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11 Simple African American Hair Care Tips {Male}

Women spend enough time to maintain their hair for proper growth and health. I wish men can dedicate such time, but business and important stuff won’t permit us to do so. I know as a man that time is money that’s why I have written down this 11 simple african american hair care tips works magic.

Personal hygiene doesn’t exclude your hair even as a man.

Know This Now:

The most important reasons why your hair should be properly taken care of is that:

Proper hair care:

  • Makes your hair color look galant.
  • Give edge to hair better quality, thereby fighting hair loss.
  • Prevents hair infections and scalp diseases.

However, there are certain things you should do and you shouldn’t do, so you don’t end up having a bad hair day for a period of time or even the rest of your life.

11 Quick And Simple African American Hair Care Tips That Works

Without wasting much time:

Let us dive into 11 of the important natural and simple African American hair care tips for men, baby boy and male teenager:

1. Stop Applying Too Many Products

The fact that this hair products worked for your son doesn’t mean it will work for you, vice versa. It isn’t all products that you should apply on your hair, because hair porosity and scalp strength differs.

Sure the video ads you saw on ads worked like magic, but is the product good? People have different hair texture and products often gave different effects on each kind of hair texture. Some may damage your hair and work better for somebody else. I just recommend you stick to your usual hair cream, shampoo and conditioner if it is working for you. Simple.

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2. Don’t Over-wash Your Hair

You might be wondering if it is actually possible to over-wash your hair, the answer is yes. It is very possible. This also has a bad effect on your hair. Mild washing is enough for you. When you apply too much products to wash your hair, you will start seeing things you don’t like. Reduce your washing to three or two times weekly. Excessive hair wash can  make you to lose essential oil from your scalp. After washing, always condition your hair.

3. Use eggs For Adequate Protein Supply

Eggs have proteins and other essential nutrients that helps the hair grow better and adds important elements to your scalp. Use the yolk to rub your scalp so it can strengthen your follicles from within. This is however no good for everyone, especially those that are allergic to almost anything raw.


4. Get The Right Haircut or Hairstyle

This is equally important in hair treatment. If your hair is thinning or you experiencing male pattern baldness, ask your pro barber for the most suitable haircut. Combing-over is never a good thing when your hair is thinning, shaving the fore head is also not good for pattern baldness.

5. Dry Hair Gently with Towel

When your hair is wet, it will be weaker thereby being susceptible to breaking. Wet hair can easily break when you are rubbing with towel. Don’t rub your hair after washing to avoid breaking. Dry gently with a towel.

6. Keep Your Hair Neat and Trimmed

Trim your hair regularly within a space of two to four weeks. More importantly, trim it in the morning when your barber or hair dresser is more active. By evening, he or she would have been tired or too occupied.

7. Wear Fitting Hat And Caps

Avoid wearing tight hats as they can cause excessive heat and traction alopecia, which is a hair condition that can cause permanent or temporary hair loss. Also don’t wear it on for too long, I mean like everyday. Bet me it will cause dandruff if you do so.

8. Use Shampoo or Conditioner.

Shampoo and condition help to improve your hair quality, wash away dirt, stops itching, kills dandruff and lice.

However, safety first! You should be careful of the products you put on your hair. Some shampoo and conditioner make your hair look lifeless and reduces the quality and quantity.

9. Don’t Expose Your Hair To Too Much Heat

This is another important hair treatment tips for you. Avoid allowing heat to touch your hair directly and be careful of the amount of heat your hair gets exposed to daily. Using external or artificial source of heat to dry your hair can cause frizzing. Let your hair dry naturally. Sure, it may take some time, but nothing good ever comes easy, right?

10. Avoid Using Too Much Synthetic Products

Colouring, bleaching and others, when done in excess, can damage your hair. No two ways about it because, these are chemical made products. Limit the application of too much synthetic products on your hair and be your natural self for a while. Trust me you aren’t going to die.

11. Eat Good Food And Stay Healthy

Stay healthy and practice good personal hygiene. Your hair needs to be kept clean and use the right hair cream. Wash and change your cap regularly. When you feel dandruff or itching scalp, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner. Maintain a simple and good hygiene, if you want it to keep that natural and quality hair. Eat good foods and fruits and stay healthy


Enjoy life to the fullest, cause you got only one to live. I think that’s all we got on African American hair care. If you think that there is a quick guide that works for you and is not writing here. Please do let me know through mail or the comment section below. Have a nice day.

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