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50 Pretty Beach Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Are you planning a vacation or a beach day and looking for cute hairstyles that will stand against the wind, water, and sun and keep you looking stylish? If you are in this position now, you do not have to look further; this collection contains the top 50 beach hairstyles for long hair.

Beach Hairstyles for Long Hair

Whether your hair is straight, long, wavy, or curly, this collection has the best inspiration that will suit your personality and hair type. Let’s dig deep.

Pretty Beach Hairstyles for Long Hair

1. Blonde Wavy Haircut

This style is a good option for ladies with long, wavy hair as it exudes a natural, sun-kissed appearance that gives you a cute look all day.

Blonde Wavy Haircut


2. Half Up Half Down

It is a versatile option that combines the elegance of having some hair down and the rest off the face, making it an ideal hairstyle to enjoy a seaside breeze.

Half Up Half Down

3. Side Swept Beach Braid

This hairstyle gives you a bohemian flair while keeping your hair out of the way during beach activities. It is super cool if you want a stylish yet functional look.

Side Swept Beach Braid 


4. Double Beach Braids

Double beach braids keep your hair neat and manageable in the beach environment. The wind will have little impact on your hair with this hairdo.

Double Beach Braids


5. Blonde Mermaid Wavy Haircut

If you want your waves cascading down your back, then this blonde mermaid haircut is a good option. However, it is not functional if you will participate in beach activities.

Blonde Mermaid Wavy Haircut


6. Double Large Dutch Braids

Combine practicality with style this holiday by getting a double large Dutch braid that keeps you tamed, stylish, and secure while enjoying the beach.

Double Large Dutch Braids


7. Layered Quick Waves with Bangs

This hairstyle gives you a casual yet chic appearance with effortless waves and bangs cascading down your neck.

Layered Quick Waves with Bangs


8. Centre-Parted Wavy Haircut

For something simple and versatile, here is a timeless hairstyle that enhances your natural texture. You can easily style it to look unique each day.

Centre-Parted Wavy Haircut


9. Brown Feathered Haircut

Create a feathered look on your hair by getting a feathered haircut today. It is quick to style and easy to maintain.

Brown Feathered Haircut


10. Mixed-Tone Dimensional Haircut

You can incorporate two shades of complementary colors to add color and depth to your hair. It gives your hair a unique color that is radiant under the sunlight.

Mixed-Tone Dimensional Haircut


11. Chic Mid-Length Haircut with Subtle Waves

This mid-length cut gives you the stylish and relaxed look you need to get a calm; pretty girl looks on the beach. Suitable for those with oval faces.

Chic Mid-Length Haircut with Subtle Waves


12. Side Dutch Braid with Bangs

Keep your hair off your face while adding an elegant touch with a side Dutch braid. The bangs frame the face beautifully, making it a chic choice for a fun and activity-filled day at the beach.

Side Dutch Braid with Bangs


13. Beach Blonde Balayage

Highlight your natural blonde hair with this cute-looking beach blonde balayage hairdo-looking highlights that seamlessly blend with the base color, creating a sun-kissed effect reminiscent of a day spent soaking up the sun.

Beach Blonde Balayage


14. Long Summer Haircut

This long haircut exudes freshness and vitality, and it is an ideal choice if you want something carefree and versatile for your beach day or vacation.

Long Summer Haircut


15. Textured Ponytail

This textured ponytail is worth trying out for an effortlessly simple and chic hairstyle. You can easily style it yourself by looking at the mirror.

Textured Ponytail


16. Side-Parted Haircut with Beach Waves

With your sunglasses on, look chic and polished as you visit the beach today. This haircut must not be suitable if it is windy at the beach.

Side-Parted Haircut with Beach Waves


17. Beach Waved Ponytail

A beach-wave ponytail allows you to combine the elegance of a ponytail with that of tousled waves. It’s functional and gives you a classic look.

Straight Haircut with Bangs


18. Side-Swept Layered Haircut

With cascading layers and side-swept bangs, this haircut creates the soft and romantic look you need for a beach date.

Side-Swept Layered Haircut


19. Straight Haircut with Bangs

A straight haircut gives you the sleek, simple, and stylish look to stand out on the beach. Its bangs help to add extra spice to the beauty of the hair.

Straight Haircut with Bangs


20. Face Framing Haircut with Layers

This haircut features face-framing layers that accentuate your facial features while giving you a chic look. It might not be too suitable if the weather is scorching.

Face Framing Haircut with Layers


21. Dimensional Haircut with Subtle Curls

If you are looking for a hairstyle that can protect your hair from the sun and is versatile, you can opt for this dimensional haircut.

Dimensional Haircut with Subtle Curls


22. Summer Updo

This hairstyle is ideal for visiting the beach on hot summer days when you want to stay cool without sacrificing style.

Summer Updo


23. Double Bubble Braids

One creative way to keep your hair secure during beach activities is through double bubble braids. It gives you a playful and baby girl’s look.

Double Bubble Braids


24. Double Four Strands

A unique twist on traditional braids to stand out and turn heads on the beach! It gives you the Hollywood mermaid beauty look.

