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What Is The Best Razor To Shave Your Bald Head?

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There are lots of razors out there that some men find it cool to use on their head, but not all can make your bald head smooth, shiny and soft like my dad’s (Just Joking).

So what is the best razor to shave your bald head? For bald head, the razor I recommend for any bald man just wanting to get a smooth shave without street is either Parker 96R long handle double edge Safety razor or Headblade ATX with kits. These two models are a good size for any shape of heads and are priced reasonably. Parker 96R long handle double edge Safety razor costs around $12-$20 while Headblade ATX cost $20-$50 (price depends on the supplier).

The Headblade ATX sometimes come along with additional amazing kits that make it worths 5x more than its price.

I believe 53% of men out there prefer using an electronic head shaver, but there’s kind of something different with using a razor and using the electronic head shaver.

What Is It?

Fine I know it looks like an old school, but the fact remains that it’s the best. Using a razor is the best option because it gives you a cleaner shave.

So if you want a cleaner shave, as a man with a bald head, or maybe you want to buy a razor for your friend or husband who’s bald then you should check out the bald head razors below.

An Overview of the 2 Best Bald head Razors:

This explains more about the razors mentioned above.

1. Headblade ATX kit

Headblade ATX

Do you like to DIY stuff? If so then the Headblade ATX kit is meant for you. You’ve got all the tools, and instructions to get started with this kit. One funny thing about this hair shaver is that it has two wheels. It’s just like driving on your head. Lol.

What you’ll get:

  1. You won’t just get the best razor for shaving bald men head, but you will also get:
  2. Head blades 4 refill blades 5oz bottle of head slick shaving cream.
  3. The ALX All-day Terrain Razor is suitable also with Schicks, Noxzema and Old spice blade.

Oh fine, you may not fancy all that stuff or you may say you don’t need it, but there’s nothing wrong with a lot of good stuff you know. If you don’t need it maybe a friend could, you could buy one for them. But Let’s look at the pros and cons of the Headblade ATX kit

Why I like the Headblade ATX kit.

  • This razor is like any other razor you’ll see on the internet. It is different and has its style and design. It also gives a very close shave too.
  • You can easily change its blades without stress and it’s compactable with a few couple types of blades.
  • It’s powerless and this means you won’t be dealing with endless charge especially when there is a power outage.
  • The Head Slick shaving cream is awesome.
  • As much as you can use it on a bald head it’s can also be used on a face and also the body.

Why I dislike the Headblade ATX kit:

  • It takes time to get used to the tool, it’s not like all other blades remember?
  • Sometimes you experience difficulties when shaving (especially for heads with gaps and this can lead to bumps on your skin.

2. Parker 96R long handle double edge Safety razor

This is another great razor for you. It’s old but it works very well.
Your father or grandpa probably used this, why? It was very safe to use without a chance of injury (if you’re careful though).

While some felt a safety blade will Never come back the Parker 96R long handle double edge Safety razor proved them wrong.

But wait.

What’s A Safety blade?

This is a blade that positions a small Device or piece between the blade and the skin to prevent injury.

Why I like the Parker 96R long handle double edge Safety razor.

  • I like this blade because, safer to use, it has a great design with a long handle.
  • The blade can also be changed at ease, and this is nice for a razor that’s deemed old.
  • While using it, it doesn’t feel like you’re doing a lot of work, the weight of the razor does the work.

What I dislike about the Parker 96R long handle double edge Safety razor:

  • Well, some feel it’s old and shouldn’t be used, but that’s not true, the company should just do a little bit revamp with its design.
  • The second thing is sometimes you may get Nicks and cuts because of the unbalance blades.

They are both awesome on his head, so reverse won’t be the case if you try it out also. You can buy any of them online or any hair shop close to you.

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