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Pravana Vivids Mood Color [MYSTERY BEHIND]

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Pravana vivids mood color, the heat activated color overlay for hair that has been trending on instagram is now available again and waiting for you to decide, if you are going to use it today, tomorrow, weekend or during any upcoming popular outdoor events.

But do you really need it?

Here is the real story:

Early September 2017, Instagram was really a banger, to the extent that all the top female beauty instagram influencer I followed on instagram used this product on their hair immediately after it was launched and guess what.

It was a boom and awesome idea that has never been before. Many spoke good of it, while few did the opposite. Of course, that’s normal, not everyone will love the concept. But don’t worry in this blog post I will share with you:

  • How it works.
  • Where to buy the pravana vivids mood color kit.
  • The price.
  • Trick to make it work well on black hair (Extra Cost Applied With No Bleaching).
  • Pros and Cons.
  • How to apply smartly.

And every other thing you need to know about this chameleon hair paint(Lol).

Note: It’s an overlay, not hair dye or shampoo and it has no negative effect to the hair growth, length and color and it has four color pigments as at time of this update. The color pigments included viz:

  • Cool Violet ~> Warm Pink.
  • Smokey Gray ~> Invisible.
  • Lime Green ~> Sunny Yellow,
  • Tropical Peach ~> Invisible.


Let’s get started.

How It Works

If you noticed on the sixth paragraph, I called it chameleon hair paint (not the real name) but because it changes hair color according to the degree of heat applied to it or within the environment. Should I say it is thermo-sensitive? I think Yes!

Personally I don’t want it to look overrated before you. Therefore, this is what Insider and the production manager said on how it works.

“The hair colourant is made of heat-reactive pigmented molecules held together by a solvent. When cool, the solvent keeps the dye in a solid state. When exposed to heat, the solvent softens and release another color.”- Insider

“What makes it unique is that it’s the first-ever heat reactive color on the market. It happens so fast, with so many different heat sources. Walking out into the sun, with the simple heat from the sun, makes the color shift. Any gust of wind can change it again and reverse right back to its original color.”- Lissette Cruz (Pravana products development manager as at the date of release)

Now Let me ask you this question

How will you feel. When you standout in the upcoming outdoor events or festival and your hair color keeps changing? Awesome right. ✌ Yes!!! For me, I will be like am on top of the world and feel like the peacock with beautiful feathers.

How To Apply Pravana Mood Color Smartly Yourself

I discovered many people keep saying “go to the salon, the product is only available in salons” I don’t agree with that. You can now buy it on amazon for few dollars and get it shipped to your door lstep. If you have hand hair dryer and can afford the whole pravana mood color kits, can’t you do it yourself? Of course you can.

Facebook @Unknown

So, this is how you do it.

Step 1: Get a hair tint brush, sponge, dryer and small plastic container- If you want to apply two colors get two containers, for more get more containers.

Step 2: Put on your safety gloves and black apron to avoid messing with your clothes.

Step 3: Pick any color of your choice, pour little amount of the color pigment and mix with the creme.

Step 4: Use sponge to Apply it where you neccesary, Comb it at same time use your dryer. That’s all

Still don’t understand? here is a video you should check out.

If you don’t have hand dryer and can’t follow up the video step by step. I think you should try the second alternative, which is.

Visit any professional hair stylist near you and get it done for few dollars.

Remember to make your hair a little bit moist before applying.


  • It is temporary and can be washed off easily with shampoo.
  • No much stress when applying. Just mix it, apply, blow dry and step outside to see its full transition.
  • It doesn’t affect the initial hair color. Anytime you want your normal hair color back, you just wash it off.


  • It only shows up best on lighter hair. Oops! ladies and gentlemen with dark hair all through, won’t get the better taste of it, but there is a catch down here!!!
  • It can make your hair a little bit heavy. If applied too much.
  • No washing this time around, just blow it dry. (bad idea for people who doesn’t have blow dryer).

Price And Where To Buy Pravana Vivids Mood Color Kit

Buying the full kit give you an egde to apply it on your hair for more than 10 times. When I checked amazon as at the time of this updates, the price for pravana vivids mood color is around $95, but you can get it for lesser price from other stores with coupon code.

I highly recommend Amazon, Walmart (because of fast shipping) and any pro salon within your location. Keep in mind that when purchasing from salon the price is higher.

Trick To Make It Work Better On Black Hair.

Sorry it’s not a trick, but idea that works really great. I got you!! haha.

Its simple, but works only for ladies and extra cost is applied.

  • Buy light color hair clip-on extension.
  • Follow the step by step process in this video and you are set. Skip the video to 06:58 to see the idea quickly.

Is the idea not good? Of course, Its impressive.

FAQs On Pravana Vivids Mood Color

Q: Must I Use All Content At Once?

No, you can store the remaining and use it again next time as long as its not expired, just ensure that you store it in cool dry place.

Q: Is It Safe For Kids Use?

It’s not safe for children. I am still trying to figure out why pravana officials said so.

Q: Is It For Ladies Only?

No! No!! No!!, you can use it for anybody except kids. Try it on your husband, your guy or yourself today and see for yourself.

Q: How Long Does Pravana Mood Color Last?

It depends many factors like the environment, hair thickness or quantity and the quantity applied, provided there is heat, it will still be changing .


After everything many will still ask is it worth it? To be on safer side, I can’t answer for you.

But pravana vivids mood color worths the price not only because it is unique, but because it is the first of it’s kind and this brilliant idea is superb and 100% working.

Huge respect to pravana team we are still expecting from them.

Now I would love to hear from you:

What do you think about pravana vivids mood color hair dye.

Have you tried it before and had an awful experience?

Either way, do let me know by leaving your comment below.

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I am Stanley. A Professional Unisex Hairstylist, Writer and books lover. After 12 months apprenticeship program as a stylist I started working with my boss for extra 1 year. This time frame made me acummulate knowledge and experience in the hair industry, of which I will love to share with friends all over the world through my blog.

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