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Shocking Pros and Cons of Onion Juice for Hair Growth

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Permit me to blow your mind with what am about to share with you. As you already know, it’s all about onion juice for hair growth.

If you’re very concerned about losing even a strand of your hair, you’re not alone. Honestly, you haven’t tried some extreme methods that others try to enhance hair growth.

Onion may sound like something that goes in the kitchen, but it also has a place in your hair, especially if you want to reverse hair loss.

According to research and study over the years, onions’ anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties make them effective remedies for hair loss.

If you’re thinking about using onions to enhance the growth of your hair, we can help. In this article, you’ll learn some of the advantages and side effects of onion juice for hair growth.

Also, you’ll learn how to prepare a DIY hair growth treatment at home using onions, how to apply it, and how long you’ll have to wait to see any noticeable change in the volume of your hair.

How to Make Onion Juice for Hair Growth

Pros of Onion Juice for Hair Growth

Everyone is always skeptical about the efficacy of onions for hair growth. This plant is typically grown for food; who in the world will try to test it on their hair for faster growth?

You may not be the only one having similar thoughts. Many first-time users of the treatment always have similar questions, and this section exists to answer their skepticism.

Here are some reasons why you may want to mix your shampoo with onion juice for a change.

1. Enhances Hair Growth

Isn’t that the reason why you’ll want something like onion juice on your hair in the first place?

According to a 2018 study from the Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics, researchers could gather that adding onion extract to regular hair shampoo reduces skin irritation.

Also, they found that the shampoo provided better nutrients to the hair, promoting hair growth and moisturizing the hair.

While there have been many scientific theories and claims that onions can improve hair growth, the study is one of the few scientific tests proving these theories.

2. Moisturizes Dry Hair

The essence of growing longer hair is to make it more beautiful. Everyone will agree that frizzy and dry hair cannot be exactly described as stunning. This provides another reason to try out onion juice on your hair.

Onion contains specific nutrients like kaempferol and flavonoids. These nutrients possess nourishing qualities that moisturize your hair, bringing them back to life.

In addition to revitalizing dry hair, onion juice may also help to cure an itchy scalp. Adding onion to your existing dry and itchy scalp treatment won’t hurt; instead, it will help.

3. Cures Dandruff

The idea that onion juice can help fight dandruff is purely based on opinions and claims from users and isn’t backed by any scientific research.

Therefore, you shouldn’t turn to onion juice as a first resort for treating severe or even moderate dandruff. If you have a severe dandruff case, you should find treatments that have been proven to cure the disease.

However, there is no research disproving the capability of onions in fighting dandruff. If you notice mild or occasional dandruff, you may try adding some onion juice to your hair to see how much of a difference it makes.

You can also mix your shampoo or other dandruff treatment with onion juice to give them a boost. Also, there is no risk of irritation whatsoever.

4. Doesn’t Smell Like Onions

While this doesn’t sound exactly like a pro of using an onion juice treatment, it’s what many people want to see.

You don’t want to hear your friends say: “you smell like onions” immediately after complimenting your long, moisturized, and bouncy hair.

When making onion juice, you should add some fragrance to hide the oniony smell. This way, no one will ever know your hair eats onions too!

Alternatively, you can try out rosemary water or even fermented rice water. It’s so surprising how these plants and kitchen ingredients work on hair.

Cons of Onion Juice for Hair growth

You get it; the scientists have confirmed onion juice as an effective hair growth treatment. But could there be any downsides to applying onion juice to your hair?

As expected, there are some downsides. Over the following few paragraphs, you’ll learn some of the cons of using onion juice for hair growth to see if it’s worth a try.

1. Allergic Reactions

You may want to stay away from any form of onion juice hair treatment if you have previously demonstrated any allergies to onions.

Most people who are allergic to onions will exhibit allergic reactions, even if they don’t eat the vegetable.

To avoid irritation or allergic reactions, consider applying some of the orange juice to the back of your ear for a while. If you develop any noticeable pain or itchiness around the area, you shouldn’t use onion juice or treatments with significant amounts of onion in them.

And please, can we not talk about how painful it would be if you got onion juice in your eyes?


How to Make Onion Juice for Hair Growth

There are different ways to make onion juice, depending on whether you want pure onion juice or if you want to mix it with shampoo.

Pure onion juice works best, but we don’t recommend making it too pure. Adding lemon oil and fragrance will remove most of the oniony smell, making it easier to go around just after applying it to your hair.

You can easily create onion juice by chopping your onions into tiny bits. Then, you can blend it in a mixer or juicer to obtain a pulp which you’ll sieve to get the final product.

If you don’t like the smell of onions, you can add the juice to a sweet-smelling shampoo now. Otherwise, you can mix it with some essential oils and fragrances if you want to keep it as “pure” as possible.


How to Use Onion Juice for Hair

Unlike most synthetic hair treatments, onion juice can go directly on your scalp. You should focus on getting as much as possible into the scalp to get the best results from your onion juice treatment.

Mix the juice with shampoo or oil and use the mixture to massage your scalp thoroughly. After massaging your hair with the fluid, you can wash it with a conditioner to rid your hair of any oniony remains.

If you want to grow your hair using food-only ingredients, you can try mixing eggs and onion juice. While this sounds like something that typically goes into the guts, applying it to your hair might be the haircare magic you always wished for.

If the onion smell sticks around after the onion juice treatment, wash it away using a strong fragrance shampoo or lemon juice.


How Long Does it Take for Onion Juice to Regrow Hair?

The fact that onion juice is good for hair growth doesn’t say much. Does it grow the hair within a reasonable timeline?

If you have been asking yourself that question, I have good news for you. The effects of onion juice on hair growth kick in relatively fast, as early as four weeks in most people.

According to the paper confirming the theory that onion juice can help in hair growth, participants start to notice an increase in their hair volume as early as four weeks after their first onion juice treatment.

In a separate study, this time on victims of a specific disorder that causes hair loss, nearly 87% of participants noticed that their hair started re-growing within six weeks of regular onion juice treatments.

By aggregating the results of these studies, we can safely say most people will start experiencing hair growth within two weeks. However, a significant increase in hair volumes won’t come until much later, usually after 30 days of using onion juice.

However, there will be variations among individuals, and some people may likely see no change at all.

One thing to note is that there are no chemicals in onion juice that can potentially damage your existing hair. Even if the treatment won’t work for you, there is no harm in trying it out.


How Often Should You Use Onion Juice for Hair Growth?

Since this isn’t a synthetic or scientific hair treatment, you must follow no hard and fast rules when using onion juice for hair growth.

For accelerated results, you should try applying it every day until you see the desired results. If you see no noticeable changes in four weeks, you can safely stop using it for your hair.

If you can’t keep up with grooming your hair every day, you can set a flexible schedule for yourself. Once every other day, twice every week, it’s best to go for whatever works for you.

One thing is worth noting; even if you keep your hair in onion juice for an entire month, it will do no damage to your existing hair, but I can’t really say for your eyes.



There aren’t many homemade remedies for hair loss backed by scientific research; using onion juice meets both requirements.

With just a few onions, you can make your unique hair treatment to reverse your hair loss. Just don’t forget to mix it with some sweet-smelling oils or shampoo, or I’ll certainly tell you that you smell like onions when next we meet.

And that’s all for now.

I hope you find this post on onion juice for hair growth interesting and helpful.

And if you got questions or feedback, do not hesitate to let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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How to Use Onion Juice for Hair




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