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Hair Botox vs. Keratin Treatment; Which is Right for You?

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It’s time we talk more about hair botox vs. keratin treatment. On this page, you’ll learn the pros and cons of each hair treatment and everything you need to know.

Keratin treatment benefits your hair, and so does Botox treatment. Also, the benefits of getting these treatments are strikingly similar.

Hair Botox requires deep conditioning and makes for smooth, frizz-free hair. After a hair Botox session, your frizzy, dull hair will become bouncy and lustrous.

Keratin treatment is similar. It also makes your hair smooth, thick, lustrous, and other fancy words to describe perfect hair.

If you’re not a professional hairstylist, things can quickly get confusing. What differentiates Botox and keratin treatments, and which one is right for you?

In this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about these hair care treatments and which one to choose for your specific hair type.


What is Hair Botox Treatment?

Hair Botox treatment is sometimes called an anti-aging hair treatment due to its ability to reverse age-induced hair defects.

This treatment uses a chemical-free natural approach to enhancing the smoothness of your hair. The constituents of a hair Botox treatment solution may include proteins, vitamins, and amino acids, but nothing that can cause any chemical damage.

Hair Botox treatment can last for up to four months until you’ll need another. Depending on your hair care habits and your hair type, yours can last longer or shorter.


What is Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatment is pretty different from a hair Botox treatment as the former utilizes chemicals in conjunction with natural ingredients, while the latter doesn’t.

It is a rather complicated process that involves washing the hair with a solution, often containing formaldehyde. Then, you may choose to restyle the hair after drying to get picture-perfect hair.

Keratin treatment corrects interloping hair cells to create a smooth pattern for your hair. While this may sound similar to what hair smoothening does, it should, as they both use formaldehyde-based solutions.

If you don’t want formaldehyde-based solutions on your hair, non-formaldehyde hair keratin treatments also exist. However, while you may avoid the side effects, it won’t be as effective.

Hair Botox vs. Keratin Treatment

Pros of Hair Botox and Keratin Treatment

Why should you get hair Botox or keratin treatment when there are other hair care solutions available?

Well, that’s why I created this section. Here you’ll learn the advantages of a hair Botox treatment and where the keratin hair treatment shines.


Hair Botox Pros

1. It’s natural and safe.

The word ‘Botox’ has a scary ring to it for relatable reasons. This fear is because most people associate the word with face Botox, which carries many risks.

However, hair Botox is nothing like face Botox. Unlike the face version, hair Botox doesn’t contain botulinum toxins which form the base for the name.

Instead, it is a collection of 100% natural hair care ingredients that do no chemical deterioration or damage to your hair, making it safe and natural.

2. It doesn’t reduce hair quality.

If you’re worried about the health of your hair in the long term, you may want to go Botox. Trying to damage your hair due to the effects of hair Botox won’t be an easy task if it’s possible at all.

If you’ve tried multiple hair care treatments that have gradually reduced the quality of your hair over time, you should go for a hair Botox treatment next.

So much credit for the absence of formaldehyde!

3. Not incredibly expensive

Unlike hair smoothening or other related but complicated hair care treatments, Hair Botox doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

While I’ll do more justice to this section later in this article, giving you a heads up seems like the right thing to do.


Keratin Treatment Pros

1. Repairs hair damage

It’s a wide belief that hair keratin helps in hair growth. However, this claim isn’t entirely accurate, even if it seems like it is.

Hair keratin doesn’t help in growing your hair. However, it prevents it from falling out or breaking, making you feel like your hair grows faster.

A more accurate way to describe this ability would be ‘damage prevention and repair.’ Keratin treatment prevents and repairs hair damage to make it look like it grows your hair quicker.

2. Eliminates frizz

No one wants their hair to spin off in independent irregular patterns. While most people intentionally get frizzy hair, you’ll pray you never had it one day.

Keratin treatment can help actualize your prayers. By smoothening some of the overlapping hair cells, your hair becomes more glossy and less frizzy.


