rosemary, and for good reasons. It isn’t just a hair darkener, but it also improves hair health and reduces shedding.

If you want darker and healthier hair, you can use sage in conjunction with Rosemary. When making your rosemary water, adding some sage leaves will make for an excellent combo.

This hack applies to whatever you want to achieve with your hair. If you want bouncier hair, find herbs that make your hair bouncy and add them to your rosemary recipe.

Who knows, you may end up coming up with a bestselling haircare product that solves a contemporary hair care problem with which most people struggle.


Effects of Rosemary Water

Too much of everything is bad, isn’t that right?

If you’ve lost too much hair, you may feel like replacing your hair with Rosemary for a few days for accelerated hair growth.

Well, I understand, but you know something as good as rosemary water will have some side effects, right?

Firstly, like most haircare stuff, rosemary water doesn’t work well with the eyes. When applying rosemary water or oil to your hair, ensure you’re protecting your eyes.

If the substance comes in contact with your eyes, rinse with cold water until it’s washed away.

Also, excessive use of rosemary water on the hair can cause skin irritation; remember; there is skin on your head too.

Fortunately, there are no health side effects to using too much rosemary water on your hair, but the irritation it causes is enough reason to use it in moderation.



Rosemary water is an excellent hair care recipe that eliminates all the side effects of the Rosemary herb while elevating the associated benefits.

It doesn’t only stimulate hair growth, but it does it better than commercially sold haircare solutions in some instances. And what’s more, you can make rosemary water from the comfort of your home.

If you want specific benefits other herbs provide, you can add them to your unique rosemary water to make a hair care product for your hair.

And, it’s as simple as making a cup of tea!

If this isn’t the perfect haircare technique, I don’t know what is.

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I hope you find this post on rosemary water for hair growth interesting and helpful.

And if you got questions or feedback, do not hesitate to let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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Rosemary Oil for Hair Growth

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