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Can A Receding Hairline Grow Back Again?

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Some say it’s nature while some say it’s a myth. However, experts have confirmed that it’s the first sign of male pattern baldness. Of course, no one especially male dude wants to go bald so early. So can a receding hairline grow back again?

The answer is Yes and No, receding hairline due to aging and hereditary cannot stop and grow back, while receding hairline due to environmental and medical conditions can stop and grow back again if necessary medications are taken.

Let’s look into that deeply,

But before then I would love to give you quick insight into what you are about to read.

Right here, we have gathered in detail the causes, signs and possible ways to slow down or stop receding hairline.

Signs Your Hairline Is Receding

Some dude gets scared when they can’t differentiate between maturity and hairline. So

Here are signs that your hairline is receding.

  • The hair strands on temples becomes thin.
  • Middle may stay closer to the forehead.
  • The hair finally forms “V” shape at the widow’s peak.
  • Lastly, the thin hair strands at the hairline start falling, leaving the hairline scanty.

These developments can be perfectly noticed when you have two perfect photographs (before and after shot maybe 3-5 months interval).

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Receding Hairline Causes

There are so many causes of receding hairline, but there are two most common ones, which are:

1. Genetics

It’s often assumed that genetics has something to do with hair loss, gray hair and receding hairline, and that’s absolutely the truth. Most men with pattern baldness present at either side of the family are most likely to inherit this trait.

2. Aging

Baldness starting from the hairline develops in men as they grow older. Studies have shown that receding hairline after the age of 40 is normal and doesn’t occur because of illness, medication, and habits.

Other Causes That Contributes Includes:


Scalp infection like ringworm and dandruff etc. can cause inflammation making it difficult for hair to grow. And if these infections aren’t noticed and cured properly on time, the next experience will be hair loss which can start from the hairline or anywhere.

Lifestyle & Habits

Stress, diet, and smoking fall here. Even they say hair is dead, know that there is life underneath. The things you take in other than caring for hair can also disturb the hair cycle.

“When you have a stressful event, it can shock the hair cycle, (pushing) more hair into the shedding phase,” explains Marc Glashofer, MD, a dermatologist in New York City

Hair Styling and Care Products

Hairstyles, products, and tools can add great pressure to scalp and hair strands. You shouldn’t underestimate the care and medications you perform on hair, because most of them can directly or indirectly affect the hair life cycle. However, in most cases like this proper care can help it grow back.


Like I said earlier, there are some conditions that DIY treatments or professional care isn’t necessary because they can’t be of any help. However, no guaranteed treatment can stop a hairline recession once it’s started.

But notwithstanding, Here are possible remedies that can slow down or even stop and grow back receded hairline(Depending on the main cause).

Steer Clear From Hair Products And tools For Sometime

This remedy helps you figure out if your hair products and tools are the ones in charge of your hairline. Some tools and products add bad pressure to the hair making them pull from their roots. Also, men who choose hairstyles to cuts should be aware that some braid styles also play a silent and visible role.

Scalp Massage and Essential Oils Can Be Of Help

Researchers found that scalp massage and essential oils can stimulate hair growth and thicken hair respectively.

However, this may not work for everyone, but a trail is worth it, who knows what happens next? So just attach 5 minutes hair massage and essential oils application to your daily hair routine.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety.

Over and over again smoking, stress and anxiety have been linked up with hair loss. There’s no point doubting research findings when your hair is at stake. Do away with cigarettes and stressful task, it’s not gonna cost you that much.

Avoid Hairline Shape Up

Whether it’s myths or nature, some men still believe that hairline shape up can make your hairline recede the more, maybe I am one of them or not. But from my experience so far as a barber. I can’t tell if shape up can be the reason.

However, in my humble opinion I think you should avoid it ( it’s not going to stop or make it grow back, but may slow down the process)

Allow Experts Handle The Situation

Sometimes DIY isn’t just enough. That’s when you need to bring in an expert for diagnosis and treatment. Allowing them to do their thing will cost you money, but they will help find the cause and best possible treatment if your problem isn’t linked to the family. It could be your doctor or dermatologist.

Go For Hairline Transplant or Micro-pigmentation

When you seem not to embrace the new and upcoming appearance, there will be one last permanent remedy which is hairline transplant. It is however not suitable for everybody, especially people who got it due to illness, infection, and stress because there are high chances that the hairline will grow back.

Going for this option is a drastic decision, it is advised you know about it as much as you can so that you will know what to expect (negative and positive sides)

Be careful with the surgeon you want to book an appointment with. Make sure he or she is qualified and experienced enough. When choosing a surgeon Don’t just go with online recommendations, get it from people you trust within your locality.

Another option that can replace hair transplant is micro-pigmentation. It’s a non-surgical procedure and works on all hair types. Before you make decisions to go with this, endeavor to have a few minutes chat with your doctor to see if it’s going to be fine for you.

Here’s an example of micro-pigmentation before and after.

Micro-pigmentation Before and After

Other Helpful Remedies

  • If dandruff is the main reason you have that hairline, then strike it down with the right products.
  • Take a look at your diet. Some vitamins your hair needs are present in the foods you eat. Consult the Dermatologist for diet recommendations.
  • Don’t brush hair too much and don’t over-scratch that scalp.

Does a receding hairline always mean baldness?

It is very clear that baldness begins in the hairline, but that doesn’t always mean you are going bald, so don’t be too scared. Because there are working and actionable ways you can hold on your hairline or even grow back the lost ones.

Can a Receding Hairline Stop?

Yes! A receding hairline can stop on itself or with the help of treatment. But will kick off again when the time is due (may on or before 50 years)

Now I Would Love to hear from you.

What do you think about this issue? Can a receding hairline grow back again naturally? Let’s hear from you.


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