Cons of Hair Botox and Keratin Treatment

These treatments aren’t perfect; they have marring flaws that make them imperfect for some usage cases.

However, the nature of Botox treatment also means you will be getting fewer disadvantages, even if it doesn’t work as aggressively as keratin treatment.

Here are some of the downsides of each of the hair treatment solutions in question.

Hair Botox Treatment Cons

1. It doesn’t last very long.

Many hair care treatments, including the keratin treatment, last for up to six months. This longevity isn’t typical for hair Botox treatment.

Typically, you should expect the treatment to last for three months with proper care. If you have the perfect kind of hair for Botox, you can push it to four, while you may need one every two months.

However, the low cost of the treatment and the fact that continuously getting a Botox treatment causes no chemical damage makes this an easy pill to swallow.

2. Constant usage may reduce long-term benefits.

If hair Botox doesn’t work well for your hair over extended periods, you should consider hair care solutions that do.

If you keep using Hair Botox, your hair will gradually absorb some of the ingredients, developing a resistance to the effects of the treatment.

If this happens, you’ll start seeing a decline in the benefits of a hair Botox treatment to your hair.

This con isn’t unique to hair Botox; it applies to most other hair care treatments. Comparatively, hair Botox isn’t one of the worst offenders in this aspect.


Keratin Treatment Cons

1. Costly

Unless you’re doing the treatment at home using products that you purchased yourself, you’ll need north of $300 for a keratin treatment.

While this doesn’t seem too outrageous at first glance, it quickly looks expensive compared to the $75 starting price for a hair Botox treatment.

If you’re trying to save as much as possible, it’s not even close. You can get up to 5 Botox treatments for the price of one keratin.

2. Contains a carcinogen

Carcinogens are substances that can cause cancer. One carcinogen that appears in many hair care treatments is formaldehyde, and it’s also a significant part of hair keratin products.

If you’d not test your body’s ability to resist cancer, you may want to avoid getting hair keratin treatments completely.

Alternatively, you can get the non-formaldehyde variants of the treatment. However, the alternate chemicals may be even more dangerous than formaldehyde, just less popular.

3. Difficult maintenance

Since you can’t get keratin treatment many times a year, you may want to maintain your treated hair to make the hair more durable.

No one will mind a two-minute daily maintenance routine, but this is nothing like that. After getting a keratin treatment, you will spend most of your time caring for it.

You must keep your hair away from water, as there should be three or four-day intervals between washes.

Also, you must review all the hair care products to discard those that contain sodium chlorides and other related substances as they’ll shorten the life of your hair.


Hair Botox vs. Keratin Treatment; Which is Better for Fine Hair?

If you have fine hair, chemical-based hair treatment solutions may quickly weaken and damage your hair.

Based on this belief, hair Botox is a better choice than keratin treatment. The latter can weaken hair strands after continuous usage, while the former has little or no effect on the overall structure of your hair.


Can I Combine Hair Botox and Keratin Treatments?

Yes, these two hair care treatments are not mutually exclusive. If your hair is the perfect candidate for a keratin treatment, you can go for it, even if you already have the hair Botox treatment.

If you have colored hair, you can also use either or both of these treatments. While you may notice a slight discoloration afterward, it’s not much of a deal-breaker.


Hair Botox vs. Keratin Treatment; Which is better for you?

The only way to give an accurate answer to this question is by examining your hair to see if it’s a good fit for either or both treatments.

However, if you previously tried out so many hair care treatments, starting with a keratin treatment wouldn’t be so bad.

However, if you’re so scared of cancer that you don’t want to take any chances, you may choose to go the natural way of hair Botox.

However, one thing to remember is that Botox doesn’t contain Botox. As for why it was named ‘Botox,’ let’s save the story for another day.

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I hope you find this post on hair botox vs. keratin treatment interesting and helpful.

And if you got questions or feedback, do not hesitate to let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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