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Does Hair Dye Expire? Learn From My Story

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Only hair dye fans can relate what it means to keep hair dye in shelf for years. We all know that after some years you will surely come back for it and you will be like does hair dye expire?

Yes! Hair dye does expire 2-4 years after the day of production. Most times there are factors that can cut short the number of years a dye can stay before it expires. These factors are grouped into three: physical, environmental and chemical factors.

Let look into the full details and how it happens, but before that, I want to share a short story with you.

My Experience With Expired Hair Dye (Story)

Early December, heading to the merry Christmas season! The demand for gold and white color hair dye increased. So my boss went to Onitsha main market here in Nigeria and bought a cartoon of different colors hair dye.

Still few weeks to Christmas, all the hair dye was sold. Wow! The demand was still increasing mind you. He returned to the market and purchased two cartoons again. He still sold almost all of them to customers and colleagues at a relatively cheap rate compared to the price tag in the supermarket.

Fast forward to two days before Christmas. Every salon was hell busy and filled with customers. Unfortunately, I used the last gold dye at 10 pm in the night. No more gold dye? The unhappy customers kept asking me that night. Oh no! I quickly went to the shelf to confirm it there is any left.

Thank Goodness, I found one remaining from the dye we used during the previous Christmas. So I brought it out, opened the dye container and everybody ran out of the salon. Why?

The odor it produced that night was x2 the odor of dead animal. Quickly I took the air freshener and made everywhere whole again. But I wasn’t sure that something is wrong. Because I have used so many dyes that smells bad, even when they are new.

So I wanted to confirm if it will still work on hair. I took it outside with some hair I shaved out from one of the customers, mixed it and applied it on the hair. After a few minutes, I washed the hair. Since it’s African man’s hair, it wasn’t long and can’t stick together. So everything scattered. Still not giving me what I need.

I decided to do a patch test on my hair. Fool me!! I mixed the dye the normal way applies to a small portion of my hair.

Guess what:

I couldn’t stand the burning just 5 minutes after applying. So I quickly washed it off.

Now, What happened?

I wasn’t allergic to that hair dye, my hair wasn’t too low either, then what’s the cause of the reaction? Many more questions kept running through my mind until I decided to check the expiring date.

Boom! it has expired 4 months after last two-year Christmas, but I still got another problem which is: the dye has an expiring date, but no manufacturing date. Lol

Funny right? But that’s the truth. Now tell me, how can I know how long the dye has been existing?

Finally, I forgot everything since I love the slight gold color patch on my hair, even though am still receiving little burnt scalp signs.

That’s for the story. I know you have understood and learned something from it. Now apart from the harsh reaction, there are other effects expired hair dye can cause and right here in this post we are going to share all with you. So keep reading.

Things That Affect How Long Hair Dye Last In Its Container

The thing or factors that affect how long hair dye can exist in its container either unboxed or not are so many. If I start listing them one after the other we won’t even be able to end it because some factors are yet to be known.

Quick Bites:

After checking all the factors we have gotten so far, I decided to group it into three and the categories are viz:

Physical Factors: Opening and exposure to external material like air, dirt, water sand spoil the hair dye fast. Don’t take it as little thing doesn’t matter. If you noticed that a third-party has fallen inside remove it quickly.

Environmental Factors: Humidity, temperature, and climate fall under this category. Some of these environmental factors catalyze chemical factors. In essence, they always work together. Dye stored in places like t

Chemical Factors: Some chemicals in the dye tends to lose its properties after some time, even when hair dye isn’t open.

Sometimes on exposure to too high or too low temperature, the chemical properties of the dye either join together or separate to form something different. And apart from turning the dye contents to something else, this is also one of the reasons hair dye explode.

Note: Hair dye made from organic or natural ingredients tends to expire faster than the chemical made dye.

You might be wondering:

Why is that most hair dye doesn’t have a manufacturing or expiring date? The answer is simple.

Most brands don’t include expiration or manufacturing date on hair dye products, because some hair dye can last as long as 4 years, if stored properly.

Coming back to the factors, as I said earlier there are so many of them. But with good storage, you can beat all. Also always remember to check the dye pack to see the storage rules.

Side Effects Of Expired Hair Dye.

Side effects differ depending on the chemicals present in the dye, how long it has been expired, the hair porosity, skin type and many more.

Note: I didn’t experience all these side effects. Thanks to online users reports and research, which is what I used to compile the effects below;

  • Itching, burning or swelling of the scalp.
  • Partial hair loss.
  • May give out different color entirely. You may want gold color, but after applying you get white. Lol!
  • If expired hair dye manages to give you the exact color, it still not going to be brilliant and bright.

How To Identify Expired Hair Dye Even Without Expiring Date.

It does not matter of being smart or geeky. Expired hair dye is not difficult to identify. You just need your sense organs (nose, skin, and eye) to identify it.

Now, what do expired hair dye look like?

  • They smell Real bad like a dead animal or fart from someone who has eaten string beans.
  • A swollen container is very common in opened dye container and this is a sign that air has successfully entered the container
  • Watery and looks separated ( water on top while the color is at the bottom).

Have it in mind that not all hair dye that smells bad is expired and not all expired hair dye smells.

Final Thoughts

Using expired hair dye can cause great damage to the scalp or hair. We believe in safety first, do things with caution, read dye manuals to see if you can use the hair dye again after opening.

Whenever any doubt comes to your mind, try patch or strands test to see things for yourself.

If your family members or close friends ask you questions like does hair dye expire? Or why do most hair dye brands don’t add an expiring date? Share this with them and avoid weeping.

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