Double Four Strands


25. Four Strand Braided Updo

This braided updo combines the practicality of four-strand braids with that of an updo for keeping your hair out of the way while still looking chic on the beachside.

Four Strand Braided Updo


26. Mid-Length Haircut with Fringe

A fringe on a mid-length haircut gives you a soft and flattering look that’s versatile and chic, ideal for any beach outing.

Mid-Length Haircut with Fringe


27. Brunette Balayage

For something a bit thicker, protective, and chic, this brunette balayage is ideal for ladies with soft scalps to play under the sun by the beachside.

Brunette Balayage


28. Goddess Wavy Haircut

Try this goddess-wavy haircut to achieve a goddess-like elegance on the beach. The best part about it is that it is simple to maintain.

Goddess Wavy Haircut


29. Brown Blowout Haircut

This brown blowout haircut gives you a refined look for lounging in luxury by the beachside. It is not ideal for functional beachside activity.

Brown Blowout Haircut


30. Boho Beach Braid

Keep your hair together while looking stylish with this loose, tousled braid that gives you effortless elegance compared to regular braids on the beach.

Boho Beach Braid


31. Messy Low Bun

For a quick hairstyle that you can easily style even in the car, you can go for a messy low bun. You can easily restyle your hair by the end of the day.

Messy Low Bun


32. Side-Parted Straight Haircut

This is a fantastic versatile style that you can style to the beach and for an evening romantic date. It gives you the Barbie look.

Side-Parted Straight Haircut


33. Gray Haircut with Curls

You can recreate your youthful vibe with this gray curly haircut that is dynamic and chic at the same time.

Gray Haircut with Curls


34. Messy Shoulder-Length Haircut

This messy shoulder-length haircut offers laid-back beachy vibes, which is ideal if you want to style a carefree aesthetic hairstyle.

Messy Shoulder-Length Haircut


35. Copper Wavy Haircut

This haircut features warm copper tones and loose waves that enhance your hair’s beauty and give it that additional glow it needs on a sunny day on the beach.

Copper Wavy Haircut


36. Stitch Braid Knotless Braids

Making a unique twist of braids by combining knotless braids with stitch braids gives you a standout appearance, and it enhances your natural facial beauty.

Stitch Braid Knotless Braids


37. Classic Haircut with Curly Ends

Do you have a beach wedding to plan? This classic haircut with curly ends gives you the radiant look of an elegant bride. It is a chic beach wedding hairstyle choice.

Classic Haircut with Curly Ends


38. Ash Blonde Balayage

Ash blonde balayage gives your hair a subtle highlighting that makes you appear sophisticated and rich as you visit the beach or embark on a seaside vacation.

Ash Blonde Balayage


39. Lob Haircut with Bangs

If you are a straight lob lover, here is a simple lob haircut with bangs you can easily style and try out this season.

Lob Haircut with Bangs


40. Statement Blonde Haircut with Waves

Statement blonde haircut gives you the bold, confident look you need to stand out on the beach. You can add bangs for extra glamour.

Statement Blonde Haircut with Waves


41. Natural Straight Hair with Bangs

This straight hair’s clean lines and minimalistic aesthetic make it timeless and never go out of fashion. You can decide to pack it into a bun or leave it falling down your shoulders.

Natural Straight Hair with Bangs


42. Extra Long Half Up Half Down

The romantic and feminine vibe of this hairstyle makes it perfect for a beach wedding or special beach occasion.

Extra Long Half Up Half Down


43. Swept Back Hair with Bangs

For a beach hairstyle that speaks sophistication, this swept-back style gives you the glamorous and elegant look of a queen.

Swept Back Hair with Bangs


44. Textured Half Up Half Down

This bohemian-inspired style is perfect for a relaxed beach day. It is chic and cool for a day out on the beach.

Textured Half Up Half Down


45. Fluffy Wavy Half Up Half Down

This hairstyle is soft, feminine, and ideal for a beach wedding or summer soirée. Its classic nature makes it unsuitable for active summer activities.

Fluffy Wavy Half Up Half Down


46. Large Bubble Ponytail

This large bubble ponytail hairstyle is fun and whimsical, and it adds a pop of personality to your beach look.

Large Bubble Ponytail


47. High Ponytail with Bangs

This is a chic choice for a friend or family day out at the beach. Its practicality makes it ideal for engaging in beach fun activities.

High Ponytail with Bangs


48. Chic Ponytail for Beach

There are several ways to twist your ponytail to look unique on the beach. This chic ponytail gives you an elegant and simple look.

Chic Ponytail for Beach


49. Long Butterfly Braid Half Down

The half-up butterfly braid cascading down the back and the half-down hair give you an ethereal look that will stand out.

Long Butterfly Braid Half Down


50. Baby Blonde Wavy Haircut

This is a delicate, cool hairstyle that you can easily style for a casual beach event, a wedding, or a special occasion on the beach.

Baby Blonde Wavy Haircut

The above-discussed top 50 beach hairstyles for long hair offer a versatile array of options for various beach outings, from casual days in the sun to elegant beach weddings. This collection ensures you get the best hairstyle inspiration to enhance your look and enable you to feel your best while enjoying your time by the sea.

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Beach Hairstyles for Long Hair

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