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10 Unique Natural Hair Care Blogs We All Should Follow

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Looking for a list of natural hair blogs to follow this year or do you wish and desire to keep your hair beautiful? This isn’t a secret anymore; everybody dreams about beautiful, healthy, and natural hair. It’s been estimated that people tend to spend hundreds of dollars purchasing lots of different products available for natural hair usage.

It is time to get busy with your natural hair ! I’ve partnered with LatestDeals company to share a follow list that you are going to absolutely love!

Some of the products are useful, some useless. If you want to keep your hair care simple, you must also consider the benefits of making use of natural hair care products. However, you do not need to break your bank to keep strong, healthy, and shiny natural care. Get cheap hair dryer to compliment your natural look.

Don’t be surprised to know you already got all the necessary natural ingredients close to you or in your garden.

Here’s our list of natural hair care blogs you should follow.

1. Natural Hair Rules

Naturalhairrules have been in existence for more than 8 years and for sure this number of years is not a small deal. Over the years so many natural hair enthusiasts have contributed significantly to maintain its unique brand name. If you wish to learn more about caring for your natural hair, making homemade products and many more then you should follow NHR.


2. Naturally You! Magazine

NaturallyYouMagazine is founded and managed by Kaya- a natural lifestyle enthusiast that has been caring and nurturing her natural hair for over 20 years. You can expect a wide variety of beauty tips from various areas of life: Health, nails care, business, family, and hair beauty e.t.c from her blog.


3. Natural Hair Queen

Natural Hair Queen was founded by Patrina. And as you probably know, managing and growing natural hair with little or no knowledge can be tricky and difficult. So the goal of Natural Hair Queen is to teach and also encourage ladies to incorporate good hair practices into their hair care routines that will promote growth and healthy hair.


4. Napturally Curly

Napturally Curly was founded by Lisa Irby. In 2010, she transitioned to natural hair for eighteen (18) months with no big chop after making use of relaxers for over 27 years. Napturally Curly teaches women how to transition to natural hair effectively.


5. Natural Hair Mag

NaturalHairMag is a lifestyle blog for people who loves natural hair. NaturalHairMag is managed by a group of natural hair specialists. These contributors share what they learned from life experience. One core thing about this blog or should I say a website is that 80-95% of their information is in video format. So there is nothing hide


6. Curls Understood

CurlsUnderstood was founded by Sylvia Kerali and it has been brainstorming the beauty industry since its inception. As the name implies this is a website for curly hair both natural and technique made- along with blog posts, essential products can also be purchased. Hairstyles, natural hair salons, segmented hair tips by texture, length, and volume are not left out. Curls Understood has been featured on FOX 5 DC, ITN News, Essence Magazine, Allure Magazine,, WPF•W 89.3 FM,, and Black Enterprise.


7. NaturallyCurly

NaturallyCurly is a blog that discusses embracing, empowering, and connecting coils, curls, and waves. Michelle Breyer and Gretchen Heber co-founded this online hair community. This is a place to celebrate your hair; is the leading resource for the textured and natural hair community.


8. Afrobella

Patrice Yursik is the beauty behind this site; she’s a Trinidadian-born writer who lives in the U.S. She created this blog to bridge the gap and celebrate the inner and also outer beauty of women of all shades and elegance.
Afrobella is a blog that talks about natural Hair, Fashion, Beauty, and Makeup.


9. Black Naps

Black Naps was created by Ariane Williams in 2010 to blog about her natural hair journey and also to share helpful tips with other people.
Black Naps is a leading provider of natural hair care tips and styles. Black Naps has approximately 260,000 visitors each month. This blog was created to show ladies that they can be beautiful with natural looks.


10. CurlCentric

This is a natural hair blog owned and run by a husband and wife Kira and Kenneth Byrd. They aim to teach you proven natural hair care tips. Curlcentric is different from other blogs because of heir well-researched and factual information on hair care techniques. This blog is for everyone ranging from newbie natural to even experienced natural.


There are few other natural hair care blogs online; we only wrote on these few ones. We hope this article will be helpful.

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I am Stanley. A Professional Unisex Hairstylist, Writer and books lover. After 12 months apprenticeship program as a stylist I started working with my boss for extra 1 year. This time frame made me acummulate knowledge and experience in the hair industry, of which I will love to share with friends all over the world through my blog.

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